If you"ve been considering farming out your hair, here"s all the convincing you"ll need to go for it!





Thinking of taking the plunge and growing out your mane? There space plenty of famous men with long hair the end there that show what a an excellent look it deserve to be.

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So, to to convince you to remain away native the scissors, we’ve developed a list of the most good-looking A-listers with lengthy locks. Just keep reading to find your hair inspiration!

8 A-list males with lengthy hair you need to know about

Guys with long hair: Russell Brand. Credit: Getty Images

Russell Brand

Unruly, untamed and breaking every the rules, Russell Brand’s long and messy locks are an integral part of his signature style, and a great example of exactly how guys with long hair deserve to look fantastic if castle have the ideal dose the confidence.

While you can want come minimise the messy part of this look, maintaining some of that perfectly dishevelled texture is ideal, particularly if her hair currently has a herbal wave come it.

Editor’s tip: To nail this style, simply work a tiny VO5 excessive style Casual regulate Fluff Tamer through your mane when it’s damp to give it shape and included texture!

Guys with lengthy hair: chris Hemsworth. Credit: Getty Images

Chris Hemsworth

Whether he’s rocking his locks wild and also flowing for the big display as Thor or maintaining his dirty blonde hair combed and sleek, kris Hemsworth definitely sports an motivating ‘do.

With a hair size kept just below his jawline, the actor demonstrates how guys with long hair can still have actually a well-groomed appearance. Just remember to keep a ‘less is more’ technique when it comes to styling assets to prevent her hair from looking and also feeling greasy or heavy.

Guys with long hair: Jared Leto. Credit: Getty Images

Jared Leto

Jared Leto‘s ombre long hair was definitely a showstopper on the red carpet. And long locks look their best when taken treatment of properly, therefore make sure you usage the right mix of shampoo and also conditioner, and also blow-dry regularly to save your longer hair feather sleek and shiny.

Guys with lengthy hair: Brad Pitt. Credit: Getty Images

Brad Pitt

Like most actors, Brad Pitt often switches up his hairstyle from long to short (and lengthy again!). But when the grown out, his ‘do shows just how guys with long hair have the right to look year younger.

Falling naturally straight, Pitt’s mane exudes a laid-back surfer vibe. So, to get the look, simply add ethereal layers v your cut to create definition and also shape.

Editor’s tip: Don’t forget to use some TONI&GUY Mens messy Salt Spray to give part texture once styling. 

Guys with long hair: Joe Manganiello. Credit: Getty Images

Joe Manganiello

Long hairstyles don’t need to be super long in order to look stylish. Joe Manganiello demonstrates exactly how mid-length hair can work really well as soon as subtle, i graduated layers are added to through the front and back. 

Plus, by keeping his locks swept away from his face, this stylish actor manages to keep his ‘do groomed and understated.

Guys with lengthy hair: Tom Cruise. Credit: Getty Images

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise’s long, wavy hairstyle feels effortless, however polished. Perfect for medium-thick hair v some organic texture come it, this layout also works for most face shapes.

just work a little VO5 extreme Style dried Texture Spray into wet hair and blowdry using her fingers or a styling brush to produce lift in ~ the roots because that a youthful, voluminous look.

Guys with lengthy hair: Ashton Kutcher. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Ashton Kutcher

Two and also a half Men actor Ashton Kutcher has rocked both short and long shaggy hairstyles in the past. As soon as sporting the much longer length, he often layouts his hair right into a messy center parting, tucking his strands behind his ears for a cool-guy look.

Guys with long hair: Christian Bale. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Christian Bale

The Dark Knight star Christian Bale is quite a chameleon in the hair department, having sported buzz cuts, slick short hair and rugged long styles in the past.

And if friend ask us, the reason why he pulls turn off a longer style so effortlessly, is since of the clever placement of subtle layers, which assist to create a feathered look, do his hair appear full that body and movement.

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