Mike Crescenzo that Real world Seattle: negative Blood might be one of the much more disliked characters based upon how he"s depicted on the show. However don"t it is in so quick to judge him by what you check out on TV.

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This season the Real people Seattle: bad Blood clearly portrays some cast members in a hopeful light and also others in a negative light.

Robbie, for example, could not have been portrayed an ext positively -- he shows up as the great guy in nearly every episode.

Mike, ~ above the other hand, will certainly be psychic in a various way. Transparent the season, he appeared as one angry and arrogant guy; yet when the left the home for make racially-insensitive remarks, that looked worse than ever.

What few know, however, is that after the show, Mike took complete responsibility because that his words.

He didn"t act choose a victim; instead, he claimed that his comments had no excuse, and also he repetitively apologized for hurting his housemates. In a video clip on Periscope, Mike stated this:

I made certainly a f---ed increase remark, and then following that...I make a decision to remove myself native the situation...to come ago when ns was sober and discuss everything, and really deal with the house. And I wasn"t offered that opportunity...I was simply really embarrassed, however I knew that if I had actually to walk home, I wanted to in ~ least gain to speak my piece to everyone from the house.


This has probably been...one the the many eye-opening experiences of mine life...I didn"t understand what it to be that ns was saying...I would never ever use the word -- ns never have used that word together a kind of coming back on somebody or in a derogatory way.


If anyone witnessed this that didn"t recognize me i wouldn"t suppose you to like me, ns would suppose you come think the I"m a terrible f--- human being and I don"t blame you because that that.


I appreciate every one of the comments -- even the an adverse ones -- it never ever is a poor thing to hear an unfavorable feedback from people.

Mike additionally explained that throughout the after-show, he hung out with all of the cast, and also everyone interpreted that that didn"t mean to do racist comments.

On Twitter, that posted this messages:

Literally never ever learned a much more valuable lesson. There"s no excuse. Can"t be anymore in the dorn smh.

-- Mike Crescenzo (
MtvMagicMike) December 1, 2016

By taking ownership the what he said -- and also explaining that he think it"s fair for people to think he"s a poor person -- Mike yes, really turned a negative event into a positive finding out experience.

It"s too negative that he wasn"t enabled to say every one of that on the show.

For her part, Jordan -- the woman whom Mike do his final racially-charged remarks to -- appears to have actually forgiven him.

Lmao thanks mike and I are cool but NOT together lol https://t.co/Swcf85PCKs

-- MTV Jordan (
jordiedanielle) December 1, 2016

jordiedanielle many thanks at?d,Z. Girlfriend were among the finest parts of the totality experience, can"t say thanks to you enough for being that you room #olivejuice

-- Mike Crescenzo (
MtvMagicMike) December 1, 2016

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