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Quick Summary

Pros: most of the stories tend to variety from median to above average. The environment-friendly Lantern story is so good that it virtually makes the repertoire worth that on that own. Many of the art is great.

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Cons: several of the stories a very generic and fail to execute anything special.

Overall: This is a varied collection of stories designed to take a much more intimate look right into the psyche of assorted members the the justice League. In act so, several of the stories administer intense and also emotional reflections on life that are more than precious reading. However, the majority fail to carry out so and also end up being rather mean superhero tales. This is a collection for human being who gain these characters and also want a distinct look at them, or anyone who desires to read the green Lantern issue.

Review Notes

Justice League: Darkseid War- power of the god is a bit different than most comic collections out there. Instead of informing a singular narrative, whereby each problem continues the story native the last, power of the god collects six one-shot comics that all exist independent of each other. Because of this, this testimonial will consists six shorter reviews extending each one-shot. These much shorter reviews will be prefaced by a basic review the the repertoire as a whole, but this basic review will not covering as much as our reviews commonly do.


In righteousness League: Darkseid War- power of the Gods, readers have actually the possibility to witness individual stories detailing how each member the the Justice organization reacts come the strength they obtained at the beginning of Justice organization Vol. 8: Darkseid War part 2 (Review). Because that the many part, these stories space of average quality, many of castle don’t stand the end in any certain way. However, a few of castle stand the end as an excellent stories on your own; especially the environment-friendly Lantern issue, which might be one of the finest comics in this era that the DC Universe. Overall, if girlfriend care around these characters, girlfriend will find their stories interesting.

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The Batman issue, by Peter Tomasi, start out through a an excellent level the promise. It mirrors an authoritarian Batman, pushed by the desire to completely rid his city the crime. This desire, an unified with his brand-new powers, reasons him to pursue criminals before they go a crime and also introduce general oppression to the city. This unique look at Batman shows that even a just cause can be corrupted by power and also that even the Dark article is not infallible.

However, this level of high quality descends easily as the story devolves into another examination the Bruce’s parent’s death and his hatred for Joe Chill. This would certainly be alright if the hadn’t been done so many times already, in much much better ways. In addition, Joe’s character is illustrated rather poorly; he goes from being a confident jerk to a sniveling coward number of times. This inconsistency, paired with the share storyline, transforms what could have been a great issue into one that is merely mediocre.

The Flash

Forced to bond with an element of fatality itself, the Flash’s story is an check of the value of life and also how that relates to superheroes. The asks the concern of whether saving anyone is precious it, since everyone will at some point die anyway. This question, and the succeeding narrative that launches, is interesting and also watching the Flash take it a journey to uncover its answer makes for a good read.

However, the metaphorical implicitly of this quandary is somewhat diminished by the story’s adherence to a standard superhero structure. The flash is the hero and Death is cast as the villain. Writer rob Williams flirts through the idea of death as a metaphysical entity devoid of morals however ultimately stops working to elaborate on this, rather closing the story with fatality still a villain. The story end up being better than average in its entirety but plainly had the potential to be a little bit more.


The Superman story, written by Francis Manapul, is a unique and radically different take ~ above the guy of Steel. Here readers view a Superman that doesn’t care about the people he protects and is just on earth to additional his own happiness. He permits Metropolis come be spanned in a inky black substance, only to damage the substance after establish it would leave him entirely alone.

The article in this story revolves around the worth of mankind in the confront of utter despair. This version of Superman deserve to do everything he wants, together he is clearly unfettered by ethical restrictions. However, he ends up saving the people anyway, in spite of stating that conserving the human being is an annoyance come him. This action indicates that also the life of a super male is no worthwhile as soon as it is devoid of humanity. The wholesome article is great contrast to the bleak nature of the story and makes this a hard entry in this collection.

Green Lantern

This story, created by Tom King, is the pinnacle of this collection. It has actually emotion, heart, a clever twist, and also a blog post that will stick through readers lengthy after putting the publication down. King tells the story that Hal Jordan’s mission come Oa and subsequent elevation to godhood v an errant mother Box. Juxtaposing this story is a flashback to a minute in Hal’s life where he obtain advice from a stranger in the wake of his father’s death.The issue’s twist comes when Hal realizes that he to be the stranger is his past, he provided his god strength to send the post through time. In detailing this, the story becomes emotional but additionally hammers home the tale’s message. Hal discovers just how humanity and also godhood differ and how cost-free will have the right to be a curse, if still being an as whole blessing. This is the finest chapter that this collection and one of the finest comics in this era the DC Comics.


This is another example the a story with a solid premise that falls short to capitalize on its potential. In it, writer Steve Orlando speak the tale of Billy Batson beginning the kingdom of the gods in stimulate to find how his powers have actually changed. If there, he ends up dealing with off against Darkseid’s father, Zonuz, and also gaining control of his new abilities.

The difficulty here is that all of the setup excellent in this comic feels pointless by the issue’s end. Billy travel to several various gods in order come learn how to safeguard the Wizard’s staff from Zonuz, however none of your advice plays out in the comic at all. In addition, the staff ends up being pointless despite the staff’s owner justifying the importance. The concern leaves readers questioning if there to be ever any danger at all and wondering what the point of all this was.

Lex Luthor

The Lex Luthor issue, composed by Francis Manapul, is most likely the second best issue of this collection. That details Luthor’s time on Apokolips and his attempts to regulate the Omega Effect. At first he is not successful in this endeavor but eventually is maybe to take on the power by realizing that he requirements to accept the assist of rather from time to time.

The factor this concern works so fine is the it perfectly compliments every one of the character development that Luthor has received recently. We check out his troubled past and also learn around his insecurities for this reason that us can find how he is able to conquer both. It makes Luthor even more of a sorry character 보다 he was before by pushing him into new territory. This is a good examination that Luthor and a kind prelude for everything comes following in his life.

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This story, drawn by Fernando Pasarin, hits all the points crucial to do a good looking Batman comic. It presents Gotham in a great light, does well in showing emotion on character’s faces, and also presents Batman and also the Mobius Chair with a great level of detail. Over there is not lot in this problem that stand out together being amazing, but everything is at least above average.

The Flash

Similar to the Batman issue, the flash issue, drawn by Jesús Merino, is a publication that looks good all around and does tiny to disappoint. Character and environments room detailed and also fit well through the aesthetic the story promotes. Over there still isn’t lot that stand out as being an especially noteworthy here, yet there additionally isn’t lot that stands out together being an unfavorable either.


The Superman issue, drawn by Bong Dazo, stands out in the way the artwork help bolster the story. Superman’s brand-new costume mister in this issue, make the male of stole stand out far an ext than ever before before. This helps enhance the book’s goal of depicting him together an outsider, installation the narrative nicely. It additionally helps that the entire problem looks an excellent overall, make this a visually appealing issue.

Green Lantern

This concern doesn’t just have the best story the the collection, it likewise has the finest artwork. Doc Shaner’s minimalist designs produce an problem that focuses every one of the reader’s attention on the character’s themselves. Together a extremely emotional story, this helps readers affix with what is walking on much faster than they typically would. There are also two gorgeous splash pages near the book’s conclusion that stand out as imaginative triumphs. This is an problem that does not disappoint visually.


Despite a lackluster storyline, this collection’s Shazam issue is no slouch as soon as it comes to art. Scott Kolins’ job-related is mystical and also imaginative in a means that perfect matches the story’s as whole theme. He helps by painting a photo of this human being that is just as old and strange as one would imagine. Romulo Fajardo, Jr.’s colors assist with this a lot together well, do this among the much better looking worries in this collection.

Lex Luthor

In an additional one the this collection’s finer moments, Bong Dazo does a an excellent job through the Lex Luthor issue. Luthor’s new type is together intimidating together readers would certainly imagine and also the entire problem is neat and also detailed. Plus, Dazo shows off his artistic abilities by drawing flashbacks in a fully different layout from the rest of the issue. This renders the artwork stand out and also helps identify exactly what is happening throughout the comic. The end result is an additional nice issue.

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Justice League: Darkseid War- power of the god takes ar in the middle of the Justice league Vol. 8: Darkseid War component 2 (Review) collection. Specifically, that takes place in between Justice league #46 and also Justice organization #47.

The story here proceeds on in the second half of Justice league Vol. 8: Darkseid War part 2 (Review).

This volume also references stories from various other comic books, every one of which are in-depth below: