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This happened since of video compression.. Video compression enables videos to it is in streamed in actual time v a reasonably low record size. That is dubbed lossy compression due to the fact that information is lost in the video clip stream as it is encoded, then it is sent out over the internet and then decoded where the video codec needs to interpret the information. Over there are numerous settings top top h.264 codecs that permit it come be collection up in many different methods for different uses. Friend can collection it up for high resolution images but with really poor motion high quality so the file size stays small. The is exactly how their currently was collection up. Notice all the various other "lagging" walking on in the video stream besides this.

Justin Bieber"s eyes show up to readjust in the jail house video clip stream to the court house. The fact is this is a very compressed live video stream. The video compression being used in that stream has disastrous motion quality, meaning not really many "key frames". We have the right to think that a key frame in very compressed video clip like that is an actual genuine frame and then in between these crucial frames the video codec tries come "make up" or interpret what it must display. The moment in in between those vital frames deserve to be as much as 3 or 5 secs with such bad quality settings favor this.

When Justin Bieber closeup of the door his eyes, a key frame hit and also when he opened up them ago up the video codec was trying to number out exactly how to translate it so it presented an end layed image where his eyelashes show up to end up being "bags" under his eyes and then his eyelids gained over layed on optimal of his actual eyes and also made lock look all weird and washed out.

Why just his eyes and not head movements? Well an initial of all if you watch the entire thing there are other times a similar thing go happen and not come his eyes. But eyes would be a great place because that a video clip codec come screw up since it"s such a small component of one imagine compared to a head motion or human body movement. If there"s a head or body movement which is takes up a lot more space in the photo the video codec through these type of settings will try to prioritize that and should capture it much easier than miscellaneous as tiny as eyes.

This paranoia is HILARIOUS to me.

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I guess ns shouldn"t be surprised through the basic public"s lack of knowledge about video compression - I tend to take every my knowledge for granted and assume people know points as well. I guess not.