The actress join the probe on an Italian excursion for the brand-new season of Running Wild through Bear Grylls



The 36-year-old actress was photographed climb high with adventurer be afflicted with Grylls in Italy, feather victorious together she smiled and also pumped she arms in the like the mountain terrain in snapshots from Running Wild with Bear Grylls.

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Hudson and also the Man vs. Wild alum, 41, spent 48 hrs in the Italian Dolomites, a mountain selection located in northeastern Italy, to kick turn off Season 2 that the NBC series, in i m sorry Grylls take away a star-studded perform of celebrities ~ above one-on-one adventures.

In a promo interview with the Almost Famous star post Wednesday, she says, “When i was younger I would certainly camp an ext and sort of remainder in the outdoors, so come speak this will certainly be interesting.”

She might be offered to Hollywood glam, however Hudson – that loves come stay energetic – is not afraid that roughin’ it.

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“You perform actually work-related in the elements when you’re on set and it’s actually really fun. Ns think it’s type of addictive,” she states of working on movies in less-than-glamorous locales. “I always like gift pushed and also challenged.”

“The just thing I’m nervous around – and also I recognize Bear likes to push – I see him perform a most caves and stuff. I watch him execute things where he walk into tiny spaces and things. I’m not a big fan of little spaces. My are afraid is that possibly I’ll have actually an anxiety strike or something.”

Hudson have the right to be watched rock-climbing, sporting a huge backpack if trudging through snow and also ice and – gulp – eating ants in a trailer because that the brand-new season. (“Mmm,” she claims in the clip!)

“I simply hope the tree has actually me,” Hudson claims in the trailer as she repels down a rocky ledge.

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The Almost Famous star is joined by football star drew Brees, Ed Helms, Kate Winslet, Michael B. Jordan, James Mardsen and an ext on the Season 2 lineup. (Zac Efron braved the outdoors last season – shirtless, the course.)

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Kate Hudson Backpacks with Italy – and Eats Ants – through Adventurer be affected by each other Grylls (PHOTOS)