AS the tune lyrics go, life in plastic, it’s great – and also model Claudia Schiffer appears to agree after a special Barbie variation of her was produced to mark her 50th birthday.

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Designer Donatella Versace even yielded a small strapless gown choose the one Schiffer wore in 1994 for the doll. Donatella said they to be “two solid women who carry out not have to be empowered by anyone”.


But Claudia is no alone in gift honoured through the famed toy. Here, we compare the A-list Barbies with their real-life versions.



Toy maker Mattel made plastic watch truly terrific with their mini variation of J-Lo

JENNIFER LOPEZ, currently 51, stole the show at the 2012 Oscars as soon as she wore a super-shiny dress designed through Zuhair Murad. Toy machine Mattel wanted to mimic the glamour that the Hollywood awards bash so made a mini version of The Hustlers star, complete with her hair tied up in a bun.



Heidi Klum make it right into plastic v this 2009 doll

AMERICA’S got Talent judge Heidi, 47, watch every customs the superstar version with her flowing curls, killer yellow stilettos and also fabulous glitter mini-dress. The doll, which was released in 2009, proves she is far more than simply a quite face.



Katy Perry's doll featured 70 mini cupcakes

THIS costume insurance claims the crown for the many detailed and also delicious Barbie outfit. Featuring 70 hand-painted mini cupcakes, Swarovski crystals, fishnet stockings and also even she tattoos, it truly brought Katy Perry, 35, to life… well almost.


Mattel replicated Zendaya's 2015 Oscar look

FORMER Disney star Zendaya, 24, to be trolled over she dreadlocks at the Oscars in 2015. Soon after, Mattel replicated she look. She said: “When i was little I couldn’t discover a Barbie that looked prefer me. My, how times have changed.”


The TommyXGigi Barbie doll

IN 2016 model Gigi, 25, wore shorts, trainers and a navy hoodie through the Tommy Hilfiger logo design on the front for a runway show. A year later, the TommyXGigi Barbie doll to be born. We wonder if the brand-new mum will sooner or later pass the doll top top to she daughter v Zayn Malik.

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Cher - unmistakable in flesh or plasticCHER’S fishnet body stocking outfit because that the video of Turn ago Time in 1989, consisting of over-the-knee boots and also leather jacket, to be so controversial that plenty of TV networks refuse to show it. But that didn’t prevent Barbie immortalising her look.