“Keep that On The Low” is one unreleased Young Thug and also Sonyae Elise song. The song sounds favor it is native his Beautiful Thugger girl album through it’s melodic strings playing… review More 

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Keep that on the... (I said why)Know (You deserve to be)Know that (You deserve to be)Gotta know it Know(Wheezy Beats)Musical soul, you to be my downfallIt was you and my downfallIt was you and my downfall, yeahYou was supposed to store it ~ above lowWe gon' keep it top top lowWe gon’ permit nobody know, yeahI was for sure, ns was tryna rara 'fore crawlin'I to be tryna obtain high an ext than MollyI was tryna fuck and not rub on itI was tryna shit i don’t understand hardlyOrder more horses, currently it's ridin' on itGot everything you want and a top top itI'm just tryna grind ~ above itYou were claimed to keep it on lowKeep that on lowLet no one knowYou were an alleged to store it top top lowKeep the on lowKeep it on low
That i got, uh, mm, that I obtained all these diamonds and moneyThat I obtained all these diamonds on mine watchI was claimed to save it top top lockI was supposed to keep it top top lowNow I got Now also Baby speak hit me all day top top the gramThey recognize that ns be hangin' through the manThey know that baby, baby you the man if friend canWe was claimed to save it top top lowAnd allow no nobody ever knowYou were an alleged to keep it on lowKeep it on lowDon't let nobody recognize (okay)You were supposed to keep it on lowWhat I desire 'em to understand (To keep it on the low low)I want 'em to know (To store it ~ above the short low)Let this niggas recognize (Don’t do me listen no no)(You to be supposed)Oooooh (You were supposed)(You to be supposed)Actin’ prefer you don't know, no no

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Yeah, i can dick you down if you desire thatI deserve to make the pussy squirt if you desire thatI deserve to eat that pussy under if you want thatThe card don’t decline, gain what friend want, yeahEarthquake, I can make your heart shakeBehind close up door doors, where it every stayI fuck she good, she nut on my funkschwayYou make every little thing better, what mine palm sayI'm countin' money on my off and also on dayI'm countin’ money on my off and on dayThe F&N, yeah, that's what my gun sayI shoot a bunch that love through my pistol sprayShe ain't good for me, what my mother sayBut she the factor I upgraded where my mommy stayHey, don't no one knowBut i promised if friend play, climate its gonna be a long dayNow you lug your ass home, it's a lengthy nightPlayin' ~ above the phone, through a full pipeYou recognize I understand what friend don't sayYou already know I require the very same payFive (skrt), I'm setting down workKeep it on low, we be so highGive me a second, I'm gon' take it a minuteSaid the pussy as well good, far better come acquire itMusical soul, you were my downfall (come acquire it, come)You were supposed to keep it on short (yeah, yeah)Keep that on low (we gon' allow nobody know)We gon' permit nobody know (ain't gon' allow nobody know)Keep that on, store it ~ above low, store it top top lowKeep that on low, let these motherfuckers understand (don't allow nobody know, let nobody know)Keep that on low, allow nobody recognize (let no one know)Let nobody understand (let nobody know)Keep it on low, let nobody know (let no one know)Keep it on lowNo (don't let this niggas know)These niggas ain't yo friendsMmm (these niggas ain't yo friends)Keep it on low (keep that on low)Don't let nobody understand (keep it on low)Lotta bitches hoes (keep that on low)Mmm, yeahMmm, haha