Even nation singer Kellie Pickler gets nervous indigenous time to time. That was evident when the blonde cutie verified up to take part on ABC’s Celebrity household Feud ~ above Sunday night, June 26, organized by Steve Harvey.

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The “Tough” singer and also her household were playing for the United company Organizations, Inc. (USO)—an organization devoted to supporting America’s business members and also their love ones. Kellie’s team had her husband Kyle, brother-in-law Bradley Howard, sister Courtney Howard and also friend Caroline understand (formerly of the country trio thefts Angels).

In the episode, Kellie go up against former NSYNC phenom Lance base bass and his family, consist of of his husband Michael Turchin, mom Diane Bass, sisters Stacy bass Lofton and brother-in-law Lofton. The Bass family members was playing for was the happy Puppy pet rescue.

Kellie to be her commonly bubbly self as she stepped approximately the buzzer to face-off versus Lance. But it walk downhill as Kellie raced come answer the question: “We request 100 women. Surname something certain that just your male is enabled to execute to her behind.” without hesitation, Kellie slammed she hand under on the podium and fully missed the buzzer, i m sorry threw she off-balance.

Watch as Kellie kicks the display off with a bang . . . Or not.

It’s walk time for Team
LanceBass & #TeamKellie top top
FamilyFeudABC. #CelebrityFamilyFeud pic.twitter.com/upbd6j17vO

— kellie pickler (
kelliepickler) June 27, 2016

Kellie’s team beat Lance’s team come play the fast money round for $25,000. Examine out the video below to watch if Kellie can win the big money for she charity.

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Chris Young Earns 3 CMA compensation Nominations

Congrats to Chris Young that is a 3-time CMA Award nominee this year.

His tune “Famous Friends”, which he sings with Kane Brown, racked up nominations in the category of Single, Musical Event, and also Video the the Year.

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Talking about his nominations, Chris says “I to be blown far by the fact that over there were three award nominations because that the song. I mean, there’s so lot that’s gotten in it and so many human being that have fallen in love through it and supported it and, girlfriend know, just having actually a hit with your friend in the an initial place is great with a song choose “Famous Friends” through my girlfriend Kane Brown, however then to be nominated because that three different CMA Awards, including single of the Year. It’s just incredible.”

Chris, Kane and also all the other nominees will find out if they’re taking house trophies, when the 55th yearly CMA Awards space handed out in Nashville on Wednesday November 10 – broadcasted live top top ABC.