Size1 count (Pack that 1)
BrandKardashian Beauty
Item dimensions LxWxH17.8 x 7.1 x 3.5 inches
Max Temperature Setting210 degrees Celsius

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I\"m not a fan of the kardashians, yet I to be a pan of this hair tool. Bought this since I wanted to consolidate my hair items - I have actually a straightener and also a curling wand and also I constantly have to bring both when I travel and also it\"s annoying. Ns was a bit skeptical about this however I deserve to safely say I have the right to ditch both my other tools for this one. The position of the temp buttons space a small weird (sometimes ns accidentally turn warm up/down) yet the lock attribute is an excellent for the wave duty It took a minute to gain in the groove the figuring out how to use it yet not only does that do all of the things it states (straighten, curl, wave) but it actually STAYS. Totally recommend
bought 2 years ago.Worked an excellent in the beginning. Slowly I started to notice it to be damaging mine hair and also now my hair is pretty fried. I invested a most money ~ above this straightener and also expected it come last longer than 2 years. My last one ns bought because that $50 and also it lasted me 6 years.
i had currently owned on ns bought from Ulta . I believed this to be the very same one yet obviously ns was not correct ! very cheap
i really like this iron however would say the the plates execute not right tightly. So because that fine hair, that is hard to clamp down and hold the hair as you turn the iron.
huge disappointment! Doesn\"t heat rapid enough, it has actually damaged mine hair. I have been using straightener because that over 10 year now and also this one is the worst I used so far! I used it 2 or 3 times and also put it far --\"
I have actually never had a straightener/ curling iron that I have actually loved. I will never ever use an additional product again
I\"ve used so countless of various tools in the past and this one is by much the best. Heats up an extremely quickly and also get the project done in no time!
ns love the so far haven\"t finished playing through it to do a true review however i execute love the small barrel for this reason for also the shortest of hairs it functions out

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