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Download the sheet music because that King that Love by ns Am They, from the album i Am They. This song was arranged by Dan Galbraith / Jared Haschek in the key of Bb, C, B.

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SongIDLanguageAlbumArtistsAuthorsArrangersPublishersCCLI track No.TempoStyleInstrumentsFile TypePagesAvailable KeysMeterThemes
i Am lock
ns Am They
Stuart Garrard, Jonathan Smith, Matthew Hein, Adam Palmer, Stephanie Kulla
Dan Galbraith, Jared Haschek
important Music Publishing
Med Fast
Piano, Guitar
B, Bb, C
Praise, Hallelujah, Comfort, Lord, Death, Valley, Mountains, Soul, Ransom, Goodness, Shepherd, Love, King, Love of God

Verse 1The King that Love my Shepherd isWhose goodness faileth neverI nothing absence if i am HisAnd the is mine for-ev-erAnd the is mine for-ev-erVerse 2Where streams of living water flowMy ransomed heart He leadethAnd where the productive pastures growWith food celestial feedethChorus 1Never fail-ing, ruler of mine heartEver-last-ing, Lover of mine soulOn the hill highOr in the sink lowThe King of Love mine Shepherd isThe King that Love mine Shepherd isVerse 3Lost and also foolish, off i strayedBut however in love he sought meAnd top top His shoulder tenderness laidAnd house rejoicing lugged meVerse 4In death’s dark veil I fear no illWith Thee, too ~ Lord, next to meThy rod and staff my lull stillThy cross prior to to overview meChorus 2Never fail-ing, ruler of mine heartEver-last-ing, Lover of my soulOn the hill highOr in the valley lowThe King that Love mine Shepherd isThe King of Love my Shepherd isBridge oh Hallelujah, HallelujahChorus 3Never fail-ing, ruler of my heartEver-last-ing, Lover of my soulOn the mountain highOr in the valley lowThe King of Love mine Shepherd isOutroSo through all the length of days, thy goodness faileth neverGood Shepherd, may I song Your praiseWithin Your home for-ev-erWithin Your residence for-ev-er... Authorize in to watch all lyrics

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