It really is a moot point to perform anything rather in the game before coming here. Girlfriend cant finish the Ultima Weapon until you have some Gale, which can only be gained here. Further, the Ultima Weapon isn"t required, yet it makes the Hades Cup in ~ the Coliseum method easier, as it does the Optional Bosses. Don"t worry, we"ll break before the final fight and I"ll cover every little thing you should do prior to completing the world to claim 100%.

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Rinse and Repeat

Enemies: Invisible, Darkball, angel Star, Shadow, BehemothSub-boss: ChernabogBoss: AnsemItems: power Up x2, Defense up x2, Megalixir x5, AP Up, Omega Arts, point of view Bangle, three Stars, Dark Ring, Brave Warrior, Ifrit"s Horn, Inferno Band, White Fang, ray of Light, holy Circlet, Raven"s ClawSave Points: 4 (3-A, 1-B)

--== end of the World: door to the Dark ==--

It looks large and open, however this area has actually a bunch of invisible walls bordering the area. It"s almost a maze. About most chests is an foe sphere the is full of new enemies come fight. This spheres drop under on you and also you"re trapped within till girlfriend clear the end all the enemies. I drewded girlfriend a map:

Gate come the Dark

--== end of the World: large Crevasse ==--

After fighting the last Behemoth, you finish up here. This area has five Gummi blocks in it, despite by currently you shouldn"t have any type of need for them together you should have rescued every the Dalmatians. But, because that the services of completion:

Jump off and also glide forward, following the wall next to you. It"s behind some crystals (Haste2-G)
Fall under a ways. Look for a chest top top the left side (Ultima-G)

Turn around the means you came. Look for a ramp the bridges the 2 sides that the crevasse. Floor on it and also follow it up to the next chest (Esuna-G)
Keep adhering to the ramp up, previous where you need to shimmy. Jump up on a few platforms overhead. It should be throughout the crevasse from wherein you room (Haste-G)

The last chest is close to the ground. Fall off and also down quite a ways, climate glide and also start following the opposite wall surface till you view it. It"s right near the save point (Thundara-G)

If you fall off at any type of point, look because that vines close to the floor you can climb up. Once you"re done goofing off, run in the blue vortex near the save suggest at the bottom (not the absolute bottom!).

--== finish of the World: human being Terminus ==--


The human being Terminus is just how the Heartless invade worlds, it seems, despite the name of the area method “World End” so, yeah. They are able come travel with these portals right into all the worlds you"ve visited so far.

To clean this area, girlfriend must enter the magic geyser in the center, clear all the opponents inside, grab her prize in the chest, exit, and enter the blue sphere that leads to the following terminal.

Traverse TownEnemies: large Body, Soldier Item: Brave WarriorExit: Door to first District

WonderlandEnemies: Red Nocturne, environment-friendly Requiem, Blue Rhapsody, Yellow Opera, Wizard, Item: Ifrit"s HornExit: Door to Bizarre Room

ColiseumEnemies: waiting Soldier, Defender, Wyvern Item: Inferno band (behind a statues foot)Exit: world Exit

Deep JungleEnemies: Powerwild, BouncywildItem: White FangExit: Camp

AgrabahEnemies: Bandit, Fat BanditItem: ray of irradiate (up ~ above a ledge in the Palace gates area)Exit: Desert

AtlanticaEnemies: Sea Neon, protection Zone, Screwdiver, AquatankItem: AP UpExit: monitor the Trident

Halloween TownEnemies: wright Knight, Gargoyle, search GhostItem: holy CircletExit: only door

NeverlandEnemies: Pirate, Barrel SpiderItem: Raven"s ClawExit: Brig door (behind where you started)

- This one is weird. Climb the ladder and enter the only open door. Defeat the enemies and also exit out. Enter the other door that is currently open and claim your chest. Jump up on the shelf and jump through the right hand feet in the roof. Loss the enemies, and fall all the means back to where you started.

100 Acre WoodEnemies: NoneItem: MegalixirExit: Wonder too much in any type of direction

You can save in the 100 Acre Wood. The next terminal takes you come an unknown area of hole Bastion. You will fight a couple of Invisibles, and also a door will open up that leader to a huge machine. Research it to acquire the complying with message:

Ones born of the heart and also darkness, devoid of hearts, ravage all worlds and also bring desolation. Seize every hearts and also consummate the great heart. Every hearts to be one, one heart to incorporate all. Establish the destiny: the kingdom of Kingdom Hearts. The good darkness sealed in ~ the great heart. Progeny of darkness, come ago to the eternal darkness.

For the heart of light shall unseal the path.

Seven hearts, one keyhole, one crucial to the door.

The door the darkness, bound by two keys.

The door of darkness come seal the light

None shall pass however shadows, return to the darkness.

Ones born the the heart and darkness, hunger because that every heart till the dark door opens.

The door climate re-opens and enables you come exit. Go ago out the way you came. The flame obelisk will have actually turned into a vortex. The following room is the sub-boss battle, for this reason you can want come go ago and save before jumping in the vortex.

--== end of the World: angry Grounds ==--

--== Sub-boss: Chernabog ==--

Chernabog played the being representing all angry in Disney"s Fantasia.

Strategy:Fighting him is prefer fighting Ursula in her huge form, only less deadly. Lock on to his head and slice away. He only has a few attacks that deserve to actually struggle you, and that is his Fire Breath, warm Up, and also Gust. Fire Breath he slowing transforms his head while breath fire. Warm Up, a massive pillar the fire engulfs the area doing gentle damage. Gust is where he pushes everyone back to the edge of the area. If you"re a small farther away, the does have some nastier attacks that involve throwing balls the energy, however just don"t back off his head and also you"ll it is in fine.


After the fight, descend down into the volcano.

--== finish of the World: Crater ==--

You have actually a an option here, of one of two people entering the doorway appropriate behind you or fall down come the bottom and also entering there. The doorway behind you leads to one more crater where you have to sink down and enter the doorway at the bottom anyway, and also they both take you to the exact same room.

--== finish of the World: volcanic Crater ==--

In these next couple of areas, you can see glimpses of other civilizations in the walls, consisting of the tree and tiny towers from sleeping Beauty, the prior door of the Dwarves home from snow White, stones indigenous Cinderella, and also even Beast"s lock in a small circle ~ above the wall.

You"ll understand you"re in ~ the final room when you have to jump with the portal.

--== finish of the World: Linked people ==--

Here you"ll need to fight wave after tide of Darkballs, angel Stars, and Invisibles to chip away at the heart-shaped door. As soon as the last piece falls, you have the right to walk v to the last room.

--== end of the World: last Rest ==--

This is the critical save suggest in the game. With the next door is the last boss fight and end of the game. You still have some ingredient to do before entering, however.


Gather her 9 Gales and head earlier to the synthesis Shop to do the Ultima Weapon. Friend are currently eligible because that the Hades Cup and also any Optional boss fights.

Note that as soon as you “beat” the game and the last boss, over there is no save point, definition you deserve to re-load and be ago at final Rest. Therefore, you can complete the video game now, and come earlier later and also do all the various other stuff, and also beat the last boss again if you like.

--== end of the World: Door come Darkness ==--

--== ceo Fight: Ansem ==--

You show up to be earlier on the Destiny Islands, though a little messed up. Technique the an enig spot by the shack to begin a cutscene. Walk toward Rikku for one more cutscene and to begin the fight.

This hit takes on plenty of forms. Stay with it and also identify the weak point of every one.

Stage 1: AnsemAnsem fights through his Heartless guardian. His main strikes are an ext or less simply the guardian punching you. That does have one strike where he create a big magic orb about himself in an instant, damaging anyone the touches it. He"ll likewise sick the guardian on one of your party members. If the attaches to you, it will certainly periodically carry out damage, in addition to replacing your strike command with Freeze, wherein he holds you and sucks out even much more HP. Finally, he has an attack comparable to Rikku"s wherein he throws spinning blades of energy everywhere. They deserve to be deflected ago at him for tech points.

The just thing you need to do below is lock on and also attack. Assuming you have actually the Ultima Weapon, this fight should be over fast.

After the fight, that retreats to the center of the island.

Stage 2: Darkside

In the center, ours old friend Darkside shows up again. The is a lot stronger, but so are you. The strategy right here hasn"t readjusted much, lock on to his hand and pretty much ignore anything he"s doing.

Stage 3: Ansem II

Ansem comes earlier out ~ Darkside falls. This time, both Donald and also Goofy are barred indigenous the fight. His straightforward attacks haven"t adjusted much, nor has the strategy. That is faster now, which provides it more tough to gain close to him in spite of the smaller area.

He does add two much more attacks this time: Dark Rocket and also Power Surge. Dark Rocket, he transforms himself into a projectile by ramming you, similar to Rikku"s attack using the darkness portals. Every you need to do right here is either block the or actors Aero and let him hit you. Either way will knock him the end of it. Strength Surge is your generic shockwave attack. The guardian will go underground and bust out using a darkness portal. This creates a rather large shockwave, especially since he does it repeatedly. Dodge roll in circles around Ansem to evade it.

Stage 4: people of Darkness

Why do video game creators watch it important to do the final boss a huge... Thing, speak to it can be fried evil, offer it massive weaknesses, and also virtually no means to defend itself?

Well whatever. This hit takes place in stages together well. The first is with just you and this battleship. It"s weak suggest is the gigantic Ansem in ~ the optimal of it. His only strikes are him flailing that huge Soul Eater about and call in a laser squad. Soul Eater is easily blocked throughout your combos, and the lasers can be fooled by flying around a bit.

Bit Sniper

- keep in mind that throughout this whole fight, there will certainly be little bat points that, once killed, release some HP balls. This are called Bit Snipers, and also are the only non-boss opponent not to have actually a newspaper entry. I think these room the things that develop the lasers during the battle, however I"m unsure.

Stage 4.2: Room main point 1Ansem will certainly retreat right into the heart of the ship, and a portal will open. Sora flies in. You"ll challenge a few waves of Shadows, climate this punching bag point appears. Hit it a couple of times and this phase will it is in over and also the delivery weakened.

Stage 4.3: ArtilleryYou now have to “disable” the pho at the top of the ship. The shouldn"t take but a couple of hits each, and also the defenses space weak, usually just a pair stray shots from the pho itself. When they space all destroyed, a brand-new portal will certainly open. You"ll have to fly v this one manually.

Stage 4.5: Room main point 2You"ll run right into Goofy here, in addition to a bunch that Darkballs. You have to clear the room again to do the orb appear, and destroy that to more weaken the ship.

Stage 4.6: FaceWay at the head that the delivery (literally), the entire face is the weak point. There is part artillery down listed below that might hit you occasionally, but beyond that the only strike is an omni lightning attack like Ursula"s. Continue to be locked on and beat top top it, retreating only to heal if friend need. Once it walk down, a portal appears in that mouth.

Stage 4.7: Room core 3The final set of Pure Heartless, Invisibles. Clean the room to save Donald and beat ~ above the punching bag to explode the head (how come nothing this drastic happened for the various other rooms?)

Stage 4.8: main CoreFinally, the shield in ~ the facility of the delivery goes down. Sirloin in and slash the pumpkin-looking violet thing. You deserve to take out the artillery roughly the room, yet it shouldn"t bother you that much.

Stage 4.9: Ansem 2The captain goes down v the ship. That comes the end again to shot to conserve the sinking ship. His assaults haven"t readjusted from earlier. Hack and also slash it spins this ship ultimately goes down.



Enjoy the ending cutscene. :)

You also get treated to a special ending entitled “Another side, another story”If you:- discovered all Dalmatians- winner the Hades Cup- Sealed every Keyholes, consisting of 100 Acre Wood and also Olympus Coliseum.(Monstro walk not have actually a Keyhole).

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Hold meWhatever lies past this morningIs a small later onRegardless the warnings the future doesn"t scare me at allNothing"s choose before