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By xaldin388
introductionwazzup! im marco meza otherwise recognized as xaldin388!welcome come my

boss faq because that kh:com.this is my very first faq ever before so im going to trymy best to do this a substantial kh fan and thats why im doingthis boss faq.alright enough talk allows do this! note:looking for a boss? press ctrl+f and form in the the code nextto the boss's name.------------bosses------------ 1.guerd armor GA 2.axel AX3.jafar JR4.trickmaster TM CD6.hades HS7.parasitecage PC8.oogieboogie OB9.larxene1 LX110.ursula US11.riku1 RU112.captain hook CH13.riku2 RU214.dragon maleficent DM15.vexen1 VX116.vexen2 VX2

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17.riku3 RU318.darkside DS19.riku4 RU420.larxene2 LX221.axel2 AX222.marluxia MX23.marluxia redux MXRX--------------------------------------------------guard armor GA--------------------------------------------------the an initial boss, not hard at all. Choose the originalkh, you have actually to damage his hands and feet bfore attaking his body. This have the right to be made with the trickcard.destroying his parts and also his body have to be acake walk.-----------------------------------------------------axel1 AX-----------------------------------------------------this boss is cake just like the ga. Watch out for hisfirewall attack and assault him when hes open and takedown this firecracker. -----------------------------------------------------jafar JR-----------------------------------------------------just like in the original kh, your target is iago notjafar.the communication randomly readjust levels however with the trick map the communication all increase to the highestlevel make hitting iago easier. I indicate puttingdure cards in your deck if you have any.-----------------------------------------------------trickmaster TM-----------------------------------------------------youll remember this ceo if you played kh1. If friend dothen girlfriend should recognize that the rirsing table is theeasiest means to fight this guy.hes gained his old tricksincluding the fire baton thing.pack some an excellent attackcards and also some healing cards and also use the trick map torise the table. From that point on its straightforward pickings.cant cheat everybody trickmaster.-----------------------------------------------------cloud CD-----------------------------------------------------okay this can be hard for many of you mainly becauseof his sleights prefer omnislash.if u have any zero cardsuse lock to break his sleights and heal if you acquire hit.use card combos if you deserve to it helps.-----------------------------------------------------hades HS-----------------------------------------------------time to cool this hothead. Choose cloud hes got somepowerful sleigths therefore u wanna have some o cards.putsome blizzard cards if u obtained any. Isuggest the youdont execute card combos u need them especially your zerocards.----------------------------------------------------parasite cage PC----------------------------------------------------bring lots of cure cards cause your gonna taking damagefrom the acid. Try to stay on the islands until you getclose to the PC and start hacking away. The cheat cardwill make you immone to the mountain for a bit so take advantage of that.----------------------------------------------------oogie boogie OB----------------------------------------------------at the beginning of the battle oogie will be protectedby a cage. The throws 3 dice and you wanna ruin atleast one of them prior to they me destructwith a 0,8or 9 card so the 1/3of his cage is down. Once the cageis down, begin whaling on oogie through your the strongest cardscards and sleights.---------------------------------------------------larxene LX---------------------------------------------------grate that thundergirl. Alright what girlfriend wanna execute isget a great long wire of strikes at her so she wontbe able to move due to the fact that if she does,shell walk crazyand string plenty of combos and even usage her sleightwhich hurts. Put some high level cards in her deckand a most cures and even cloud cards if friend gotplenty---------------------------------------------------ursula US---------------------------------------------------shes not tough just ruin 2 of she tencacles and also starther confront with every little thing you got. As soon as she blows bublesdodge them because theyll confused you. Likewise dodge herbreath attack. The trick card will lower all she tentaclesso if you acquire one use it. Basic peasy.---------------------------------------------------riku RU1---------------------------------------------------rikus back and hes pissed. Hes easy just use the samedeck u used versus ursula and also he must go under in ajiffy.----------------------------------------------------captain hook CH----------------------------------------------------this is the hardest ceo you encountered so much due tothe truth that his bombs and other attacks are hard tododge and also the reality that the ship will be constantlyrocking. Have countless 8-9 cards in your deck and also plentyof zero cards to rest his sleights. Pack many curestoo.---------------------------------------------------riku2 RU2---------------------------------------------------back for much more eh? riku has a new technique called darkfiraga but it no do much damage. Same strategyas the critical time.---------------------------------------------------dragon maleficent DM---------------------------------------------------i hate this boss. Fill some strong cards and also if youcan have actually some cloud cards in her deck and cures. Lotsof them. This boss deserve to spit fire and they continue to be on thefloor continuous hurting you so what you desire to dois the minute you acquire the trick card, use it to geta rock steppe. With it you can just stand and slashat her face. Remember to heal and also use cloud cards ifyuo can.-----------------------------------------------------vexen VX1----------------------------------------------------hey the the icecream man! i want a....wait that doesnthave icecream. However he does have actually ice attacks and also a shield.because that the shield girlfriend cant strike him in former soyou have to jump the on the back. He can freeze you inplace however besides that hes not aproblem in ~ all. Hackaway at this fool once his back is towards you.----------------------------------------------------vexen2 VX2----------------------------------------------------looks choose icemans back with brand-new tricks. Very same strategyexept watch out his iceburn itll frozen the floor.if you watch ice needles you will do it chaseyou therefore theres nopoint in escaping.when his health and wellness drops come zero, he'llinstantly recover some health so just hack far at himtill hes gone because that good.bastard.---------------------------------------------------riku3 RU3---------------------------------------------------same strategy. Yawn.---------------------------------------------------darkside DS---------------------------------------------------if you play kh1 you should understand what hes capableof. Energy balls, hand portals,etc. Hes straightforward justtakes a long time come beat him because of his healthand his difficult to with face. Use the trick map to getyourself a communication so the you have accessibility to hisface. Use any type of sleights youve learned and cloud cardsif your able to.---------------------------------------------------riku4 RU4---------------------------------------------------riku i do not know you continue to be down? hes earlier for an ext but thistime hes harder 보다 ever and also he pimped self outwith anew move dubbed dark aura. And also hes got an ext health. Usage the normal strategy but you i do not know his DAat all so heal appropriate after the attack because hes gonna monitor up v nasty combos. Usage cloud combosif you have too. --------------------------------------------------larxene2 LX2--------------------------------------------------thundergirls back!! with a vengeance! okay nothingschanged exept her brand-new move in i m sorry she warps likecrazy throw thunder balls at you. Keep moving atall times and pin she to a corner and keep slashingat her favor nuts.NO cards space fine.--------------------------------------------------axel2 AX2--------------------------------------------------its the return of the fire cracker. And hes acquired a new dual fireball move and he warps choose nuts soyou gotta dodge his fireballs and his firewall andheal. Relocate AT all TIMES--------------------------------------------------marluxia MX--------------------------------------------------alright time to murder this bastard.he has actually a abilitywhere he can do two skeights in arow in which the 2ndone doesnt need a comoing. Dont combo and bash him.heal if you get hit by among his sleights.trinitylimit is fine yet doesnt do lot damage----------------------------------------------------marluxia redux MXRX----------------------------------------------------the final battle.first damage his two arms for this reason thathe i do not know hack and also slash you.after that, he'll it is in exposed so go up and also smack him through everyhting you constantly heal. Usage cloud if you want and break hisattacks with zero cards.