Crime scene photographs display the large Bevery Hills mansion and also several Mercedes.

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Credit: Los Angeles district Attorney



The Menendez Brothers were arrested and also tried for the murders.

Credit: Ted Soqui/Sygma via Getty Images


During the night of respectable 20, 1989, brother Lyle Menendez (aged 21) and Erik Menendez (aged 18) murdered their parents, Jose and also Kitty Menendez, through a 12-gauge shotgun in their lush Beverly Hills mansion. Jose and Kitty had actually been top top the couch in your den at the time of the attack. Jose was shot point-blank in the earlier of the head, i beg your pardon startled Kitty who jumped increase from the couch. She tried to flee under the hall, however was shoot in the leg, leading to her to fall. She was then shot multiple times, including being shot once in the confront which caused her to it is in unrecognizable.

After the grisly murders, they saw go see “Batman” certification Michael Keaton, then visited the “Taste that LA” food festival in Santa Monica. Upon return to the house, Lyle dubbed the police and also claimed the someone eliminated their parents.

In the months following the murders, the brothers purchase a Rolex, a Porche, a permanent tennis coach, and a cafe amongst other things. By the time they to be arrested in march of 1990, it was approximated that the brother spent approximately $700,000. ~ their first trial ended in a hung jury, they were ultimately convicted of an initial degree murder and also both brothers were sentenced to life in prison.

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Finding the place

The Menendez family members home is located in one area that Beverly Hills known as “The Flats”, about 1 block southern of Santa Monica Blvd ~ above N. Elm Dr. The residence is located on the east side of the street and is a large, white, spanish layout home v a red brick roof.

This ar is a exclusive residence so please be respectful the the present occupants and also do not attempt to interact with them or any neighbors. Make certain to continue to be on public streets and also walkways and also never go on private property.