1) Landing Pad – You’ll touch down on one of the landing pads in the refugee sector. Unfortunately this pad has been claimed. Once you step out Quello will need payment. You have the right to threaten the or salary him. Either way there will certainly be trouble after that once the Red Eclipse gang arrive.

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Head under the corridor to the east. Together you turn around the edge you’ll bump into some Exchange thugs. You have the right to take them out or allow them taunt the man for LS or DS points. There’s additionally a pair of refugees here who will certainly ask because that credits. If you assist them Kreia will talk come you. Agree v her for more influence end her.

2) Workbench – over there is a workbench here, but more importantly in a nearby container you’ll discover the Airspeeder navigating Interface. Among the item you should repair a damaged airspeeder belonging come the Serroco gang.

3) Tienn Tubb and also TT-32 – You’ll first meet the droid TT-32 who asks girlfriend to assist retrieve a droid the was sold to the droid parts merchant, Kodin at #9. If you carry out you’ll get a Renewable Droid Shield.

Tienn Tubb will assist you afterwards once you have actually a empty Transponder map for the Ebon Hawk.

4) Ex Bounty Hunter, Vossk – talk to Vossk and also he’ll tell you around the various factions and some of the bounty hunters top top Nar Shaddaa.

5) The Ebon hawk Owner? – Yes, that’s right. A man by the surname of Ratrin Vhek will claim to it is in the owner the the Ebon Hawk. The doesn’t have any actual evidence of ownership other than that he knows where the concealed compartments are located. Agree come hand over the Ebon Hawk because that LS clues or death him for DS points. If you give him the ship or tell the to walk away he’ll end up trying come steal the Ebon Hawk ago anyway and he’ll acquire killed by the Red Eclipse gang.

6) Oondar the poor Merchant – Oondar is in competition with Geeda ~ above the various other side that this area #8. They will ask girlfriend to remove the various other merchant. You deserve to tell one of two people of them to leave, one of two people Oondar or Geeda yet you’ll no much longer have access to your inventory.

7) Exchange Boss – A attend to an Exchange Boss has actually gone wrong. When you go into the room they’ll revolve on you. Death them will offer you notoriety with the Exchange.

8) Geeda the an excellent Merchant – Geeda will offer you some regular items for sale. If girlfriend come earlier to her later in the video game she’ll have actually much better items for sale.

9) Kodin, Droid parts Merchant – If you’ve been to watch TT-32 at #3 climate you’ll be able to buy the IT-31 droid because that 500 credits which you may have the ability to Persuade down to 150 credits. Threaten Kodin because that DS points and also get the droid for free.

Once you’ve purchased IT-31 talk with it and send it earlier to TT-32. Follow the droid earlier and speak through TT-32 for her reward.

10) Swoop Racing – This room and also the following room are the swoop gyeongju area. Lupo has actually been cheating the swoop racers by utilizing an unbeatable droid, C9-T9, come race against them.

Speak with Borna Lys and also she’ll have a method to sabotage the droid, making the swoop racing fairer for anyone else. Persuade her because that the access Codes and also then use Repair or computer on the terminal beside the C9-T9 droid. You’ll have the ability to check it because that oddities and sabotage it one way or another.

Talk to Lupo and also convince him to offer the Swoop gyeongju to Borna. Head back to Borna and also she’ll give you a reward. You can now take component in the Swoop Racing v a good chance that winning.

Once you’ve clearing this area head through one of the exits to one of the various other three areas.

11) departure to to chat Promenade

12) departure to Docks

13) departure to refugee Quad

Entertainment Promenade


1) departure to refugee Landing Pad

2) Twik’gar and also Kallah-Nah – as you go into the entertain Promenade there will certainly be a pair of thugs ~ above the left, Twik’gar and also his friend. They’re asking around a Pazaak player dubbed Geredi. You have the right to convince Geredi come come the end or simply leave the thugs waiting. Geredi is just one of three Pazaak players you need to beat in order to fulfill the Champion therefore this is one method to get rid of him if girlfriend don’t desire to play that properly.

On the other side that the door is a little character called Kallah-Nar. If friend speak through him after talking to the Pazaak Den guard you’ll have the ability to find the end the password to get in the Pazaak Den. Secondly, you can find your present stading v the exchange. You need a particular amount that notoriety with the Exchange in order to be provided a meeting with Visquis, the local Exchange boss. Friend can likewise pay Kallah-Nar 2,000 credits to enhance your stading through the Exchange but if you carry out the other quests this shouldn’t it is in necessary.

3) Pazaak Den Door Guard – The security won’t let girlfriend in unless you utter the password. Speak through Kallah-Nar at #2 to discover out the password.

4) Pazaak Den – There room three Pazaak football player in here that you must beat in order to accomplish the Pazaak Champion. You will either must win versus them 3 times before they offer up and admit friend are far better or usage guile and also tactics.

S4-C8 – This droid loves play Pazaak. You have the right to have a couple of games through it and try to beat the or convine the droid come let you take a look in ~ its programming. Alter the programming so that it’s no longer addicted to Pazaak and also you’ll have actually one less foe to beat.

Dahnis – This quite girl is simply Atton’s type. If Atton is in her party she’ll permit him win in order to flirt v him. That’s two down, one to go.

Geredi – If you’re difficult to the light Side then you’ll have to beat the legitimately 3 times. Otherwise tell that his “friends” space waiting for him outside.

The Champion – once all three players have actually been beaten or are no longer playing the Champion will arrive. If friend really prefer playing Pazaak then shot and win him three times. Otherwise to convince him that winning all the moment isn’t fun. He’ll agree and also give you one of the ideal Pazaak cards, the “Tiebreaker +/- 1”.

5) Bar – You’ll meet a couple of characters below including the bartender, some thugs and a to dance trainer. This is an optional area yet you’ll have to come right here if you desire to get accessibility to Vogga Hutt’s hoard (A quest offered at the Docks).

Once you’ve to be to the Docks and discovered just how to acquire into Vogga’s hoard you deserve to buy the Juma Juice native the bartender here. The Juice will put Vogga’s Kath Hounds to sleep.

Domo, the to dance trainer will complain around not having sufficient dancers. You deserve to dance yourself, or the Handmaiden will dance too if she is in your party. This is not necessary as the thugs in this room let friend know just how to speak with Vogga.

If you placed your stealth ar on and go near to Vogga’s thugs, in the southerly partition, you’ll overhear castle talking about how no-one can see Vogga uneven they have something come say about Goto.

Refugee Quad


1) departure to refugees Landing Pad – as you step into this area you’ll be faced by a couple of Exchange Thugs. You deserve to intimidate them come let you v or kill them. Death them will allow some that the Refugees in this area come escape as soon as you uncover them later.

2) Geriel – This guy is sick, reflecting symptoms the the plague but you can heal that if girlfriend have enough Treat Injury skill for Light side points. Convincing the to kill himself will offer you Dark side points.

3) refugee Center – this huge area is where many of the Refugees cave out. The Exchange organize the area top top the western next of the map and the Serroco gang very own the east side the the map.

Hussef – Speak through Hussef to learn around the refugees and also how they are hemmed in top top either side by the Exchange and the Serroco gang. Girlfriend can assist them out by handling either or both of this groups. If you room going for DS points persuade Hussef that they room doomed and also the Exchange boss, Saquesh, will offer you a good reward.

Aaida – She is in search of her companion Lootra. If you have actually been come the docks you’ll recognize that he’s still alive. You’ll require to have actually killed the Exchange thugs guarding the exit to enable her come escape. If you have intimidated the thugs the only way to start a fight with them again is to kill their boss, Saquesh.

Naddaa – The Exchange has taken she daughter captive #4. Because that LS points shot to help her out. Later on you’ll have the ability to arrange for she to be freed. Once you’ve rescued Adara go ago to Naddaa for LS points.

Kaul – If you offer him 20 credits he’ll offer you a reminder to go into Stealth setting when looting containers therefore the safety won’t notice you.

Kahranna – She’s in search of a passage off this moon. You have the right to pretend to by the pilot she’s feather for and also collect the credits for DS point out or tell her you’ll aid find someone. You’ll find assist for her at the Docks.

Odis – Is looking for work as a pilot yet has no Freighter. You can speak through Fassa in ~ the Docks come organize a Freighter for him or the Lunar shadow Crewmen.

Twi’leks – These two will provide you a mysterious post that Atton is not all he shows up to be. Girlfriend can try to speak to Atton about it however you’ll more than likely not get any type of information the end of him till you have actually high affect over him.

4) Adana – This is the daughter that Naddaa. Death the guards and tell she she come wait here. Later on you can negotiate v Saquesh #5 and have her released. Go back to her and tell her she’s cost-free to go. Follow her ago to she mother, Naddaa, and also speak to her for LS points.

5) Saquesh – The local Exchange representative. You have the right to intimidate that and shot to get him to relax his tight on the refugees. This will result in a fight with him and every one of his thugs. When you death him despite you’ll obtain LS points. You deserve to negotiate v him to lull up on the refugees or if you monitor the Dark side agree to eliminate the refugees by convincing Hussef that they are all doomed.

6) Serroco Gang – This area belongs come the Serroco. To obtain entrance right into this area you’ll must Persuade the guards post at the entrances to let you in or start a fight and also kill them.

Speak through the Serroco corridor leader and try to acquire him to lull up ~ above the refugees. This won’t work and a fight will begin. It’s a reasonably tough battle so obtain ready with your shields and force powers.

Once you’ve cleared the area you’ll have the ability to explore this section and pick up every the loot. There’s an Airspeeder here that is right now not operational. As soon as you find all the parts you’ll have the ability to fast travel in between different places on Nar Shaddaa.

The Airspeeder needs three items. The Maneuvering Flaps are uncovered in a container in Pylon 3 at the Docks. The Airspeeder navigation Interface is discovered in a container just outside of Tienn Tubb’s store at the refugee Landing Pad. Lastly, the Cryogenic strength Cells are discovered at the Docks. Lassavou provides them come you together a reward. Speak to Fassa around releasing his debt. Execute the project that Fassa asks you come do and then ask that to release Lassavou’s debt. Go back to Lassavou and also you’ll receive the Cryogenic strength Cells.

7) Serroco storage Area – lost of good loot here.



1) exit to refugees Landing Pad – After start the Docks you’ll see a cutscene betwenn Vogga Hutt and Hanharr. Head in the direction of Fassa (#2).

2) Fassa the Dock Manager – Fassa is quite an essential character and will be able to assist you fix two quests from the refugees Quad and also give girlfriend one himself.

Fassa’s Freighters – after speaking v Fassa he’ll placed you to work-related identifying the freighters that room coming into the Docks. He wants you come organize the priority the the freighters. You have the right to take the lengthy path and also divert the strength to each Pylon while running to each one to see the i would of every freighter. The much faster route is to settle the strength to all Pylons. You deserve to then go to any type of one that the consoles to check out all IDs. Here’s the solution: silver Zephyr, Alakandor and lastly, Toorna’s Profits. Go back to Fassa for her reward.

Lassavou’s Debt – ~ speaking through Lassavou in among the containers near to #3 and also after perfect the Fassa’s Freighters pursuit you deserve to ask Fassa to let Lassavou’s debt go. Let Lassavou know and you’ll get another piece because that the Airspeeder in the refugees Quad.

Kahranna’s Transport – Speak with Kahranna in the refugees Quad first and agree to help her uncover passage turn off Nar Shaddaa. As soon as you’ve been to Goto’s Yacht come earlier to Fassa and he’ll agree come let Kahranna uncover boarding on one of his freighters.

Odis’ Pilot Work – In the refugees Quad you’ll also find Odis that is trying to find work together a Freighter Pilot. Speak v Fassa around it as soon as you have actually been to Goto’s Yacht to finish this quest.

3) Vogga’s Horde – There’s a variety of people you’ll satisfy here and also I haven’t significant exactly wherein you’ll discover them in every container. Open up each one and also see who’s inside.

Aqualish Thugs – If you try to strategy them they’ll tell you to gain lost. Get into Stealth mode and walk close come them. You’ll uncover out how to break into Vogga’s hoard through dancing because that Vogga and then making use of Juma Juice come sedate the Kath Hounds. Juma Juice have the right to be purchased indigenous the bartender in the entertainment Promenade.

Lunar zero Crewman – These guys are trying to find a new pilot. You have the right to tell them around Odis in the refugee Quad because that Light next points or discover the pilot in the Jekk’Jekk Tarr area and also convince him come return. You’ll should use a character v a gas mask, not your main character, and go in there to find him.

Bith Scientist – The scientist wants you to return with an item from Pylon 3 and also he provides you 500 credits to buy it. Heading end to the Pylon 3 (#4) you’ll find the seller is dead. Review the Datapad and then kill the “cleaning droid” that strikes you. Go back to the Bith to find him missing. He’s left a Datapad behind and also you obtain to store the 500 credits.

Lassavou – Speak with Fassa (#2) to finish this quest for the Cryogenic power Cell i beg your pardon is part of the Airspeeder. For Dark next points tell the you’ve pertained to cellect the debt. You’ll acquire 200 credits by no Cryogenic strength Cell.

Lootra – He’s Aida’s husband that you spoke with in the refugees Quad. To affix them with each other you’ll need to kill the Exchange Thugs guarding the entrance and also then allow Aida know the path is clear to go. If friend threaten the thugs girlfriend won’t it is in able to strike them again unless you death the Exchange boss first.

4) Pylon 3 – Head here for the Bith Scientists search (#3). Search the container below for the Maneuvering Flaps, another piece that the Airspeeder.

5) Vogga the Hutt – you can acquire to watch Vogga by either agreeing to dance v him through visiting the to chat Promenade or telling him that you desire to talk around Goto. If you dance because that him he’ll fall asleep. Put the Juma Juice in the water key to placed the Kath Hounds come sleep. You’ll now get accessibility to Vogga’s Horde with the door to the phibìc for some pretty cool items including a Lightsaber.

You can likewise talk come Vogga about the Fuel instance on Telos and also negotiate a deal for the Telosians after handling Goto top top the Yacht. As soon as you have actually the deal collection up you’ll need to talk to Lt. Grenn in the entertainment 081 area that the Telos Station.

6) Vogga’s Storage – You’ll come below with the T3-M4 droid after visiting the Jekk’Jekk Tarr. We’ll come back to this in the walkthrough below.

7) leave to the Jekk’Jekk Tarr – once you have been invite to visit the Jekk’Jekk Tarr Mira (or Hanharr if you room a Dark side character) will certainly intercept you and go in herself.

Jekk’Jekk Tarr

Mira will certainly be the one that actually enters Jekk’Jekk Tarr regardless of whether she or Hanharr intercepted you. You’re score is to meet with Visquis. You’ll should pass through two eco-friendly colored bars v the door to the ideal of whereby you enter. The yellow colored bar through the door come the left is whereby the Luna zero Captain is hiding out. You deserve to convince him to go earlier to his crew or sell the project to Odis in the refugees Quad. Mira is unprepared because that this encounter and will be recorded once she meets Visquis.

Your key character will now awaken. Lug him/her to the Jekk’Jekk Tarr to confront Visquis. You’ll find out Breath Control as you enter so you have the right to breathe in a toxic environment. You’ll have to keep spreading it as it runs the end or you’ll it is in poisoned.

You’ll be struck by a the majority of Gand so part your way through castle or usage group result force powers. Do your means to the room Visquis to be in and also speak v the attendant to uncover the departure which is in the northern part of the room.

Jekk’Jekk Tarr Tunnels


1) Entrance – When you very first arrive here as your key character you’ll have to work your way through the tunnels come the sealed door at #2. You’re map won’t be working so one easy way to do it over there is come hug the left wall, acquisition every turn to the left until you reach the sealed door.

2) Sealed Door

3) Mira vs Hanharr in the battle Room – once your key character reaches the sealed door you’ll take manage of either Mira or Hanharr in a fight to the death. Together Mira usage ranged weapons and run far to save your distance. Hanharr will run over the mines and make your task easier. As Hanharr just close the distance and swipe away. His experienced melee skills will finish Mira quickly.

Once the battle is finished Visquis will certainly release the Kath Hounds. Defeat them and also then head come #4 because that the Keycard.

4) Old Beast tender Corpse – find the corpse for the Keycard to gain out of here. Open up the door in the north and get prepared to take on the Ubese Bounty Hunters.

5) Emergency Tunnel Control – girlfriend can check out the entirety area v Mira or your main character. To obtain your key character ago proceed come the console below to accessibility all the accessible escape routes.

6) Workbench

With your main character head ago to the battle arena where you’ll be caught by Goto and taken to his Yacht.

Back come the Ebon Hawk

After a cut-scene you’ll be ago with T3-M4 in the Docks. Hit your method past the HK units and you’ll fulfill up through Mira and Atton. You’ll have actually a few difficult battles through Zhug Brothers and Gand to get ago to the Ebon Hawk. It’s not that they’re tough yet there space so numerous of them. Once you with the Ebon eagle you’ll fly off to rescue your main character in Goto’s Yacht.

Goto’s Yacht


You’ll go into Goto’s Yacht from the hatch in the north. You’ll have plenty that droids to fight right here so make sure you have weapons perfect for taking under droids.

There space a number of consoles about the ship the will offer you access to assorted functions. You’ll require to discover the codes because that each role before you have full accessibility to that funcion. In order come make transforms to a duty you’ll also need the proper function, such as the close up door Down program or Overload program.

You have two key objectives here. The very first is to free your key character by do it to the Audience Chamber. And also the 2nd is to gain to the bridge, with accessibility to power Distribution and shut under the power so you have the right to get ago to the Ebon Hawk.

1) flower to Ebon Hawk – girlfriend won’t have the ability to return come the Ebon Hawk until you’ve shut down the Power circulation from the Bridge.

2) Console & utility Droid – Make sure you have someone with the computer skill and slice right into the console. From here you can download the “overload” program. If you don’t you’ll should kill the Goto safety Droids and listen to your last transmission. It’s binary code. Choose the correct counting to gain the program. Below are the answers.

zero zero zero = 0zero zero one = 1zero one zero = 2zero one one = 3one zero zero = 4one zero one = 5one one zero = 6one one one = 7

Either the or part the manage to gain the routine which is lot easier. The energy Droid alongside the console will have the “shut down” program.

3) Goto Starboard Commander – death the droid and also search it for the accessibility code to the Containment Cells. Usage the console here to upload the two programs you’ve obtained “overload” and also “shut down”. Unlock the containment cells and also run the “shut down” regime on that to eliminate the shields. You’ll currently have access to this cells.

4) Damaged Droid – This small droid isn’t going anywhere. Find it for the Turret Defense accessibility code. Use a console and also unlock the Turret Defense System. When again run the “shut down” regime on the Turret Defense System.

5) Turrets – hope you’ve shut this Turrets down yet if no you have the right to use some shields on every one of your characters and take the down. There room droids here too just to make things an ext difficult.

6) main Character & strength Distribution accessibility Code – Head to this room come rescue your key character. Make certain you use the console below as it’s the only place where girlfriend can acquire the strength Distribution access code. Use a console come unlock the strength Distribution but you have the right to only close up door it under from the Bridge.

7) Damaged Droid – This small droid will have actually the “reset” program.

8) lab Station

9) Workbench

10) Defense Turrets – This room is lined with Defense Turrets yet they’re no too complicated to take it down with the flurry. ~ above the method back native the leg this is also where you’ll run into the twin Suns bounty hunters.

Continue towards the east and you’ll come across some mines and a Goto main Commander. Death the droid and search the remains to find the Minefield accessibility code.

11) Command Console – usage the console here to unlock the Minefield system. Either usage the “overload” or “shut down” program. If they’re in overload they will certainly still work however will explode as soon as the droids at #12 run over them.

12) Mines and also Droids – over there is a corridor the mines with droids beyond them. One of two people shoot in ~ the droids in solo mode and also let them operation over the mines in the direction of you. Once the droids are encountered you’ll have the ability to disable the mines and get to the bridge.

13) Bridge – examine the cylinder top top the best as you enter for part nice items and the Droid Controller access code. It’s a little late currently that every the droids are dead!

Use the central Command Console and and run the “shut down” regime on the Power distribution system. You acquire the accessibility code because that it at #6. You’ll now be able to open the flower to get ago to the Ebon Hawk.

On the method back you’ll come across thugs and bounty hunters. Most notably the pair Suns who will assault you at #10. Continue back to the Ebon Hawk and you’ll return to the Nar Shaddaa Docks to fulfill Zez-Kai Ell.


After taking out the Hk-50 droids speak v Fassa and complete any type of missions you need to complete. Together as find a task for the pilot indigenous the refugee Quad. Head up to the north and speak with Vogga the Hutt. He’ll provide you 500 credits come go ago to the Telos Station and organise a address Lt. Dol Grenn at the TSF office in the to chat 081 area.

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Fly ago to the Telos Station currently to complete the transaction or continue to the following planet. I pick Onderon but you’ll end up having to escape come the Onderon moon, Dxun when you acquire there.