Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30 march 2017, Written upgrade of complete Episode: Bijoy conditions Dev come wear dhoti if he desires to attend Sourabh and also Ronita"s sangeet


Sonakshi (Erica Fernandes) and also Bijoy welcome every the guests. They ask Bijoy to introduce them to Suhana. Bijoy it s okay furious to view Suhana through Dev (Shaheer Sheikh). Everyone starts praising Suhana and also ask Dev if he has dressed she up. He speak them the he has actually just bought the saree because that her yet she has actually wore the herself together her mother has made she independent. Sona feels proud. Bijoy"s guests congratulate him seeing Dev and Sonakshi together. He gets irritated. Asha asks him no to over react and let castle think what ever they want to think. Also Read - Iconic gold Awards 2021: Surbhi Chandna, Shaheer Sheikh, Hina Khan, Erica Fernandes dazzle at the red carpet – see pics

Dev offers aid to Sonakshi. Bijoy look at him and asks that to not serve his guests. Dev gives a gift come Ronita and also Sourabh. Sonakshi it s okay surprised and asks as soon as did he setup all this. Suhana claims they planned it together. Additionally Read - TRP Report week 37: Anupamaa-Anuj"s chemistry it s okay record-breaking numbers, Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 falls short to admire

Bijoy asks Dev to adjust his clothes and also wear timeless Bengali dhoti. Vicky stops Elena native going come Bose house. Ishwari tells her that they perform not desire anyone native Dixit family members to pertained to their house. Also Read - Shivangi Joshi, Erica Fernandes, Surbhi Chandna and also more: 7 TV divas and also their fitness mantras will certainly leave you influenced

Dev find it an overwhelming to undertake the dhoti. He calls Sona to come upstairs and aid him wear the dhoti. She says she won"t come. He says he will certainly come down naked if she doesn"t come upstairs. Sona go there and says she doesn"t know exactly how to tie a dhoti. Dev holds her hand and also says he will not permit her walk if she doesn"t aid him. He says he will not allow Bijoy save him far from his daughter.

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Asha and Bijoy start searching for Sonakshi for the family picture. Bijoy concerns Dev"s room in search of her. Dev place his hand on she mouth and also stops she from speak anything. Sonakshi shouts on him. Dev says it"s not great for their image to be checked out together. She agrees to assist him. She claims if he have the right to use the web to tie gajra then also she have the right to take help from it to tie dhoti. Dev recalls the day once he lugged gajra for her. Sonakshi makes him stay the dhoti. She claims "perfect". He claims "just perfect" (in Suhana"s style). Sona it s okay annoyed come hear it from him.ALSO READ: Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29 in march 2017, Written update of complete Episode: Sona dresses up to prove Dev the she has actually not end up being an ‘aunty’

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