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Keeping Up with The Kardashians returns tonight v an all new Sunday November 22, season 11 episode 2, referred to as “The Price girlfriend Pay,” and we have actually your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Kourtney Kardashian make the efforts to develop a brand-new status quo through Scott Disick, however the rest of the family fear she’ll offer in come him also easily.

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On the last episode, in the Season 11 premiere, Kris was still hurting over public comments Caitlyn made about their marriage, i m sorry preset a dilemma for their daughters as they functioned to be supportive of both parents. Meanwhile, Kourtney concentrated her fist on her kids after asking Scott to relocate out; and Kim motivated Khloé to execute a really sexy photo shoot. Did girlfriend watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have actually a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the E! synopsis “Kourtney do the efforts to develop a new status quo through Scott, but the remainder of the household fear she’ll give in to him also easily. Meanwhile, a service trip come Australia has actually Khloé thinking twice about how lot she go for her sisters; and Kris braces because that returning houseguests Kim and also Kanye.”

Tonight is going come be one more crazy episode that you won’t desire to miss, so be certain to song in for our live coverage of E!’s “Keeping Up with The Kardashians” tonight at 9PM EST! Meanwhile, while girlfriend wait because that our recap fight the comments and let united state know how excited girlfriend are about this season that KUWTK?

Tonight’s episode begins now – refreshing Page frequently to obtain the most present updates!

#KUWTK beginning now. This episode of #KeepingUpWiththeKardashian begins at Khloe’s house and asks Khloe if she’s ever used a condom and also who puts the on. Khloe says a male should have sufficient manners to placed it on and Kris asks what a reservoir tip on her. She slings the condom at she mom and Kris says she obtained lubrication on her silk shirt.

The sisters fulfill with your team and Bruno states Tara will offer them an update. They walk over few of their lines and also the youngsters PR. Khloe is going come Australia come launch Kardashian Kids. She states she’s picking up the slack for her sister who have actually a most stuff going on. They let them look at the catering options and Khloe tells Kim to target out because she’s no going.

Kris chats through Kim and Kylie. Kim claims they have to move out again due to the fact that they space working on the master bedroom and bathroom. She asks to relocate in through Kris who states no. Then she asks to relocate in v Kylie who states she would stab herself. Kim think they are being rude and dramatic. She states they have to cater to her because she’s pregnant.

Kris states if she moves in, she’ll relocate to Europe for a month. Climate she mocks Kim’s laugh. Kim and Kylie talk about annoying she is. At a bowling alley, Khloe and also Kourtney are there v Mason. Kim meets them. Khloe put in Koko but it come up KOK and they contact her “cock.” Kim asks once Scott will be back. He’s in Europe. Kim states she’s worried about Scott.

She think he’ll shot to get earlier with Kourtney and also she doesn’t desire Scott to carry out what he desires them come ago and she takes him back. Kim says she’s still not in maternity jeans and also Kourt says it’s time. Khloe call Caitlyn ~ above FaceTime and also asks why she ignoring she texts. Caitlyn claims she didn’t watch them and also Khloe claims she to be worried.

Kourtney is there as well flipping her hair and Caitlyn also flips she hair. Castle swap ns love you’s and also end the call. Khloe says she’s going come Australia ~ above Monday and says Kourt should come along and be her workout buddy. Kourtney states she thought around it however thinks she demands to stay home. Kourtney states she doesn’t desire to walk without her kids.

She says her youngsters need her and also going there is no her children is irresponsible but Khloe says carry the kids because it’s a kids line launch but Kourtney is worried about being questioned about Scott. Khloe tells Malika that Caitlyn called her that they revolve your dick into a clitoris. Khloe call Caitlyn and asks because that the specifics. Caitlyn laughs and Candis claims they near it.

Caitlyn asks if Khloe is reasoning of obtaining a penis and also Khloe says she already has huge balls. Malika states she can’t. The general practitioners warns them around traffic. Malika says she likes the trip to Australia due to the fact that she sleeps the totality way. Malika talks about how Khloe needs to travel much more because Kourt and also Kim have actually been liven making babies.

Malika states it’s two days of travel – one every way. Khloe call the automobile GPS voice a whore. Kourt is food preparation for Kim and then provides an avocado pudding and makes one because that Kim who states it’s warm. Kim states it’s an excellent then asks around Scott. She asks if there’s a setup or just whatever. Kourtney states she’s do the efforts to keep it as regular as feasible for the kids.

She claims if that moved back in, things would it is in the same. Kourt claims he comes home and is an excellent for a few months climate go the end of time and also get even worse. Kourtney states he has actually two personalities and also wants his family and then his partying. She claims there’s a lot the would have actually to occur for him to be on a good path. Kim states it would be a process.

She asks if Kourtney would forgive him and get earlier with him. Then Scott shows up out of the blue and also Kim is in shock. She says he obviously spent the night and Kourt no tell her. She marvels if they are earlier together. That looks for his car keys and then the complains around construction noise and walks out. Kim asks Kourt if the heard she then claims she didn’t recognize he to be here.

Kourt states it’s fine and also says that was so awkward. In Sydney, Australia, Khloe gets to the hotel and also shows up because that the event. She many thanks the push for coming to storage the launch. She states one has a baby and one is pregnant so she here. Khloe claims she hit the ground running. She greets fans as jetlag kicks in and also says they gave her a 2nd wind.

Khloe meets a competition winner who wrote around what she would execute with her and also the girl wrote take her to snuggle a koala and also Khloe says koalas have chlamydia. Ago in LA, Kim asks Kris again around them relocating in with her. Kris claims the last time Kim moved in for two months the turned into two years. Kris says world ask if she sad to have an empty nest and also says they won’t leave.

Kim states it will only be 5 months and Kris doesn’t think her. Kris screams – help me – out the window. Khloe is yawning in ~ 6 pm due to the fact that it’s favor 1 to be to her. Malika laughs in ~ her. Khloe gets a text from Scott who says he wants to talk to her. She states she there is no talked to him in around a month. She claims he go dead for a month ~ she reached out.

Khloe checks in v Kourtney rather of responding to him to check out what she desires her to do. Ago in LA, Kris and Kim go to having lunch at a Chinese place. Kim order a pile of food and also Kris states if she ate like that she’d watch pregnant too. Kim tells Kris the she was there the various other day and also then Scott was there and had invested the night. Kris’ jaw drops.

Kris claims you have to put the kids first in this and also it can not be about either Kourt or Scott. She says the kids need come feel good and not abandoned. Kim states Scott will always be in their lives since he’s the father of she sister’s kids. She desires Scott to get healthy however doesn’t desire them come reconcile. Kris find Kim in ~ her residence organizing things in the garage.

Kim claims she’s making use of the garage because Kris doesn’t use it and also she can have all her clothing there for this reason she doesn’t take up another bedroom. Kris states Kim is going to take over every corner of she house. Kris states she wants her to remember this as soon as she’s 85, senile and has nowhere to live. In Sydney, Khloe is obtaining ready and she adjusts she camel toe.

Khloe walk an interview about working through her family. She claims they trust each other implicitly. Khloe is practically done v her occupational schedule. Malika states Khloe is a human being pleaser however says the workload is intense. Castle sit down to lunch and also Jen says there to be so many human being today. Malika says Khloe always puts it s her on the earlier burner and thinks her sister should aid more.

Jen asks if Khloe wants her sisters to come along. Malika claims Khloe must tell them she can’t perform something sometimes. Khloe states Malika have the right to tell lock that. At Kris’ house, Kourt asks Kim exactly how long she’s staying and she states until December. Kim asks why Scott was at the house. Kourtney claims he wants to inspect into rehab however was waiting on a personal room and also asked come stay.

She says he told her it wasn’t an excellent for him to be alone. Kourtney says he convinces self why he needs to walk out and says he uses her as an excuse. She states it’s clear no issue what she walk or no do, he’ll do excuses and also she can’t have actually him roughly right now. Kim is glad that Kourtney is being strong.

In Sydney, Khloe goes come a drag present with Malika to have actually some fun since their job-related is done. Khloe drinks shots with the queens referred to as a wet p***y. Then they sit under for the show and watch the show. Khloe says it’s the best part of she trip. She states she demands things like that for her soul. Khloe says Malika had a good point that she doesn’t take it time turn off from work enough.

Back in LA, Kim asks her mommy for mascara and Kris complains. She states she has actually videos the Mason to teach North how to ballroom dance. Kris asks about Kourtney and Kim claims she’s gaining through it. Kris states she make the efforts to it is in there because that her and then she couldn’t babysit however told her Corey would. Kris claims all she to know is to it is in there but doesn’t know just how she’s feeling.

She states Kourt doesn’t stop long enough to talk about it. Kris says she’s worried around Scott too. Kim says he f-d up and also Kris states she’s worried about the kids and says she’s going to text Scott to inspect on him. Kris says she wants him to discover himself and also be a better person for this reason he deserve to be a great dad. She desires him to emphasis on family.

Kim says she desires Kourtney to move on previous him and be done. In Sydney, Khloe and also Malika get up before sunrise to walk for a warm air balloon ride. She made decision to continue to be an extra day and also do some sightseeing v Malika and Jen. They watch the sun rise and also can view Sydney in the distance. Kourtney calls and also says she’s been in a balloon before.

Khloe states she had time come reflect and is walk to talk to she sisters about them pulling the same share that she does. She claims not having youngsters doesn’t mean she doesn’t require me time. Lock wonder if the balloon pilot ever before pees end the edge when he’s up over there if he has to go. Kim meets her mom as paps snap your photos. They space at the grocery store store and Kourt is late to satisfy them.

She states Kourtney made her eco-friendly her kitchen climate Kourtney and also Mason show up. Kris states this save has readjusted her life. Kris speak Kourtney she has lunch plans through Scott but Kourtney claims he’s MIA. Kourtney says she shouldn’t walk somewhere in windy where human being can watch them. Kris claims she’ll contact her later around the lunch then asks if that okay.

Kourtney claims she must just have him come to her house. Kourtney leaves with Mason to walk to the pet store. At Khloe’s, she hugs the kids and also then offers them cookies. Khloe talks about how gigantic Kim’s pregnancy boobs are. Khloe states she’s jet lagged. Kim asks why and keeps text massage on her phone. Khloe speak them she’s picking increase slack because that them.

She claims she has no friend anymore and has no time come date due to the fact that of every the extra work. Khloe claims they need to ease increase on her a little. Kourtney claims she it s okay it and says she and also Kim have actually been busier with their kids and wants Khloe to be happy and have a an individual life. She states she’ll step in more and Kourt says she to know what Khloe’s worry is.

She says Khloe feels guilty saying no and also says she requirements to just say she wants the day off. Kim says Khloe should have actually a baby due to the fact that kids room an excuse. Khloe asks through who – Batman and they talk around that. Scott pertains to see Kris and also she states she has actually something he have the right to take v him come the kids. He states Kourt is blocking the from the residence when he didn’t schedule.

Kris states she doesn’t know and says probably he demands to be proactive and he says the totality thing was she told him he could come anytime to watch the kids yet then she called him come schedule. He says then she took the barcodes off his cars for this reason he couldn’t get into the gate. Kris suggests calling Kourtney and also dials her up. Kris says she’s with Scott and also wants come mediate.

Kris asks her around Scott having access to the kids. Kourtney says there to be an open door policy yet then he flakes out. She claims he missed the an initial day the school and also then is on his phone rather of sitting with them at dinner. She says he’s gift an asshole and not prioritizing the kids. She says he parties rather of reflecting up.

Scott says she told him to continue to be at the residence when he’s gone climate she told the door to shut him out. Kourt claims the children have plans and so he demands to make a schedule v her. She says the children need consistency and also beneficial parent experiences that space not harmful. She says she desires them come be with each other as a family yet he’s not in the place.

He calls Kourtney boss and then she claims he can’t come by because that 30 minutes then get a call and say he has to go out. She asks can not he stay for numerous hours. Kris states Scott will certainly be over there by 530 and asks if he will certainly go placed Mason to bed. He says no he’s going to Florida in a pair of hours. Kris doesn’t acquire it. He says it’s crazy and says she wants him there for a little then speak him to acquire out.

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Kris says he has to earn back trust he lost yet he claims it’s not easy. Kris claims he has to display with actions and can’t simply say things. Kris speak him she loves him yet needs to be honest and says he really f-d up.