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Tonight E!’s most-watched series Keeping Up through The Kardashians (KUWTK) returns with one all-new Sunday, October 30, 2016, episode. ~ above tonight’s KUWTK called, “Lord Disick Returns,” Kim find doing North’s hair a struggle.

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Did you clock the KUWTK loss premiere wherein in the mid-season premiere, Kim finished up upsetting her mommy by helping Cait acquire ready for the ESPY Awards? If girlfriend missed the episode and also want come get recorded up we have actually a full and also detailed Keeping through The Kardashians recap, best here.


On tonight’s maintaining Up with The Kardashian illustration as per the E! synopsis, “The household celebrate MJ’s date of birth in san Diego, yet can’t to escape the drama when Rob doesn’t present up because that the party and also can’t be discovered after a fight through Chyna. Meanwhile, Scott resurrects “Lord Disick” after much prodding from the Kardashians; and Kim finds doing North’s hair a struggle..”

So make sure to come earlier to this spot in between 9PM – 10PM ET! because that our maintaining Up with The Kardashian recap of the fall premiere episode. Meanwhile, while friend wait for our maintaining Up v the Kardashians recap head over and also check out all our KUWTK news, spoilers & more, best here!

Tonight’s episode begins now – update Page frequently to obtain the most existing updates!

On this week’s illustration of keeping Up v the Kardashians Kim brings north to visit the family. Everyone is happy to watch them. Kris brings up the idea to go down to mountain Diego come go watch MJ for her birthday. She additionally suggests the they lug Chyna down with them so the her mommy can obtain to know her. Plunder loves the idea. Kim asks “Can I carry the kids?” Kris tells she “Yes absolutely.”

Scott and Khloe space in the car and they are talking. Khloe asks the “How room you doing with the flipping?” Scott tells she “I am having actually a good time with the flipping, but when ns lay mine head under on my pillow in ~ night ns feel lonely there is no Kourt and the kids. Knowing that castle are throughout the country and seeing the pictures that she posts and also the videos that she sends out me are hard since memories space being made and also I am no there.”

Kim and also her girlfriend Larsa are having actually lunch. Kim is stressing about how to perform North’s hair. Kim speak her girlfriend “North currently knows how to acquire curly hair. She tells me you gain the spray bottle and also spray your hair and also there the is.” Larsa says “It’s really cute the she knows how to carry out her own hair.”

Kris and also Khloe decision to carry out Scott’s old lord persona to help him the end of his funk. When he sees every one of the old ingredient he states “I never ever thought you guys liked the old mr persona. I thought he was a small obnoxious. Ns was flying anywhere the world getting in trouble v this persona.” Kris gets excited as soon as she watch Scott all dressed up. He tells she “I didn’t recognize that friend kept all of this stuff.” Kris says “Yep. You guys don’t speak to me a hoarder because that nothing.”

Rob and Khloe space hanging out at she house. She calls Chyna on the phone and also asks her “How carry out you gain your thighs come move?” Chyna laughs and tells she “You need to use your legs.” plunder yells out “She’s wearing jeans.” Chyna tells her “You can’t it is in wearing jeans either.” Khloe laughs and the two women make arrangements to get together to work on the movements. After ~ they get off the phone call Khloe asks

Rob if that is walking to go on the trip to mountain Diego. Plunder tells she “I don’t know. I don’t really feel that comfortable due to the fact that I don’t have garments that fit.

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Scott is earlier in London established to carry out the old mr Disick persona. That is purchase for garments with his old girlfriend to help revive the old persona.

Kim and also Khloe space hanging out v the kids. Khloe tells Kim that Rob is not coming to mountain Diego as result of the problems with his wardrobe. Kim calls him and also tells him “If girlfriend aren’t comfortable with your wardrobe we can gain you a stylist and assist you v your wardrobe. I simply don’t desire you using this together an excuse because you never understand how numerous birthdays her grandmother has actually left.” Rob claims “I simply get worn down of wearing sweat pants, a black color shirt and also sandals.” Kim speak him “Let me view what i have the right to do for you.”

Later the day Kim meets with a braid experienced to help her discover to braid North’s hair. She feel overwhelmed with learning the method until the lady tells her “I can offer you among the mannequins come take house to exercise on and then the next session us can continue working ~ above it.”

Scott meets up with Kim and also she asks him just how London was. Scott tells her “I had actually a great time. Ns am honestly thinking around buying a plane.” Kim asks that why. That tells she “I’m over cars. To be there done that. A aircraft is the next step up.” Kim is concerned. She claims “We didn’t send Scott to London to buy an airplane. We just wanted that to discover some of that old personality.” Scott additionally tells her “I am thinking around chartering a private plane to san Diego.” Kim speak him “That is walk overboard.”

Khloe is with Rob make the efforts to help him find brand-new clothes because that the trip to mountain Diego. The is still hesitant and also tells her “Honestly i feel more comfortable with just sweat pants and also t shirts.”

Kim is hanging out with her friends and also working through the mannequins on braiding your hair. She is still frustrated v the fact that she isn’t able to braid North’s hair. Later Kim is through Scott and also she sees the Rob has deleted every one of his society media. She tells Scott “Rob has actually deleted every one of his social media and it says everywhere that he and Chyna have broken up.” Scott says “Maybe friend should try to contact him” Kim agrees and also when she make the efforts to with her brothers the call goes right to voicemail. Kim claims “I guess ns could shot and contact Chyna.” once she will the other woman Chyna tells her “Rob is doing this for a reaction. I am trying not to gain stressed out about it because it goes straight to the baby.”

Khloe, Kim and North arrive in san Diego. Kris is there and she speak them “Just so you know Chyna is walking to accomplish us at the restaurant.” Khloe is really frustrated with her brother’s behavior. She says “If that didn’t desire to come he should’ve just been honest and also told us that.” later on that day in ~ dinner Kris speak her mommy “Rob is no coming, yet Chyna is.” Her mother is shocked and says “If anyone should’ve come it should’ve to be Rob.” Kris says “Well we are simply going come look in ~ the glass as fifty percent full.”

When Chyna reflects up anyone is happy to see her. Kim asks she “Have you speak to him?” Chyna claims “No.” They try to message him while they space sitting at the table only to discover that he has actually blocked everyone consisting of Chyna. Kris’ mom is really impressed through Chyna’s gift. Kris is really upset the Rob didn’t come down, but she says “My mom had actually the finest birthday and the bulk of the family is here. That’s what matters.”Khloe and

Khloe and Kim decision to christen Scott fight it out Disick. He is amused mightily through this. He says “I appreciate that castle noticed and that lock cared sufficient to want to get me out of my funk.”The girls space hanging out and also talking about the case with Rob. Khloe states “It’s crazy exactly how he’s acting. The can’t simply run away from his problems.” She asks Kim “Would you it is in happy if Kanye disappeared for five days there is no calling?” Kim states “No way.” Khloe says “He has a household to answer come now.”

Kendall does do it under to san Diego over time to walk to the races. Kim manages to gain North’s braids done and she is proud that herself. As soon as everyone is k prepared they all head under to the races.Scott shows up in a pink overcoat. He tells them “I am throwing far the Duke. Ns am walking to remain the Lord and also I just wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”

When everyone returns to LA plunder magically reappears. Kris asks the “Rob why did friend not pertained to San Diego?” Khloe desires to know why the disappeared. Rob states “I didn’t want to listen anything indigenous anybody so I determined to block everybody.” Kim says “Why didn’t you pertained to San Diego?” Rob states “I saw Vegas with my friends.” Kim claims “Why didn’t friend tell any kind of of us?” Rob states “Because i didn’t want all of you gift so end dramatic and also showing increase in my bedroom wonder what was wrong through me.” Khloe asks that “Why walk you go to Vegas?” plunder tells she “Because Chyna and also I had actually a disagreement. I press her buttons and also she pushes mine.” Kim asks him “Are you two all great now?” plunder tells she “Yeah we’re good now. We made up.”