La Voz que Clama en el Desierto is a participating in san Juan La Laguna, ~ above the southwestern coast of Guatemala"s Lake Atitlán. More commonly referred to as La Voz, the co-op"s full name converts to “The Voice that Cries out in the Desert” — a recommendation to san Juan’s patron saint, St. Man the Baptist, who bible tells story of preaching in the desert.

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La Voz was produced by a handful of young family members in the late 1970s. Since the legislation dictated that a cooperative must it is in a minimum of 25 people, each farmer likewise registered his wife, to meet the quota. Castle were figured out to enhance their top quality of life, and life in their town, and they began embracing essential principles. La Voz became certified necessary in 1993, and also today has at least 161 members, 61 that whom space women. (That the 61 women in their own land is a rarity in Guatemala.)

Visiting La Voz

Guatemalan"s western Highlands produce some the the most distinctively flavored coffees in the world. La Voz"s Arabica trees are cultivated in rich, volcanic soil under a diverse canopy of the shade trees. A range of of aboriginal species, the tree are home to a wealth of migratory bird species.

La Voz members create coffee on little plots (1 come 2 hectares each) that space individually owned and maintained. Ripened coffee is harvested by family members members and other co-op associates. Sacks that coffee cherries space manually lugged to the communal wet handling mill wherein La Voz"s management oversees de-pulping, fermentation and patio drying. Number of years ago, that tiled that is fermentation tanks, which notably enhanced cup quality.

La Voz takes good pride in its capability to control quality and also deliver that coffee to phibìc America on a consistent and also reliable basis. InterAmerican traders have actually visited La Voz many times over the years and also have every time dazzling to evil its successful capability to invest in that quality, future and also growth.

The co-op now runs a café, through its own roasted coffee, in Panajachel, a tourist-encouraging town at the doorstep of wherein boat-travelers exit the lake. A short ride uphill indigenous the town, La Voz welcomes travellers to a tourism of that mill — including its tidy dry patios, a brand-new health center for members and a second café.

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On our most recent visit, one café worker graciously prepared a pour-over, reflecting off skills she had actually honed practicing for a recent Chemex-based competition. In the native of now 82-year-old Don Domingo Cholotio Quic, one of the 25 establishing members, “You enjoy what you sow.” 

Cupping notes: Bright acidity, creamy body; milk chocolate, citrus fruits, green apple.

Growing Altitude
1,350–1,550 masl
Arabica Variety
Tipica, Bourbon, Caturra
Harvest Period
Late December–March
Milling Process
Washed, patio dried
Milk chocolate, citrus fruits, green apple