After unveiling a twist on the usual style in its first two episodes, American fear Story: Roanoke pivoted again in the Wednesday, September 28, episode. Brand-new characters arrived at the scene, Lady Gaga made her long-awaited very first appearance, and fans lastly got a glimpse behind the scenes of the show-within-a-show it is left united state wondering what rather AHS has up that is sleeve. Yet most importantly, the FX collection reminded united state that while “Freak Show” may not be the design template this season, they room still many of time it strays beyond horror right into sheer WTF territory.

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Below, we’ve rounded increase the top five moments the made united state go hmmmm.

House the flies

In the course of looking for Flora (Saniyya Sidney), Shelby (Lily Rabe), Matt (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and also Lee (Adina Porter) turned increase something rather entirely: a decaying farm extended in dismembered pig parts, and also a pair the hillbilly wild-boys suckling your lunch from a swine’s teat. Gross! and also yet, this to be *not* the weirdest act of intimacy come be shown in this week’s episode.

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Jiminy Cricket

A brand-new character come on the scene this mainly in the kind of Cricket, a Louisiana psychic that talks choose Zelda Rubinstein and also looks prefer a hobbit funeral director. It stays to be watched what Cricket’s duty will it is in in the docuseries; in the meantime, we’re obsessed with the urgent secret of his astronomically poor haircut.

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The fourth wall breaks

If you’d been wondering whether we’d ever get to see the machinery of the Dateline-esque my Roanoke Nightmare docuseries in ~ the love of this season, here’s your answer! In one “unscripted” moment, Lee demanded the cameras be cut off, bring about a quick surprise glimpse of her interviewers. Keeping in mind the Ryan Murphy has actually been teasing a huge twist still to come, we’re guessing this won’t be the critical we see of the males behind the curtain.


Eat her heart out

Where has actually Lady Gaga been so much this season? Running roughly the woodland in a crazy-lady wig and also securing a beating beast’s heart to feed to Kathy Bates, apparently! The star’s very first moment on AHS: Roanoke was just as creepy together expected, albeit nowhere near as graphic together her season-opening naked blood orgy on “Hotel.”

“I certainly have no storage of what Shelby stated she saw once she found me.”

It i will not ~ be American horror Story without a truly unsettling sex scene, thus this money shot: Matt having actually sweaty forest-fugue sex through a matted-looking Lady Gaga, every while two hillbilly creepers watched and masturbated. The rest of us, however, will more than likely want to attend to that photo by pouring maximum-strength bleach everywhere our televisions and also eyeballs and also brains.

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Tell Us: exactly how does Lady Gaga’s role compare to last season’s?

American horror Story: Roanoke airs ~ above FX Wednesdays in ~ 10 p.m. ET. 

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