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I am watching accessibility Hollywood and also they are talking come Bobby\"s oldest son, Landon, who is about to star in that brand-new reality show about celebrity\"s children trying to do it in the industry. Anyway. That is talking about Whitney and said the she is favor a mom to him. He said people see her together this \"crazy diva\" however she is an extremely down come earth and also like a mother figure to him. He stated she was constantly the \"MOM\" once he was about her. He said she is an remarkable person and she has influenced his music career alot. He claimed Bobby is a legend and that he just saw him 3 or 4 time a year as soon as he was growing up and he hopes this show brings them closer together. *they additionally mentioned the Whitney and also George Michael\"s video for \"If it Told girlfriend That\" will certainly be featured on George Michael\"s upcoming DVD.

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He just saw Bobby 3 or 4 times cultivation up? Wow that\"s a shame. Perhaps Bobby had actually doubts the Landon was is son, but that\"s still no excuse. Bobby must have acquired a DNA test if the was the case. I\"m happy to check out that he had actually postive points to say around Whitney.
Thats smart of him come say. She probably was also footing his bills! typical now, Whitney probably maintained a few families.
Thats clever of him to say. She probably was also footing his bills! typical now, Whitney probably preserved a couple of families.
that can\"t be bobby\"s son, he\"s is as well fine to be pertained to bobby, esp. His son. He seems choose a kind guy, it\"s probably since bobby didn\"t invest anytime through him.
I gambling Bobby is emotion stupid right around now. When your child shows much more class than you on national TV its gotta hurt!!
Wow. I\"m impress v the guy. An extremely nice words to say also on a day as soon as his very own father couldn\"t be mite by graciousness. He constantly did it seems to be ~ to have actually manners once he showed up on his fathers show. Wow ns didn\"t recognize that the male from Martin was his step father. I discover something brand-new everyday. Well ns doubt he\"s in need of money either given that entire actors makes boatloads the money from re-runs.
SMOOTHEDGE wrote: the can\"t be bobby\"s son, he\"s is too fine come be regarded bobby, esp. His son. He seems favor a kind guy, it\"s probably because bobby didn\"t invest anytime v him.
I supplied to think the very same thing. Maybe he looks like his mother.lol have the right to someone send me a pic that her.
THAT IS THE child OF BOBBY BROWN, lock SOUND precisely ALIKE when THEY TALK!! i could\"nt also tell that was talking on the rock the craadle interviews!
out of every Bobby\"s kids, it\"s Bobby Jr and BK that favor Bobby. BK only has Whitney\"s eyes, the remainder she looks prefer Bobby\"s sister the one who passed away from cancer. Landon looks like bobby in a way, probably he took just the finest qualities?
Unfortunately, BK looks more like Bobby than any of his other youngsters to me. She\"s a cute girl, yet she would have cuter if she had Whitney\"s nose and teeth. Landon, will never ever reach Bobby\"s power level since he hasn\"t determined how to yes, really entertain. I uncovered him boring critical night and also I could tell the was really trying. I can\"t stand Bobby, but he did and still knows just how to job-related a stage, many of which can\"t it is in taught.
Bobby have the right to still job-related a stage but he deserve to barely sing anymore. That screams more than anything. And I think Bobbi Kris has grown right into a beautiful girl. And hopefully what Bobby said around her is true, the she has actually her mother\"s voice and his dancing ability. Because I\"m all set for the following VOICE in the industry. And also despite hypes over various brand-new artists, i don\"t think we ACTUALLY have actually that yet.
I didn\"t like Landon\"s power on rock The Cradle, but he appears down-to-earth and also laid back. I actually think it\"s Bobby\"s son. I watch some type of resemblance between the 2 that i can\"t exactly explain. Regarding BK, a many of human being are hope she\"ll it is in the next huge thing, however I have a emotion she doesn\"t really want to sing professionally.
Is that just a emotion NocturnalBlues? due to the fact that I\"ve never heard Bobbi Kris speak anything about it and also I\"ve never ever heard Bobbi or Whitney speak she wasn\"t interested. Most recently Bobby, and I understand we can\"t believe anything the says, stated that once she comes out she will certainly take the human being by storm. So probably she has actually said to him at some point she desires to perform it. Perhaps Whitney will certainly make her wait til\" she\"s 18 like Cissy walk Whitney. That knows?
I don\"t know...I just have actually a emotion she may not want to sing. That knows,it might be much more of the trying to acquire her to carry out it versus she wanting to execute it. We\"ll all just need to wait and see.
Landon has actually a many room come grow. He\"s certainly a newbie. Underwhelmed through his performance yet hoping he continues to grow.

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That\"s funny the eveyone is saing Landon is cute to be Bobbys kid. Due to the fact that my mother said something comparable the first�second she witnessed him. What he said about Whitney was an extremely nice. Ns wouldn\"t suppose him to say anything an adverse though, if he\"s trying to gain into the industry.