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Love Notes

Equilibrium, publication 1 By: Christina C Jones narrated by: Wesleigh Siobhan, Emmanuel Ingram Length: 8 hrs and 17 mins Unabridged

Love that states something, instead of just looking like it. Love you can constantly trust to feel favor home. For both the them, it’s something the has always been just exterior of your peripheral, other to it is in observed rather than experienced. A depth the feeling scheduled for civilization who were “into” that, those through a various outlook, those more...deserving. Until their courses cross.


The Night Before

By: Jacinta Howard narrated by: Winston James, Alyx Monroe Length: 3 hrs and also 52 mins Unabridged

Ava couldn’t believe she’d permit her ideal friend speak her right into coming to a mental numbing vacation party on the night prior to Christmas. Together Ava counts the minutes before she have the right to leave, all she can think around is just how much she wants to snuggle increase on the sofa with a crappy vacation movie and also drink too much eggnog (with rum). That is, until an old classmate, Elias Young, sits beside her in ~ the party. Elias is method too charming to it is in any an excellent for her, yet fate forces Ava to put that worn down theory to the ultimate test. Is it happenstance? Serendipity?

5 the end of 5 stars

great Book!

The Night before

By: Jacinta Howard


Sins the a Saint

Crowne Legacy, book 2 By: Sherelle eco-friendly report by: Sean Crisden, Wesleigh Siobhan Length: 3 hrs and also 50 mins Unabridged
4.5 the end of 5 stars 69
5 the end of 5 stars 63
4.5 out of 5 stars 64

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Deliciously dangerous and addictive. That"s just how I felt when I kissed her. My gut knew she was trouble before my heart did, however she betrayed both. Ns swore on my Crowne family members that to trust was other I"d never give twice. Yet with the past creeping ago to light - and her together with it - it appears my human being might loss victim come the messy sort of secrets I"m generally so great at clean up. 

2 the end of 5 stars

i Struggled to Continue