The Vampire Diaries: The 5 many (& 5 Least) Believable character Deaths It"s tough to judge realism in a fantasy show yet some deaths on The Vampire Diaries were simply more believable than others.

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TVD Most and Least realistic Deaths, Liz and also Jeremy
There room multiple vampire shows that became famous - but The Vampire Diaries is one of the most renowned ones. Not only due to the fact that of its captivating story and intriguing characters. It additionally didn"t treat its heroes kindly. Even if it is vampires, werewolves, witches, or humans, the show"s heroes suffered, got hurt - and also sometimes, castle died.

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Some that the deaths to be tragic and also sudden if others to be expected. However, not all heroes stayed dead. Many of them come back, and some to be so lucky they even died and returned ago multiple times. It"s hard to referee realism in a fantasy show however some deaths on The Vampire Diaries were simply much more believable 보다 others.

Arielle Kebbel as Lexi in The Vampire Diaries
Stefan"s good friend Lexi was among the instant fan-favorites once she appeared on the show to celebrate Stefan"s birthday, so it come as a shock when Damon killed her in the very same episode.

It was all a component of Damon"s masterplan to journey away hesitation from himself. Lexi"s death was relatively quick - Damon staked she in the heart. Also if Lexi wasn"t a vampire, this kind of injury would kill a human as well which renders it believable.

Jenna to be young and also had a lot to live for, consisting of her family and also Alaric who loved her. She, unfortunately, died in the 2nd season. Her fatality is among the the very least realistic.

First, Jenna became a vampire, that"s one thing that can"t take place in genuine life. Then Klaus sacrificed her in a ritual designed to come to be a hybrid.

Caroline didn"t constantly get follow me well through her mom Liz. Lock eventually found a way to one another and also Liz also dealt through the fact her daughter was now a vampire. Their new-found bond do it even sadder once Liz died.

Unlike other deaths on the show, hers was base in reality. Liz had brain cancer i beg your pardon is something the can occur to people even in the vampire-free world.

7 the very least Believable: Jeremy Gilbert

even though many world might wish because that the opposite, there"s no magic in real life. Jeremy is just one of the personalities who died multiple time on the show yet was lucky enough to survive in the end. His first death taken place when Damon snapped his neck since he was angry at Elena.

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Luckily, Jeremy to be wearing the wonder Gilbert ring at the time and it lugged him ago to life. Snapping someone"s neck is possible even despite it take away a lot of strength. Yet sadly, there space no magical ring that would resurrect people.

Liv Parker had the misfortune of being pertained to Kai Parker, among the evilest villains top top the show. Liv got in addition to Tyler and also she was v him once she died.

It happened throughout Jo"s wedding when Kai made decision to punch the location up and Liv was caught in the explosion. She would have succumbed to she injuries, but, at her behest, died a quick death instead at Tyler"s hands. This also permitted his werewolf curse to reactivate and heal his own wounds.

5 least Believable: Tyler Lockwood

Tyler led a attention life as a werewolf and also he stood against Klaus, one of the deadliest vampires who ever lived. Yet it to be Damon in the finish who ended his life.

The siren Sybill hypnotized Damon to kill Tyler, and he obeyed. Some people think in the strength of hypnosis yet in genuine life, that wouldn"t be sufficient to make someone kill an additional person.

Carol Lockwood and her kid Tyler might not have actually been the many sympathetic characters. The didn"t adjust the reality the fans felt sorry because that Carol and Tyler once Klaus eliminated Carol. The did the to gain revenge top top Tyler and also it worked, due to the fact that Carol"s fatality crushed she son.

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Klaus killed Carol through holding her head underwater in a fountain till she drowned. That"s the type of murder a solid person can commit, vampire or no vampire. To make matters even worse, Klaus murdered Carol throughout Christmas.

3 the very least Believable: Enzo St. John

Enzo and also Bonnie to be happy together and also Enzo turned about a new leaf. Unfortunately, their mutual life came crashing come the ground once Stefan eliminated Enzo.

Bonnie and also Enzo visited take the cure the was stored by Elena"s resting body. Stefan, who had actually his emotions turned off at the time, proved up and ripped Enzo"s love out. It"s a drastic fatality that would be nearly impossible to attain if one to be a human.

Elena and also Damon both died multiple times on the show - only to come back. However their most realistic death was additionally the final one. ~ Damon had end up being human, he and also Elena led a long and happy life together.

They gained married and had children. The last episode the the display didn"t specify exactly how old castle were once they passed away or why lock died. However, it clues at the fact that Elena and also Damon died of old period or natural causes.

1 the very least Believable: Alaric Saltzman

frequently the the very least believable deaths ~ above The Vampire Diaries were the ones associated to magic and/or vampirism. That"s likewise the situation of Alaric. In the third season, the original Witch bound Alaric"s fate come Elena"s.

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So once Elena drowned after the vehicle she was in talked about the Wickery Bridge, Alaric passed away too since of the magical bond between them. However, both Alaric and also Elena later on came ago to life.

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