Product Details screen Size: 34" IPS with sRGB 99% (Typ.) OnScreen control 3-Side practically Borderless style Resolution: 2560x1080 dashboard Type: IPS LED Backlight technology View full Product Details

display screen Size: 34" IPS with sRGB 99% (Typ.) OnScreen manage 3-Side basically Borderless style Resolution: 2560x1080 dashboard Type: IPS LED Backlight modern technology LGD Module

The LG UltraWide? vast Full HD display screen provides more room 보다 a 16:9 full HD resolution display, supplying a broader workspace to check out multiple files at once. This 34-inch screen is shade calibrated to assist maintain accurate color on the screen, so

Rated 5 the end of 5 bySTEVEN B. From good monitorl.I supplied a contact in chat to find the monitor ns was spring for. I want something the was approximately $350 and could display 2 windows at the exact same time. This screen comes really close to mirroring 2 windows at the same time without overlap. The does a great job with excel as well, mirroring alot that rows. Ns would totally recommend. Also 100x100 mounting option.

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Rated 5 out of 5 byTRAVIS R. From good Widescreen MonitorOverall, ns love this monitor! the is amazing. I love the color contrast and also the dimension of the widescreen. The only thing ns don"t favor is no matter what setting I usage for placing the screen in standby, it will certainly not enter i do have to turn off the monitor once not in use.
Rated 5 the end of 5 byANDREW C. From extremely recommendedI absolutely love this untraWide screen as a software developer. 34" screensize is perfect because that me. The speaker is ok however not great.

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Rated 5 the end of 5 byFAYNE - UNAS A. From good Home Office MonitorUsing this monitor for a residence office. Very happy through price paid, clarity and screen size. Enhanced productivity from capability to have multiple docs open up in full size and also being able to work-related with large spreadsheets.Would have given five stars but monitor doesn"t swivel ~ above base.
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