Author Allan Rufus said “Life is choose a game of chess. To success you have to make a move. Learning which relocate to make comes with insight and knowledge, and also by discovering the class that room accumulated along the way. We become each and every item within the game called life.”

The chess analogy is a familiar one. Therefore many civilization come into my office feeling stuck not knowing what piece to move. And there space times once we need to just ‘be’ and also not move. However, many of the moment we need to keep moving, probably sideways, possibly ahead and sometimes perhaps backwards.

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Even when moving is scary, the is through these activities that us learn about ourselves, and we gain knowledge and also insight into how the civilization works, which at some point gives us wisdom and also a various understanding that life.

I favor watching the television collection “Running Wild through Bear Grylls.” be afflicted with takes different celebrities such together Zac Efron, Ben Stiller and also Deion Sanders into the wild and challenges them past their comfort zones.

Most in ~ some suggest stop, feeling struck and also do not believe they can keep going. All of us deserve to relate to that feeling at some suggest in our lives, it is in it an end of a relationship, changing careers, health challenges to just name a few.

With part skillful encouragement, bear is maybe to move each of this celebrities forward, assisting them with their fears. The majority of the celebrities truly thought they might not climb the mountain, or abseil down the rock confront or jump end boulders. Each would stop, go in mentally and find toughness at their core prior to they can move forward. This was no without tears, anger, or deep contemplation about their lives. But eventually each would proceed forward, each finding something inside them to press through their are afraid to take on their next step.

At the end of the challenge, each of the celebrities would be so excited, occasionally shouting for joy or collapsing to their knees in tears that they were able to accomplish a job that they believed was impossible for them.

But it take it time come reflect and go inward, thinking through the results of what occurred if they carry out not relocate in some direction. Each human being learned something around themselves and also felt far better about your lives.

I deserve to think of many experiences in mine life where by relocating forward, even though it to be difficult, enabled me come have an ext insight right into my life. Ns remember as soon as I had actually to tell my daughter the her dad and I to be going to divorce. Ns was so fear of telling her, of disappointing her, of transforming her life forever. The terrified me. Also paralyzed me. But as with the celebrities, I had actually to stop, take it a deep breath, and find that piece inside of me that has actually the courage to take the next step.

And it is step by step that you space able to do the next move, and then the next and also with each new move come a new learning. What is the alternative? To not move, to stay stuck or also go backwards. I believe that is even tougher.

I love these quotes from Dr. Seuss:

“The much more that you read, the an ext things you will know. The more that you learn, the an ext places you’ll go.”

“Today you are YOU, the is TRUER 보다 true. There is no one alive that is YOUER 보다 YOU.”

So every little thing piece you decide to play, the king, the pawn or the castle, discover that relocate that is going to teach friend the finest that is important you.

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Do not come from fear, but go out and learn a new insight, or some new lessons and “you will succeed 99 and also ¾ percent guaranteed,” (Dr. Seuss).