Actor Ethan Cutkosky and Los Angeles rapper Lil Xan have actually a lot in common. Both have actually spent the bulk of your career in California (Cutkosky’s TV present Shameless, while collection in Chicago, was mainly filmed in Los Angeles). Both have played personas heavily inspired by medicine (Lil Xan’s phase name originates from the medication Xanax). And many members of their corresponding audiences even think the two men look alike. This has actually made part fans inquiry whether the similarities space a coincidence, or if the celebrities room related.

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Ethan Cutkosky | Lisa O’Connor LISA/AFP via Getty Images

Cutkosky has starred ~ above ‘Shameless’ because 2011

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After play various small parts on movies like 2007’s Fred Claus and 2009’s The Unborn, Cutkosky got his breakout function in the at an early stage 2010s ~ above the Showtime TV drama Shameless. The gibbs was simply 11 years old at the time, reported his hometown newspaper The day-to-day Herald. The outlet defines that the actor’s TV career began by accident after ~ his father and mother booked him through a talent agent just to provide their child something to do.

“It started with the Walgreens ad, and it blossomed and took off from there,” his dad told the newspaper. “To Ethan, this is just a social life, and he doesn’t think of it as job-related at all.” In Shameless, which is start its 11th and final season, Cutkosky theatre Carl Gallagher. Gallagher is the second-youngest son in the show’s well known Gallagher family. Together the character grows up, he increasingly embraces his family’s life of crime before reforming himself and attending armed forces school in season nine.

Lil Xan is called after the prescription drug Xanax

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Lil Xan, whose actual name is in reality Nicholas Leanos, is a Mexican-American rapper and also songwriter. In the mid-2010s, Lil Xan began uploading his music to social media platforms choose YouTube and SoundCloud. The musician easily gained a complying with for his muddled, murky audio aesthetic. “Not lot is known about Lil Xan various other than the reality that his records such as ‘Betrayed’ and ‘Slingshot’ have actually millions that views and plays top top YouTube and also SoundCloud,” reported XXL when the artist’s popularity was acquisition off. “The … West shore native is a brand-new face in hip-hop and his alternate approach to rap is garnering a legion of music lovers to adore him. The crazy thing is, he’s just been rapping for a couple of years.” several of his most recent singles incorporate “My Girlfriend” and “Everything ns Own,” both the which come out in 2020.

Is Ethan Cutkosky concerned Lil Xan?

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On a post that quickly went viral, Reddit user athee23 released three picture of Cutkosky, Lil Xan and singer billie Eilish, noting the they looked very similar to every other. Plenty of Reddit users quickly agreed. “They triplets!” exclaimed one reply. This isn’t the very first time that people have detailed that Cutkosky and also Lil Xan look alike.

“The uncanny resemblance in between Lil Xan and also Shameless actor Ethan Cutkosky is a joke that seems to have exponential value,” reports Hot new Hip-hop. Pan of the actor and rapper alike have been posting memes either highlighting or mocking the similar appearances in between the 2 celebrities.

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The two guys have also played along, once showing up on stage together. “It appears Lil Xan is honored come be associated with his TV doppelganger,” notes the outlet. “During his concert in LA…he was joined on phase by the Shameless actor. <…> The funniest bit around this story is the they appear to it is in friends in actual life.” while they might be friends, there’s one point that Cutkosky and also Lil Xan space not: lock aren’t associated at all.