She’s shortly to go back to the City of Light where she’ll begin filming the second season the Emily In Paris.

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But Lily Collins make a stylish pit-stop in Chicago on Tuesday, whereby she took in the acclaimed Immersive valve Gogh Exhibit.

Lily, 32, looked stunning in a breakable black gown through a lace collar the she paired through towering strap heels.

Stunning: Lily Collins, 32, do a stylish protect against in Chicago, where she soaked up the acclaimed Immersive valve Gogh exhibit wearing a black and also white lace dress

The actress wore her brunette hair swept ago into a bun and also painted her lips a pretty the shade of pink.

She maintained her accessories simple, donning simply a pair of vulnerable diamond stud earrings.

Documenting her exhibition trip on Instagram on Monday, Lily wrote: ‘It to be the many incredible means to affix to iconic paintings.’

Lily wrote in full: ‘What a special experience to visit

Elegant: Lily, 32, wore her brunette hair swept earlier into a bun and also painted she lips a pretty shade of pink 

 Chic: Lily looked stunning in a vulnerable black gown through a lace collar the she paired with towering strap heels

‘After following every one of the suitable safety measures, ns was may be to travel to Chicago and also wander with this exhibition, which ns actually had actually the satisfied of seeing almost 2 years earlier in Paris.

‘The immersive art installation take away a deep dive inside the mind and also works of van Gogh and brings them come life in a whole new way. It to be the most incredible way to attach to the above paintings!

‘The exhibition is currently open in Toronto, Chicago and San Francisco, and will be opening in brand-new York, LA, Dallas, Houston and also many an ext cities later this year – therefore you deserve to see it all for yourself!

All in the details: Lily accessorised with vulnerable diamond stud earrings making sure not to detract from her dress

Wow: Lily took in the acclaimed Immersive valve Gogh exhibit which is at this time touring north America 

Rave review: Gushing about the exhibition on society media, Lily wrote: ‘It to be the most incredible way to affix to iconic paintings’

‘Cannot wait to share the above venue the the Los Angeles exhibit will soon speak to home! continue to be tuned!’

Hours earlier, Lily required to Instagram come wish her Mank co-stars great luck at Sunday’s Oscars, in spite of not being in attendance herself.

David Fincher’s black-and-white epic Mank – in i beg your pardon Lily starred together a british secretary – was nominated for ten Academy Awards, including best Picture.

Supportive: Hours earlier, Lily took to Instagram come wish she Mank co-stars good luck in ~ Sunday’s Oscars, despite not being in attendance herself

It take it home best Cinematography and also Best production Design.

Despite no taking to the red carpet in Los Angeles end the weekend, Lily wowed last month during the digital 27th annual SAG Awards.

The actress slipped right into a wonder jewel-encrusted dress for the reputation event, and also looked at ease in front of the lens.

Featuring spectacular embellishing and a Peter Pan collar, Lily teamed she pastel pink frock v pretty strap heels and wore her lengthy brown hair straight and loose.

 Stunning: It comes after Lily put on a really glamorous display screen in a pink bejewelled dress ahead that the online 27th yearly SAG Awards

In February, Lily practically announced the nominations because that the 2021 display screen Actors Guild Awards alongside actor Daveed Diggs.

The pair ran off the surname of those up for trophies in 13 film and television categories.

The brunette beauty’s Instagram Live come days ~ she learned she had received a golden Globe nomination for she Netflix collection Emily In Paris.

Emily In Paris was nominated in the best Musical /Comedy collection category and Lily likewise picked increase a nod for finest Television Actress – musical / Comedy Series.

In one Instagram write-up in i m sorry she was checked out cuddling as much as her lovely pup Redford, Lily shared: ‘Words can not express how exceptionally grateful and excited ns am to be nominated because that my role in Emily in Paris and for the show’s nomination!’

However ~ above the large night in ~ the start of March, it to be Schitt’s Creek and lead actress native the show Catherine O’Hara who took residence the gongs.

Wow: The actress slipped right into a miracle jewel-encrusted dress for the prestigious event, and looked at lull in former of the lens 

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