LOS ANGELES (November 29, 2006) — The civilization has checked out a most Britney Spears because she filed because that divorce native K-Fed, yet last night it saw a lot more when the singer was recorded wearing no underpants while pumping gas in southerly California.Sporting a patterned, V-neck green dress and also bouncy curls, the singer looked immaculate. The flashing of she naughty bits however, when stepping the end of the auto has left pan worried.

On the singer?s main MySpace page, a organize of supporters have pleaded with the popular music star to put some knickers on.?Britney i love girlfriend no issue what, yet please gain away indigenous the Parasite and also put part underwear on,? posted pan ?Geo!? on www.myspace.com/britneyspears. Member ?**Steph ~ above Power92.3!!! AWE YEAAAHH** echoed the sentiment, commenting ?There room a bunch of people who assistance you in whatever you decision to do….I just don’t think reflecting your under-belows is just one of those tasks that will obtain our support. Babe…you’re a mom!!? This morning, the women of The see chimed in ~ above the issue too. After ~ Rosie O?Donnell expressed issue for Britney being spotted in a auto with Paris Hilton and also Lindsay Lohan the see co-host available to take it the singer right into her home to execute ?mommy? things together.

Barbara Walters then chimed in ~ above Panty-gate asking Rosie, ?When she?s staying with you, space you gonna acquire her come wear underwear??

Rosie replied by questioning a national lingerie chain because that help. ?Listen, I desire to beg Victoria?s mystery to it is provided these ladies through an unlimited amount the underwear. I?m begging girlfriend Victoria!? She pleaded before addressing the singer directly. ?Mommy loves you. Contact mommy Britney.?

This isn?t the an initial time Spears has actually been recorded by photogs without her drawers on. Saturday night Spears sported a bum-skimming outfit, i m sorry revealed she nether region as she dashed into a vehicle to party hop with Paris Hilton.

One ar fans won?t be seeing Britney?s privates is the Billboard Music Awards. Critical night throughout ?Standoff,? Fox aired a promo promoting the Awards soiree featuring ?host Britney Spears and Paris Hilton,? but US Weekly is report the pop star pulled out of co-hosting duties.

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A representative for Fox told access Hollywood their promo room jumped the pistol by to run the ad.

Britney isn?t the first star to conference trouble maintaining her nether areas covered. Her new pal Lindsay Lohan to be snapped several times this summer without her bloomers.