It to be a reunion of the wide range — and the Andy Sachs — on Thursday"s Lip Sync fight when anne Hathaway and also Emily dull went head-to-head with their best lip syncs. And also I don"t to speak this due to the fact that Devil attract Prada is among my favourite movies, yet this illustration was on another level compared to the formerly aired episodes. LL Cool J, like myself, is clear a vast Devil put on Prada fan, because it was all he really talked about in his opening monologue. Yet quickly, we jumped right into the battle, and also I conveniently realized that, yeah, this was going to it is in a magical reunion that the evil one Wears Prada stars.

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Anne Hathaway is up very first — because YOU"LL never GO come PARIS, EMILY — and also she sings mary J. Blige"s "Love." over there is a many booty, rapping, a high kick, and also a seductive neck roll, and I asking you come remember this is the PrinCESS the Genovia we"ve acquired "singing" here. The song is therefore left-field for Hathaway, who I — favor Emily blunt — would have actually placed money on doing a present tune. However after seeing exactly how in the zone Hathaway is while to sing this song, I favor to think this was her warm-up for fontain in Les Miserables, since they absolutely have the exact same level the depth. After she performance, over there is a tiny smack speak going down on stage. Blunt referred to as it cheap — YOU"RE talking TO A PRINCESS — but Anne high solution retaliates v saying the "Emily knows cheap."


Next is Emily Blunt, who lip syncs the tune I would most likely do, "No Diggity" by Blackstreet. Blunt is a real organic at this, she doesn"t miss a beat, a word, or a "hey-o." In fact, she it s okay the entire crowd in ~ above the "Hey-o, hey-o, hey-o, hey-o," part — you know what I"m talking around — and I have the right to feel the camaraderie oozing out of mine television. Unified WE STAND, EMILY. Blunt ends her number the only means one ends "No Diggity," v a mic drop. That was all that needed to happen. I can die happy.


After Blunt"s an initial number, Hathaway interrupts her post-performance interview through LL, due to the fact that she was trying to do a Kanye joke. It isn"t practically as funny as Hathaway think it was, and that"s as soon as I realize... "Oh, this is as an excellent as it"s going to get."

But was i wrong. After ~ both women sang their an initial songs — without the pizzazz — it was time for their huge numbers — the grand finales, if you will. Dull goes v Janis Joplin"s "Piece Of my Heart" in complete hippie gear. If I had to guess, she"s excellent this before. Blunt has probably to be practicing this number once her and also her hubby, man Krasinski, perform their own lip sync war at home... At the very least that"s what I choose to think their house life is like. At the finish of the number, "color commentator" Chrissy Teigen states she has been "Blunted," through a vast blunt (or paper towel, her guess is simply as good as mine) hanging out of her mouth. It"s a funny joke since weed and also hippies, girlfriend guys. It"s not predictable. No, not at all.

This is where the tide turns. Hathaway usually steals the present by selecting a song so powerful, therefore emotional, for this reason physical, that Blunt has actually no excuse no to concede. I might only it is in talking around one song... "Wrecking Ball," by Miley Cyrus. Hathaway is dressed to admire in the perfect Miley outfit: white undies, white tank, and also white acrylic nails. She does some moves v a sledgehammer — she even licks it! — and also manages to really "get" to the emotional room she requirements to get to for that one bridge of the tune (again, i think this is what her Les Mis personality would have actually sang if she gained to choose in between "I dreamy A Dream" and "Wrecking Ball").

At the crescendo — music term indigenous my 5 weeks the piano lessons — Hathaway jumps ~ above a (structurally sound?) wrecking round that magically shows up in the middle of the stage. She leans back, looks in ~ Blunt, flips her the bird — because, again, YOU"LL never ever GO come PARIS, EMILY — and it was official. Hathaway essential to victory this battle.

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And she does! because all is ideal in this world, and also the Lip Sync battle audience/ Gods/ and also Meryl Streep all understand you can"t perform "Wrecking Ball" and not win.