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The adventures that the Ingalls Family proceed in Season nine of “Little residence on the Prairie.” The original episodes aired native September 27, 1982, to March 21, 1983.

In Season 9 the “Little residence on the Prairie”,change is in the air! The Ingalls household (apart indigenous Laura) leave Walnut Grove and also move come Iowa. Laura and Almanzo take on Almanzo’s niece, Jenny, following the fatality of his brother, royal Wilder. Us witness the birth and death of Baby young Wilder. Laura and Almanzo move into the vast house the a widower and also turn it right into a boarding house. Nellie Oleson return to Visit Walnut Grove. These and also many other interesting adventures continue through the ninth season of “Little home on the Prairie.” 


For the an initial time due to the fact that their initial TV broadcast, every twenty-one Season 9 episodes room presented complete and uncut and also newly revitalized and remastered because that optimal snapshot and sound quality! In this ultimate Season 9 illustration guide, you’ll relive every one of the heartwarming adventures and also learn some brand-new facts follow me the way. Several of our favorite facts and tidbits come from Alison Arngrim’s autobiography, Wendi Lou Lee’s memoir, Melissa Francis’ memoir, and Melissa Gilbert’s memoir. Below is a complete index with web links to the Season 9 episodes:

Season 9, episode 1 – times Are changing – component 1

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Description:The Ingalls can’t do ends accomplish so they relocate to the city to discover work. John and Sarah Carter to buy the little house. Laura has determined she desires to spend more time with increased so the town has actually hired a new teacher, Etta Plum. Almanzo’s brother, royal has concerned visit and brings with him, his daughter, Jenny.

Fun Fact!Notice that Charles’ hair has actually suddenly gotten an extremely gray, and also it is actually Michael Landon’s genuine hair, also though he was still pretty young at this point. It started going gray as soon as he was in his 20’s, and also he dyed the from climate on.

Did you know?Little House spreading director Susan McCray has hailed actress Shannen Doherty (Jenny Wilder) as among the an extremely best kid stars she has ever worked with, coming second only come Melissa Gilbert.

More Trivia!Near the start of the episode, Charles enjoys one last evening that fun v his Walnut Grove friends. That is dancing and also laughing wildly v both Nels Oleson and also Reverend Alden, and also he practically seems as if the is drunk. This is indicative of what has actually been reported around Michael Landon’s habits in real life.

Season 9, episode 2 – time Are changing – component 2

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Description:Almanzo’s brother, Royal, has actually a serious heart condition. The dies and also leaves Jenny devastated. She tries to drown herself so she have the right to go to sky to be through her poppa.

Fun Fact!At the end of the episode, once Nancy is standing outside the schoolhouse and taunting Jeb around his swimming abilities, Jeb shoots ago at her, “Nancy, walk jump in the lake!” offered that Jenny’s current suicide attempt involved her jumping in the lake and trying to drown herself, this most likely wasn’t the smartest item of conversation to use.

Did you know?In this episode, us hear Almanzo speak to his baby daughter “Rosie Posie” because that the very first time, and it quickly becomes his very own special nickname for her. However, in the autobiographical books that were written by roger Lea McBride around Rose Wilder’s life, Almanzo dubbed her his tiny “Prairie Rose.”

More Trivia!At the end of the episode, Nancy taunts Jeb by speak repeatedly, “Jeb can’t swim! Jeb can’t swim!” Strangely, also after Jeb jumps in the water and also swims a pair of strokes, she proceeds to chant. Seeing together Jeb never also went close to the water prior to that, wouldn’t Nancy have been surprised and stopped?

Season 9, episode 3 – Welcome come Olesonville

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Description:While cleaning the end a home in Walnut Grove the she freshly purchased, Harriet comes throughout a bearer’s link that apparently requires anyone in town to pay she $10,000 each.

Fun Fact!Walnut Grove must have grown by leaps and bounds just because season 4’s “A many Precious Gift.” In the episode, it’s developed that the town’s population is 127, however in this episode, 121 people vote in the election. Suspect a conservative proportion of one son per vote adult, that would put Walnut Grove’s population at 242, a huge jump in simply two years.

Did you know?Lem McCary is chosen mayor the Walnut Grove and also it showed up that he would be staying on, however he is never seen again and there is never an additional mention of him or a mayor in Walnut Grove.

More Trivia!In the part where Jenny and also the others go over to Mr. Moffets’ location to bring him to vote, the doesn’t want to however his daughter claims she will certainly go and vote. Women didn’t deserve to vote in this time period.

Season 9, illustration 4 – Rage

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Description:A man named Mr. Stark learns that due to the fact that of his family’s debt, they will be evicted from their home.

Fun Fact!Baby increased doesn’t also blink once the three shots that gunfire walk off.

Did friend know?In one step of this episode, Jason Carter scurries into bed v Jeb once the storm scares him. When he does this, girlfriend can clearly see his underwear underneath his nightgown. The is really visible, and a little surprising the this shoot wasn’t edited out.

More Trivia!This is the second time in the collection that Laura is held hostage through a delusional person who mistakes her for a member of their family. It happened very first in Season 4’s “My Ellen” as soon as a grieving mother–in the wake of her child’s death–believed that Laura was she daughter.

Season 9, illustration 5 – little Lou

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Description:A little person named Lou becomes the single father that a infant girl once his wife dies in childbirth.

Fun Fact!When Harriet sees Lou in the store, she claims that she’s never seen a midget before. This isn’t true. Ago in season’s 6’s “Annabelle,” she would have seen a midget then. Specifically at the scene wherein they’re at the restaurant, the midget opens up up the doors and also says, “Let united state begin. Our top lady is here.” and by the way, the actor that played the midget in that illustration was play by Billy Bart, the exact same one that’s in this episode.

Did friend know?Laura’s end voice in ~ the finish of the episode indicates that Lou stuck roughly Walnut Grove for a lengthy time, working at the bank, and also yet us don’t see him for the remainder of the series.

More Trivia!Look very closely when Lou goes down the well to gain Nancy out. As soon as he very first locates her, she is all sweaty and grimy, through dirt caked on she face, and her bangs room sticking v sweat to she face. However, as soon as she is traction out and reunited v her parents, her bangs are all neat and also in place, she is no at every sweaty, and also she shows up to have only a tiny bit of dust on her.

Season 9, episode 6 – Wild boy – component 1

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Description:A traveling sideshow, run by Dr. Joshua McQueen, functions the “Wild boy of the North” as its key attraction.

Fun Fact!Matthew is the fourth child that Mr. Edwards by on the show and also the first child the he has ever before taken in totally on his own, without a wife.

Did you know?When Jeb, Jason, Jenny, and also Nancy sneak into the time to check out “The Wild Boy,” notification Nancy’s wig. Right before she goes to poke the Wild Boy, and right after ~ Jenny pushes her to the ground, one next of her wig is hiked up together if it’s not attached tightly sufficient to her head.

More Trivia!Actor Jonathan room Kovacs, who makes his first appearance in this episode as the mute Matthew Rogers, is likewise deaf in genuine life.

Season 9, episode 7 – Wild young – component 2

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Description:Matthew’s life has actually taken a complete turn, many thanks to the love and also support of so many human being in Walnut Grove, and also he is currently living happily with Mr. Edwards.

Fun Fact!Mr. Edwards says in his last speech that 2 years ago, Nels expanded credit to everyone in town because of a drought. The is obviously introduce to Season 8’s “Stone Soup,” i beg your pardon wasn’t even one year ago.

Favorite episode Quote:“Judge: Well, Mr. Edwards, that was rather an interesting debate you make in there. Probably you ought to end up being a lawyer.Mr. Edwards: Thanks, Judge, however I wouldn’t defend a legislation that doesn’t respect people’s feelings.Judge: girlfriend think you could do me a donate by transporting Matthew come the authorities?Mr. Edwards: You desire me to carry out that?Judge: My very own schedule won’t permit me to take the young in myself, therefore if you might deliver him to the asylum in say, twenty years, i think that would be simply fine.Mr. Edwards: You average that?Judge: Yeah. Simply make believe that i was never ever here, every right? Goodbye, and good luck come you and also Matthew.”

Season 9, episode 8 – Return the Nellie

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Description:The Oleson’s space thrilled to learn that Nellie is returning house for a visit, yet Nancy is no pleased around sharing the spotlight.

Fun Fact!While in Laura and also Almanzo’s house, Nellie is clearly wearing a various wig 보다 the one she wears for the rest of the episode. The wig she attract in this scene has curls and is much more flattering.

Did girlfriend know?When Nellie choose up Nancy’s essay, glances in ~ it, and asks what it is about, it’s at least a full five seconds prior to Nancy snatches it earlier and says “Ask miss out on Plum after ~ I’ve turned it in.” Later, we find out the the essay was title “Why I hate My Life.” offered that Nellie glanced at the record for at the very least a few seconds, it’s surprising that she didn’t notification what the was around right away–and however she didn’t seem to have actually a clue.

More Trivia!Watch closely when Harriet dips her finger into the cake frosting and also says, “Ooooh, that’s so good, Hester Sue!” her finger doesn’t show up to touch the frosting at all, and also it almost looks prefer it is done in quick forward motion.

Season 9, illustration 9 – The empire Builders

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Description:Having a railroad built to pass straight through Walnut Grove sounds prefer a exorbitant idea for many town residents, an especially since it would rise the size and also popularity that the area.

Fun Fact!Near the finish of the episode, as soon as Almanzo, Mr. Edwards, John, and also some other males go over to the Carter location to corner the human being who beat up John, notification that John has actually a white bandage roughly his head. In the an extremely last scene, though, which clearly takes location on the exact same day, the bandage is gone.

Did girlfriend know?When sarah goes external to look for John, after ~ he was beaten up by a pair of Wilkenson’s gang, the wind is blowing. Wouldn’t Sarah’s hair be blowing anywhere the ar if the wind was very strong? she hair is resting on she shoulders.

Favorite illustration Quote:“Sarah: that looks nice.John: Thanks.Sarah: You practically finished? I’ve gained a pot that coffee on.John: any kind of gingerbread left?Sarah: Mm-hmm.John: then I’m done!”

Season 9, episode 10 – Love

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Description:Laura’s childhood friend, jane Canfield, comes earlier to Walnut Grove. In spite of being blind, she establishes a fondness for Isaiah Edwards (who is twice her age) and also the two autumn in love. Jane’s vision is revitalized when she receive eye surgery. Isaiah is hopeful about building a future with her, but an unfavorable input native his friends rotate this into one the the most daunting decisions that his life.

Fun Fact!At the start of this season, Mr. Edwards said he couldn’t read, but in this episode, he review the letter the Jane offered to him.

Did girlfriend know?Mr. Edwards had adopted young Matthew by the moment this episode aired, yet we never see the son once, and also it is mentioned a couple of times that Mr. Edwards is “alone.” Apparently, castle forgot that they combine him up with Matthew a couple of episodes ago, due to the fact that it’s choose the boy doesn’t also exist here.

More Trivia!When Laura handed baby rose to Jane, you might see that rose was attract a disposable diaper. That was virtually 100 years before they to be invented.

Season 9, episode 11 – Alden’s Dilemma

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Description:Mr. Edwards is suspiciously of a handsome young minister sent to Walnut Grove by the diocese and also Reverend Alden feels his place is threatened.

Fun Fact!John Carter mentions early on in the episode that the family’s money is going to it is in tight, and his wife Sarah says, “When hasn’t that been?” This could be a an ext convincing explain if the Carters’ home was less an intricate and decorated top top the inside, and besides that, castle both have jobs in Walnut Grove, so also if they’re not rich, they need to be doing decently.

Did you know?Look out for a badly concealed tattoo on john Carter’s left arm as he and Almanzo go for a bath in the Japanese hotel. Over there is some sort of greenish stuff extending it, yet you can completely see it.

More Trivia!Watch carefully when John and Almanzo are leaving for san Francisco, and Sarah gives John one last kiss. The kiss does no look authentic in the an extremely least.

Season 9, illustration 12 – Marvin’s Gardens

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Description:Dr. Marvin Haynes has been practicing in Walnut Grove, yet his failing eyesight avoids him from renewing his license, leaving that angry and also depressed over the lose of his career.

Fun Fact!Apparently, Dr. Marvin Haynes has been practicing in Walnut Grove because that years, yet this is the very first we have seen or heard around him. Since when has actually the town had two doctors?

Did girlfriend know?In the an initial episode the Season 9, it was evident that Jeb had a little of a like on Jenny Wilder. Those effects held solid for most of the remainder that the series, yet in this episode, an alert how Jeb seems practically annoyed by Jenny when she insists ~ above going earlier in the water to retrieve her locket. No scenes are presented of Jeb visiting her after her accident or gift concerned about her, and also in the episode, it seems favor he simply views her together a “dumb girl.”

More Trivia!This clues the critical of 3 “Little House” episodes that emphasis on a kid whose stuttering problem reasons issues for them at school. The very first episode was with Laura’s girlfriend Anna in Season 3’s “The Music Box,” and the 2nd was with James’ girlfriend Gideon in Season 8’s “No Beast therefore Fierce.” In this episode, Jenny starts come stutter ~ a almost fatal swimming accident, but unlike Anna and Gideon, her problem is just temporary.

Season 9, illustration 13 – sins Of The Father

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Description:Sarah Carter’s estranged dad Elliot reflects up unexpectedly v painful news. As the male plans an extensive visit and also causes problem throughout the town, that becomes obvious why he was separated native his daughter’s family for so many years. End time, sarah must come to terms v the fact that she never ever really had actually a healthy relationship v her father, and time is running the end to resolve it.

Fun Fact!Notice once Elliot comes into the Carter home to talk to Sarah later on in the episode, and Jeb and Jason room doing your homework at the table. Jeb is an alleged to be upset at his grand at this point, but if friend look closely at Jeb’s face, you have the right to tell that he is smiling as Elliot to walk in.

Did you know?Laura tells sarah that it took “years” for her to to convince her dad to let her marry Almanzo, yet that is no true. Laura had actually known Almanzo for much less than a year as soon as he popped the question, and Charles told them they’d have to wait for 2 years, but then, shortly after that, that shortened it to just one year. That’s hardly considered “years.”

Favorite episode Quote:“Jeb: Why go you and Mrs. Oleson print that story around Mrs. McAndrews?Elliot: All ns did was print the truth.Jeb: all you did to be hurt her for no reason! you don’t even know her!”

Season 9, illustration 14 – The older Brothers

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Description:The larger Brothers is a gang that used to have actually a well known reputation.

Fun Fact!When Cole Younger is blasted behind from the exploding door, the wire that pulls him back is plainly visible.

Did girlfriend know?The stick of dynamite supplied to get out the the padlocked bank would have blown the building fifty percent apart and most certainly killed the biggest “younger” brother standing on the various other side that it. The concussion throwing him right into the street would have done the trick, together a human being body might not stand that lot pressure. Not to point out the reality that the doorframe continues to be intact!

More Trivia!In the beginning, as soon as the Older brother (Cole) place his foot v the door that the Ghost town bank, the feet is perfect (pre-cut), and what taken place to the spur cut? there wasn’t even a scratch on the door and also we check out the boots he uses with the spur on.

Season 9, episode 15 – once Upon A Time

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Description:After substituting because that Etta Plum at Walnut Grove’s school, Laura realizes the being a housewife is not enough for she restless spirit.

Fun Fact!In this episode, it’s Almanzo and also Jenny who talk Laura right into writing down her stories and submitting them because that a contest. In genuine life, Laura’s daughter Rose–a talented young journalist who had already written quite a little bit herself–convinced her mommy that human being would certainly be interested in her tales around a prairie girl’s childhood and that she must share those stories v the world.

Did girlfriend know?If the excerpt the Laura reads come Jenny and also Almanzo sounds familiar to you, it’s because they consist of the final sentences of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s an initial book, Little home in the big Woods.

More Trivia!The actual Laura Ingalls Wilder walk not start writing down stories around her prairie childhood till she remained in her fifties. Her an initial book, Little home in the huge Woods, was an extremely well-received and also prompted instant sequels that were published specifically as Laura created them, for this reason this illustration is really fictional.

Season 9, episode 16 – house Again

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Description:Charles is required to attend to Albert’s current criminal behavior. The two of them take a trip back to Walnut Grove, and Charles is confident that the endure will straighten the end his son.

Fun Fact!It is interesting that the restaurant is still dubbed Caroline’s. In Season 8’s, “Wave that the Future” when they took under the sign that said “Mrs. Sullivan’s” they placed “Nellie’s” back up. However then in Season 9’s, “The realm Builders“, after a man was thrown threw the glass, the was changed with “Caroline’s” and also it was favor that for the remainder.

Did friend know?This episode borrows greatly from season 2’s “Soldier’s Return,” whereby a the majority of the very same plot facets are present: a morphine addict returning to Walnut Grove, a parent that tries no hope to help, the theft that morphine native Doc Baker, and also his accurate diagnosis that the addictions.

More Trivia!Near the start of the episode, Laura places baby climbed on a chair in the restaurant kitchen, then turns her ago to her. This is a quite foolish and also irresponsible move on a parent’s part, especially since a baby could roll to one side and fall.

Season 9, illustration 17 – A boy With No Name

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Description:With the bear of a beautiful baby young in the spring, it shows up that Laura and also Almanzo’s household is now complete.

Fun Fact!There is a significant time jump in between this episode and also the vault one. The notice of Laura’s pregnancy, the adhering to nine months, and also the birth of her and also Almanzo’s baby boy room all crammed right into the first few seconds that the episode.

Did friend know?It shows up that Almanzo is no able to tell once a baby has a fever. The is putting his hand every over tiny Rose’s head together she is screaming hysterically, and also he has no reaction. It’s only as soon as Laura bring away her and feels the back of her head that they realize she is burning up.

More Trivia!At the start of the episode, Laura mentions the baby Wilder to be born in the so late summer the 1889. However, in “Times are Changing, part 1,” Laura claimed that it was 1887. It’s not likely that 2 years passed every one of a sudden, especially because none of the youngsters on the display have aged.

Season 9, episode 18 – The last Summer

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Description:When young Jason Carter accepts his an initial job together an assistant come an aging mrs in Walnut Grove, he just wants to earn part money and also buy his mother a birthday gift.

Fun Fact!When Ruthy come at the mercantile on a horse, Mrs. Oleson is disgusted in ~ the absence of decorum displayed by a mrs of that age. While that is not out that character for Harriet to sell her interlocutor opinion ~ above “The way Things should Be,” she normally falls all over herself come accommodate the wealthy, despite any type of eccentricities they could have. Therefore, the is unusual for she to be vital of a well-to-do human being such together Ruthy, who had the potential to bring a lot of of organization to the mercantile.

Did friend know?Ruthy has actually been far long sufficient that she walk not understand that Laura is currently married and has a baby. Surely, then, she would also not recognize that the Ingalls family members has relocated away. Yet, when Laura tells her the the Carters live in her old home, Ruthy does not question where the Ingalls went.

More Trivia!While some might question the truth that college was in session during the summer in this episode, it must be noted that school terms ran in different ways in agriculture communities ago in the 1800s. In reading a biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder, one learns the there was indeed a summer hatchet that ended just prior to the harvest, and a fall term that began when the harvest to be over (sometime in October).

Season 9, illustration 19 – for The Love of Blanche

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Description:On his way back from Sleepy Eye, Isaiah Edwards meets up through a dice old man, whose last inquiry is for Isaiah to take care of his 3-year-old Blanche.

Fun Fact!This is the 2nd time in the very same season the the pair girls playing baby climbed are emotionally distressed in front of the camera, because that the benefits of acquiring footage for certain scenes. This was likewise done in Season 9’s “A kid With No Name” when Rose’s character to be ill. Young elegant Ingalls was also seen crying uncontrollably in ahead seasons, i m sorry is all very disturbing to watch.

Did you know?After Jenny puts out the fire, the shooting of the table from Jenny’s former doesn’t look choose it had been burned. In the next shot from Jenny’s back, you deserve to tell the tablecloth is burned much more than native the other angle. Also, you would certainly think that as large as the fire was, it would certainly have shed a lot more than simply a little piece the the tablecloth.

More Trivia!In the scene whereby Mr. Edwards is talking to Almanzo external of the mercantile, Almanzo’s hair is brushed nicely over to the appropriate side because that the entirety conversation. As soon as Edwards measures of the mercantile porch and Almanzo turns toward his direction, his hair is extending his forehead and also messy, yet there to be no authorize of any type of wind blowing to do it the way.

Season 9, episode 20 – might I have actually This Dance

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Description:Laura receives an unanticipated inheritance from an noble friend, which promises vast changes because that the Wilder family.

Fun Fact!Willie tells Rachel that he kissed a girl called Amy Horn once he was 6 years old. The would have been around Season 1, which is once someone through a very comparable name lived in Walnut Grove–Amy Hearn.

Did friend know?Willie’s age is never ever confirmed, yet couldn’t have been older than 5 or 6 in Season 1’s “Country Girls,” which would make the 14 or 15 now. This method that that is the youngest human on the display to ever before get married. Mary was 16 when she married Adam, and also Laura and also Nellie to be both around 17 ~ above their corresponding wedding days.

More Trivia!After Willie asks Rachel’s father for permission come marry her, Mr. Brown says, “I assumption: v you much better start calling me Dad,” and also Willie responds, “Okay, Dad”– although in the 1800s, Dad was no a common term. It was always Father or Pa. And, later, as soon as Willie has his heart-to-heart talk v Nels in the storeroom, the calls that both Pa and Dad at various times transparent the scene. Once confronting Harriet around her attitude, he describes Nels as Father. It seems the writers couldn’t consist of their minds!

Season 9, illustration 21 – Hello and Goodbye

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Description:Mr. Montague, a renowned writer who is undergoing research study for his following book, move in with Laura and Almanzo at your newly imposed boarding house.

Fun Fact!Mr. Montague tells Doc Baker that he trained in ~ the mayo Clinic. This would seem unlikely due to the fact that the mayo Clinic didn’t open its doors until 1890. Also if the viewer believes the Mr. Montague (who is roughly in his 40’s) just completed his clinical training, i m sorry is unlikely as it is, he couldn’t have actually trained in ~ Mayo, if this illustration takes place in the so late 1880s.

Did girlfriend know?Although Mr. Edwards embraced Matthew relatively early in the season, the young actor to be used really sparingly, appearing only in 4 episodes: the 2-parter “The Wild Boy,” part 1 that “Home Again,” and also now this episode. Plenty of times during the season, friend would have actually never to be able to tell that Mr. Edwards had actually a boy unless you were a continuous viewer.

More Trivia!Viewers will certainly be together baffled as Laura and also Almanzo when they see just how Mr. Montague miraculously causes baby climbed to prevent crying top top demand. She literally goes from screaming to being completely calm within one second, and also in one single shot, which seems virtually impossible, however it was somehow captured on film.

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