A Fetty Wap song and also a sex tape room causing significant drama in this week's illustration of Love & i know well Hop Hollywood. But there's also love in the air together Ray J plans his upcoming wedding with Princess.

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Ray J and Princess have actually been going v their struggles, but Ray J is identified not to let their recent debates throw their wedding off course. Feeling favor his mother is too invested in a prenuptial agreement between the couple, beam J confides in his father about their issues and also asks because that advice. His father assures beam J the he is make the ideal decision and that every they need to do is stay the course and that their marriage will be a fruitful one.

Lyrica feels the her mother has actually been disrespectful towards her husband A-1's mother, Pam. Therefore she sit down v Pam to try to with some typical ground. Pam claims that Lyrica's mommy is scared of anyone having a close relationship with her Lyrica, however the two are able to form what looks like the start of a new bond.

Hazel E, who provides her an initial appearance on this season the Love & i know good Hop Hollywood, meets up through Teairra Mari to catch up top top their recent endeavors and personal lives. Topics encompass Teairra's upcoming court case, Hazel's new single, and an brewing beef between her and also Masika.

Princess has actually been concerned about the state the her and also Ray J's relationship and she reveals to Brandi the she has actually been having actually thoughts of illustration up a prenup of her very own to defend her name, which beam J owns the trademark for. Brandi seems a little bit put turn off by the idea the Princess secretly drawing up a prenup, and is unsure even if it is to pour out the beans to ray J and also his fam or not. ~ above the other hand, Princess' friend Dominique claims that her and Ray J should simply hash out their differences, however Princess shows up to it is in coming about to the idea that a prenup of she own.

Andrew, a shared friend of Teairra Mari and also Nikki Baby, shares his concern about Teairra's drink habits, and also suggests the Nikki also step in to provide support. Teairra's court appearance did no go as smoothly together she planned and also she is locked up and detained, with her bail set at $26,000. As great friends do, Andrew and also Nikki are there come bail she out. Teairra claims she has learned she lesson this time.

Max speak Brandi that he satellite down through Fizz and Moniece and also told them around the sex tape and also that that didn't feel comfortable with exposing Moniece in the way. At first, Brandi is upset that she won't be gaining her revenge, however Max persuades her to be the bigger person and to let the instance go.

On the contrary end, Moniece has had actually a revelation about the rumors swirling roughly her and also has a chat v Masika about it. She states that she thinks the male in she sex tape is a man named Phillip, who she had actually a connection with a couple of years prior. She has actually plans to confront him about the situation. Masika also mentions her concerns with Hazel E during the conversation, poking fun at her tune by claiming the the man on the record was no Fetty Wap.

Princess has made decision to go v sitting down through a lawyer to comment on a prenuptial agreement. She states that beam J stole her car in the past and also that the purchased the trademark come her surname under malicious terms so she cannot to trust him if things in between them go sour.

Lyrica and also Pam traction up to fulfill Lyrica's mother, Lyrica G., that goes bezerk in ~ the vision of her and demands for her to get out of she car, virtually resulting in one altercation. As the 2 mothers space held earlier by security, Lyrica pleads she case and requests that her mom stop gift so pugnacious and put her beef with Pam come rest. The takes a small convincing, yet Lyrica G. Decides to attempt to make nice because that the services of she daughter, even going as much as embracing Pam in a hug, effectively ending the cold war between the two mothers.

Moniece sits down with Phillip, the guy she trust leaked the sex tape of she to Jason Lee. After making her accusations against Phillip, he explains it by saying that he shed his phone and also that Jason Lee recovered it and found out around the tape the way. However, Moniece doesn't believe his story and deems it a lie. After ~ Moniece needs that Phillip hand over all copies of the tape, she begins to obtain aggressive, which just prompts a laugh indigenous Phillip, who seems unbothered by her dangers of legal activity against him.

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Hazel E is hosting a party at a society in L.A., yet Masika provides an unexpected guest appearance at the event, lot to Hazel's chagrin. She confronts Masika, and also the two start to acquire catty with each other. Masika needs an apology from Hazel around comments she made around her daughter but she refuses. Hazel justifies she actions and maintains Fetty Wap showed up on the track knowingly. Masika provides a couple of disparaging remarks and then Hazel lunges at her, but security intervenes quickly. The damages is done and also it looks favor Hazel and also Masika's beef will certainly not be finishing anytime soon.