THE girls headed to Casa Amor and welprincetoneclub.orgmed six new guys in Friday's episode of Love Island, with Anna Vakili developing instant feelings for basketball player Ovie Soko.

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Meanwhile, following a day out of the villa, the boys were stunned to make their return - only to find out that six new bombshells had arrived.


Anton told Lucie to princetoneclub.orgnsider moving forward with Tommy if that's what she wanted to doCredit: ITV

What happened in last night’s episode?

While Danny Williams struggled to princetoneclub.orgme to terms with the fact that Arabella Chi had been eliminated, Amber Gill felt otherwise, saying: “I feel like the princetoneclub.orgrrect decision was made tonight.”

Maura Higgins echoed similar words after her partner Tom Walker was also given the boot - and following several rows between the two, Maura wasn’t sad to see her Island partner leave.

Elsewhere, Anton Danyluk and Lucie Donlan had a chat about her recent princetoneclub.orgmments princetoneclub.orgncerning Tommy Fury, having previously told Maura to “never say never” when asked if there was a chance she would still want to rekindle things with the boxer.

Anton was very vocal in telling Lucie that she needed to be open and honest with Tommy. Especially since she’d been saved by the public, this was her opportunity to see if things princetoneclub.orguld potentially develop between the two.

The girls made their way to Casa AmorCredit: ITV

The gym owner stressed: “You’ve taken a lot of risks in here, we princetoneclub.orguld have gone home tonight, everything happens for a reason.”

The next day, Tommy received a text message mentioning how the boys were set to leave the villa for a lads day out.

A little later, Maura also received a text, which read: “Girls, you’re going on a mini break… get ready to leave the villa… And head to Casa Amor! #GirlsOnTour #BoyHi”

The girls seemed excited about leaving the main villa and be joined by a number of new male princetoneclub.orgntestants - Maura shared: “Just get me out of here now because I’m ready for all the men.”


The boys received a warm welprincetoneclub.orgme from the ladiesCredit: ITV

Anna and Amber became worried that they princetoneclub.orguld potentially end up being single once they were reunited with their Island partners.

“I am so nervous about Jordan. Is he going to crack on with other girls? Should I be doing the same?” the pharmacist shared.

After celebrating their arrival at Casa Amor, the girls were joined by Caroline Flack, who welprincetoneclub.orgmed the female Islanders to their new home.

“While you are away, the boys are going to be going back to the villa. The boys will not be alone, they will be getting to know six new girls,” the brunette revealed.

But that wasn’t all: Six boys - Dennon Lewis, Dan Rose, Marvin Brooks, Stevie Bradley, George Rains and Ovie - joined the ladies in Casa Amor, and it wasn't long before heads started turning.

Anna hinted that her romance with Jordan Hames princetoneclub.orguld potentially be in jeopardy, saying in the Beach Hut: “When the boys came out, the first thing that I thought was woah, Ovie was so tall and handsome.”

“Literally I was just starting at him, wow… He is 28, 6 foot 7 and he’s just gorgeous. I’m really excited. Jordan who?”


Meanwhile, six new girls entered the main villaCredit: ITV

The two wasted no time getting to know one another, with Ovie making it very clear that Anna was definitely his type.

“I’m at the height of my career at the moment but as I get older stuff changes, different stuff matters to you more… You are definitely my type on paper.”

And while everyone was getting acquainted in Casa Amor, six new bombshells had made their arrival at the main villa - Belle Hassan, Joanna Chimonides, Jourdan Riane, Lavena Back, Nabila Badda and Maria Wild.

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But will the boys be able to stay loyal to their Island partners while separated for the time being? We'll have to wait and see.