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I purchased A PUPPY because that MY 6 YR OLD critical WEEK WHO has BEEN GOING with ALOT. SHE DOESN"T have actually HER DAD. Her UNCLE & NANNY PASSED away SO EMOTIONALLY SHE has BEEN feeling HEART BROKEN. I believed BUYING she A PUPPY would TAKE her MIND off OF THINGS. Ns REALLY COULDN"T AFFORD such A large PURCHASE right NOW yet THINKING IT would certainly BE A an excellent SOURCE of EMOTIONAL assistance I placed THE $5K top top MY credit transaction CARD. I"M A single MOM & just LOST mine JOB as soon as THE PANDEMIC began TO TAKE care OF mine DAUGHTER. All I want TO carry out WAS make HER SMILE. WE had actually LILY because that 5 DAYS as soon as OUT OF i do not have anything MY DAUGHTER was PLAYING through HER PUPPY & THE PUPPY began TO SEIZURE appropriate IN front OF she , DYING ideal IN she ARMS. MY little GIRL DIDNT protect against SCREAMING & CRYING because that MOMMY TO assist & save HER PUPPY, but I COULDN"T. Us RUSHED she TO THE HOSPITAL where THEY walk C.P.R & TRIED come REVIVE HER. However THEY COULDN"T save HER. THE pet HOSPITAL RULED out HYPERGLYCEMIA due to the fact that SHE WAS only 5 POUNDS & THE VET to be TRYING TO make THIS mine FAULT. Lock TOLD ME the THE DOG HAD passed away FROM hereditary REASONS & the IT had TO be SICK when WE acquired IT. I CONTACTED THE pet STORE automatically , ns SPOKE come SOME guy THAT had NO IDEA whereby HE WORKED, HE recommend ME that THERE to be NOTHING that HE could DO & THAT i WOULD need to SPEAK through A MGR. Yet THERE was NONE AVAILABLE. But SOMEONE WOULD call ME BACK. The WOULD provide THE MANAGER THE post & email THE ceo & SOMEONE would certainly GET back TO ME. Hrs LATER still NOTHING. Ns CALL back & now I SPEAK to GEO , I explain AGAIN THE instance & HE too WAS COLD . MAKING over 7 CALLS the DAY ALONE & NO speak to BACK. Currently I"M asking THIS you are fool IF THEY require THE dogs BODY earlier BEFORE I carry out ANYTHING since MY DAUGHTER IS HYSTERICAL, make the efforts TO do HIM recognize THAT I have NOONE TO clock MY CHILD, SHE simply SEEN HER best FRIEND dice & I have to NOT only PREPARE HER but MYSELF TOO. Now I WOULD need to DRIVE ago TO MASSAPEQUA v A SCREAMING boy & A DEAD DOG. HE speak ME lock DON"T require THE DOG earlier & I deserve to DO WHAT ns WISH. TIME go BY & ultimately I CALL ago AGAIN! now I get VIVIANNA on THE PHONE that IS A pretend MANAGER . SHE has NO job-related ETHIC, entirely NO EMPATHY & makes PROMISES simply FOR THE HELL that IT. No TO point out SHE has actually NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL she is DOING. SHE stated SHE WOULD contact ME earlier & WOULD gain TO THE BOTTOM that THINGS, yet SHE needed ONE point FROM ME, I had TO call THE VET IN THE while & inquiry THE human body OF THE DOG back & bring IT TO their VET for this reason THEY could DO one AUTOPSY. Room U KIDDING ME???? save IN MIND mine KID has NOT quit CRYING. A couple of HOURS walk BY & NO contact BACK. I ultimately GET VIVIANNA ago ON THE phone call & SHE claims SHE SPOKE through SOMEONE & lock DON"T require THE dog BODY. SHE WAS new THERE & to be UNAWARE the THE PROCEDURES. SHE claimed MOST most likely THEY WOULD replace THE PUPPY & IF not REFUND my MONEY. SHE needed TO WAIT for HER ceo TO authorize OFF top top IT however WASN"T SURE as soon as THAT would certainly BE. I ASKED her FOR SOME sort OF TURN roughly TIME but SHE had actually NO IDEA. SHE SAID sometimes WEEKS go BY v NO WORD native HIM. Go SHE really THINK I"M an ***** THE OWNER WAS right THERE, HE sold ME THE DOG yet THEY DENY the ITS HIM. When I inquiry HER as soon as I can EXPECT any type of UPDATE SHE RESPONDS BY speak SHE dont KNOW, HE"S NEVER approximately & calls MAYBE as soon as A MONTH IF THAT. IS SHE SERIOUS? AGAIN assures TO GET earlier TO ME & NOTHING. 5 DAYS later I decide TO do A SURPRISE expedition DOWN THERE. THE whole STAFF & MANAGER room STANDING about DOING NOTHING. Ns TELL THE "MANAGER" the I"M STILL wait FOR A CALL ago & the SHE never GOT earlier TO ME .ITS virtually A WEEK later on & MY son IS quiet CRYING, SHE speak ME SHE DIDN"T call ME due to the fact that SHE had NOTHING come TELL ME, that THE trouble WOULD it is in TAKEN care OF however THE OWNER IS the end & that HE has actually A wife & kids & I require TO recognize HE has A LIFE TOO. IS THIS ***** SERIOUS? SO mine 6 YEAR OLD IS totally IRRELEVANT once HE take it MY MONEY. An additional SCAM to WATCH out FOR IS that THEY do YOU sign A document THAT YOU will TAKE her PUPPY TO your VET within 7 DAYS. But THEY VERBALLY call YOU not TO take THE PUPPY to UR VET since THEY have THEIR own & that FOR THE next 5 years YOU will certainly BE utilizing THEIR VET AT your COSTS. Exactly how CONVENIENT?? bring IT TO your VET. Together I STOOD over there YESTERDAY ASKING as soon as I would HEAR something OR WHAT THE TURN about TIME to be SHE could NOT RESPOND. SHE said IF they HEAR miscellaneous I"LL hear SOMETHING, IT can BE A week , A MONTH A YEAR.THEY JUST got THE wrong MOTHER. Ns DID not PAY all THIS MONEY TO have actually MY CHILD obtain P.T.S.D FROM gift TRAUMATIZED ..SHE IS now QUESTIONING GOD & questioning WHY GOD offers HER people TO LOVE and also TAKES lock AWAY. SHE"S telling ME currently THAT SHE must DIE TOO because EVERYONE SHE LOVES DIES and also YET THIS pets STORE and also ALL THE human being WORKING THERE just DONT give A ***** SHE simply LOOKED at ME through A COLD STARE. I will NOT avoid UNTIL they PAY for WHAT THEY walk , I"LL allow EVERYONE recognize & I will certainly MAKE certain THEY investigate THIS pet STORE!…Read More