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After win American Idol in 2018, Maddie Poppe dropped her an initial post-Idol album Whirlwind ~ above Hollywood documents in 2019. Now, the singer-songwriter has actually released her first independent record because her very first album, Songs indigenous the Basement, released in 2016 before her American Idol run.

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The new set has five classic Christmas songs. On an instagram post, Maddie announced the EP release, expressing her excitement over having actually complete an innovative control of she music once again:Excited to share with you the on November 20th I’ll it is in releasing “Christmas indigenous Home”!

This EP will be my very first independent release due to the fact that “Songs indigenous the Basement” (2016), which provides it an extremely special come me. It provided me a possibility to when again have actually total an innovative and music control and also I think you’ll hear the it’s genuine to mine sound as you listen with each song. However, this can have never ever happened there is no my good friends
greatscottcreates on vocal production. These men busted your butts every day for the past couple of months to churn this point out. Us have operated so hard on this project and I to be so excited for you come hear it.Cover artwork to be hand painted when again by the an extremely talented
doodlesbydylan – i am always amazed by what that can create in just a matter of days…so happy he might jump top top board with me again to develop something so wonderful.Physical CDs and new holiday merch will certainly be accessible to order on November 20th as well…produced and also shipped by your truly. Will certainly be posting much more sneak peeks in the comes weeks!! thanks for all her support, and also for sticking through me this year, it’s been a unstable one for us all but I expect to end it on a happy note!

Maddie likewise posted a throwback photograph of herself on American Idol, describing exactly how she met attracted Taubenfeld when he backed her on American Idol. “Just came throughout this picture from January 25, 2018. If friend look closely, you can see
drewtaubenfeld in the back! us hadn’t met yet, but practically three years later on who knew I’d be releasing a Christmas EP created solely by him!”

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