Once again, one actress\" personal photos never ever intended for public consumption have make the rounds on Reddit.

Images that Maisie Williams\" recent expedition to Japan that she allegedly post to her personal Facebook account were common on a Reddit thread committed to the 19-year-old video game of Thrones star.

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The image in question function Williams and friends. In one, she\"s topless as her back faces the camera, which world on the internet have found reason come turn right into a scandal.

\"The photos online were mutual from Maisie’s an individual social media account,\" a representative for Williams called The new York Post. \"The photos are no explicit in nature, yet pictures the Maisie and also close friends in ~ a spa at a recent visit to Japan.\"

Williams herself has not comment on the violation of she privacy.

One Reddit user explain to be friends with Williams (at the very least on her personal page) go so much as to post a greatly Photoshopped screenshot (with any type of identifying information removed) come prove the beginning of the photos.

Williams newly visited Japan with The Dolphin Project, an company that she and Harry styles support that aims to protect the threatened animals.

princetoneclub.org has actually reached out to representatives because that Williams, yet had not heard ago as the this writing.





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