In the latest teaser of Mama June: From Not To Hot Seakid 1, Episode 2, viewers are treated to a pevaluation of Mama June debuting her new look figure while trying on a wedding dress. The WEtv drama papers "Mama" June Shannon"s a lot publicized weight loss journey from an original weight of 352 pounds to a size 4.

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In a teaser for Friday"s episode leaked by People, 11 year-old Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson viewpoints her mother and also asks for her help picking out a flower girl dress for the upcoming wedding of Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompkid to his fiance, Jennifer Lamb. Mama June is initially apprehensive, which is understandable, as she has previously sassist she "wasn"t all set to see Sugar Bear through anyone else" and also cited his hasty proposal to Lamb as the reason for her weight loss.


"Mama" June Shannon reveals her slimmed down figure while trying on a dimension 12 wedding dress on an upcoming episode of WEtv"s "Mama June: From Not To Hot".

"I told the bastard to relocate the f**k on, but I didn"t think he would certainly relocate alengthy this quickly. F**k him! Shoot that motherf**ker!"

After hearing that Lamb had actually approached Alana directly without asking her, June showed up furious, suggesting that probably Sugar Bear"s bride-to-be was intimidated by the self-confessed "coupon queen."

"I do not recognize why Jennifer would certainly call an 11-year-old and also not me. I intend, what type of womale does that? Is she that scared of me?"

Alana is eventually successful in convincing her mommy to assist her pick out her flower girl dress, and also we see the 2 head to a bridal keep through 17-year-old Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon in tow.

While the family is waiting for Lamb to arrive, Alana and also Lauryn convince Shannon to attempt on one of the wedding dresses, claiming they haven"t seen her wear a dress given that she started her weight loss journey."The girls desire me to attempt on a wedding dress bereason I haven"t been in a dress since I began losing weight, yet I"m type of apprehensive, I intend we"re supposed to be here for Alana not me."


Even "Mama" June Shannon was impressed by what she experienced, commenting on her hourglass figure and also comparing her new look to that of a movie star.

While trying on the dress, Mama June looks noticeably concerned that she would be disturbed by the arrival of the bride to be. Regardmuch less, she selects a size 12 gown, which she models in front of the mirror to a flood of complements from her gathered family.

June herself also shows up impressed by what she sees in the mirror, commenting on her hourglass figure.

"I might not wanna be gaining married, however damn, I look mighty warm in a wedding dress," she sassist.

The leaked footage of Mama June does look drastically various from that in the initially 2 episodes, which observed mounting speculation that the matriarch was wearing a fat suit in certain scenes to disguise her brand-new number.

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While tright here is yet to be an official statement on the fat suit allegations, June"s youngest daughter, Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thomkid, revealed in a statement last month that her mom had actually taken to wearing oversized apparel while out in public to disguise her new trimmed down framework.

"It"s been really hard for her