The ultimate do-it-now overview to acquiring started in controlled Services. Now contains chapters ~ above Cloud Services, bundling, and more. Whether you"re a new Computer Consultant or an experienced technician making the move to managed services, this is the perfect book for you! contains step-by-step instructions and also all the forms you need.

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The ultimate do-it-now guide to gaining started in controlled Services. Now includes chapters on Cloud Services, bundling, and more.

Whether you"re a brand-new Computer Consultant or an knowledgeable technician make the relocate to controlled services, this is the perfect publication for you!

The book includes step-by-step instructions because that creating business offerings, reformulating her business, creating service agreements, and also more! can be downloaded content contains forms, checklists, and spreadsheets you deserve to customize for your business.

The #1 selling book on managed services! currently with ten brand-new chapters, this is the ultimate overview to building a effective managed organization business.

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Review quotes

"The 3rd edition of regulated Services in A Month is the definitive overview to MSP practices, pricing, and also delivery. " - Joshua Liberman, President net Sciences, Inc.

"If you want to offer company agreements to your IT customers, or room not certain of the value of selling service agreements, buy and also read this book. Once you room finished, you will be able to start offering business agreements - it"s as an easy as that. Thanks to Karl, I"m in the process of suggest 4 business agreements. The money for the book will it is in paid for by the an initial one for this reason it"s certainly money well-spent. On the note, I evaluate the short, concise format because that made the that much easier and also faster come read. Technology books with numerous pages are much more often than not nothing but fat. Not with Karl"s book - lean and also right come the point. Even if it is you understand nothing, something, or a lot about IT company agreements, this book is an excellent resource. It will show you almost everything you have to know around service agreements, indigenous the perspective of someone who is obviously an extremely adept at to run his own IT business. In the past as soon as I tried to come up v something on my own, I just stared at a blank screen. Back I can come up with a grasp of bullets the what have to be consisted of in a company agreement, knife points out countless things ns hadn"t thought of, consisting of what no to cover. He additionally provides actual frameworks and also examples of the covenant language. I really choose his exercise of having much more than one type of agreement." - Schyler Jones, Hillsboro, NH