Since the launch of the FX original series American Crime Story: The world vs. O.J. Simpson, skeletons the the previous NFL player\"s murder trial have been spilling the end of the closet. Weeks ~ the show\"s premiere, a retired police officer handed a knife end to Los Angeles police which had allegedly been discovered on the Simpson heritage in the so late 1990s. When it appears to it is in a coincidence the the feasible piece of proof was carried out in the middle of the series\" airing, the present has without doubt been responsible for bringing the case\"s significant players — and also their an individual lives — into the spotlight. In an figure on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, DeGeneres inquiry the infamous trial\"s lead prosecutor if she was without doubt romantically associated with her co-worker. But Marcia Clark is still gift cagey about her rumored connection with Christopher Darden.

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The visit to Ellen, which taken place on Thursday, soon turned right into a soft interrogation ~ above Clark\"s perhaps / possibly not romantic relationship with she co-prosecutor, Darden. Ns say soft because DeGeneres plainly admitted the she wasn\"t expecting any sort of confirmation. I say interrogation because DeGeneres definitely didn\"t hold back in trying to find the truth, expected or not. DeGeneres boldly called Clark that, the town hall the trial unfold on screen, it appeared as despite Darden remained in love with her. On the point, Clark did no agree. \"It didn\"t it seems to be ~ that way to me,\" the guest said Degeneres.

OK, that\"s clear sufficient of an answer. Once the display host offered Clark a minute to elaborate, though, the prosecutor shared all the feelings, explaining just how much their partnership expected to her at the time:

We were yes, really partners. We were trench mates ... He to be my partner and also it was yes, really ... Friend know, ns can\"t tell friend how vital it was to have actually him there.

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In the FX series, the partner come close to sealing the resolve a kiss. So naturally Degeneres inquiry the actual Clark just how accurate that part of show was. \"Did ya\"ll make out?\" the organize tossed out to Clark ~ above a whim. That\"s once the nervous laughing began. When Clark was willing to recognize to a few friendly tasks the duo did carry out together while working on the case, she never offered a direct response to Degeneres\" question. All that giggling sure made it seem prefer something went down, but maybe Clark was giving it come the audience straight when she stated that dancing was pretty lot the degree of their relationship outside of work.