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Marco Antonio Slim Domit born in Mexico City (1968) Bachelor of Business administration from Universidad Anahuac in Finance. Boy of businessman Carlos Slim Helu, the world"s richest man, Marco Antonio Slim is at this time Chairman of the Board and also CEO of Grupo Financiero Inbursa, which, under his leadership has developed itself as one of the biggest in the country.

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Marco Antonio Slim, (also recognized as "Tony Slim"), is director of the following companies: Telefonos de Mexico, SA de CV, Carso worldwide Telecom, SA de CV, Grupo Financiero Inbursa, SA Ltd., and also other subsidiaries the Grupo Financiero Inbursa, SA de CV, and Grupo Carso, SA de CV

He is Chairman the the National structure for Transplants, i m sorry to date has supported more than six thousand negative people who required a transplant. Also, is chairman of the institute of health and wellness Carlos Slim, which began with one initial funding of 500 million dollars.

The high financial, mental acuity, good talent and also talent administration firm and its simplicity and also humanity recognized make Marco Antonio Slim Domit undisputed leader of contemporary Mexico, complying with the lineage of his father.

With the short profile that characterizes but an excellent sympathy and also understanding by your relatives, Marco Antonio Slim, regardless of his youth is an entrepreneur of wide experience, v over 25 years functioning in the team that forged his father and who no doubt has actually inherited countless of his talents.

In 2004 he received the Medal leadership Anahuac, i m sorry alone explains.


Remarks by Mr. Marco Antonio Slim Domit, Chairman that the board of directors of Grupo Financiero Inbursa, in the event that announced the formation of Inbursa Foundation. September 7, 2009.

Infanta Doña Cristina,

Don Jaime Lanaspa,

Don Isidro Fainé

Carlos Slim

Dear guests,

All human tasks involve a social responsibility. These encompass the financial sector activity that carries a heavy responsibility and liability because that the influence it has actually on the breakthrough of a country.

Inbursa jae won Group, because it was established by Mr. Carlos Slim in 1965, us are aware of how our work effects the everyday lives of countless individuals and also companies, and of food Mexico.

In addition to the direct jobs that generates v its financing activities, savings and insurance, Inbursa is a element in the high quality of life for more than 6 million 800 thousands customers.

Through the acquisition, investment funds and also pensions, Inbursa contributes come the growth of the legacy of that customers, providing them confidence, tranquility and a better future.

In the insurance money business, Inbursa customers have all the support and resources they need in the worst moments: death, disease, theft, accident, fire, protecting your loved ones and their property, i m sorry have gained so tough .

Providing funding to individuals, Inbursa allows many families to have a home or various other assets, thereby sustaining the formation of their heritage.

With credits that give companies, they accelerate their growth by investing more in the country and also generating more and far better jobs.

It is noteworthy that in ~ times has been more critical global capital restriction, if the banking sector has had actually a fall, Inbursa, as well as being in the procedure of opening much more than 300 branches, end the previous year and a half has double the extension of credit, reaching 156 exchange rate pesos. This contains SMEs, wherein we have a growth rate of end 800 new loans each month.

In the strategy partnership the we began in 2008 v La Caixa in Barcelona, looked at the activity and financial vision that both institutions, but above all the values and principles that we recognize both groups. We have a shared interest in contributing to the welfare the society, and both teams have very relevant tasks to assist those most in need.

La Caixa de Barcelona, with its society work, chaired through Don Isidro Fainé, who is an instance for his outstanding leadership and also business work, yet it is much more for his intense, effective and committed work for others.

In our case, mainly through the foundation Carlos Slim and Telmex, both created, chaired and also led by Mr. Carlos Slim, who with an excellent sensitivity and also dedication uses his extraordinary capability to know problems and also find the ideal solutions to add to the fist of significant setbacks in our society.

It is through this common belief and commitment we room announcing now the creation of Inbursa Foundation, concentrated on what matters most is the impact for present and also future welfare of the populace most in need, specific health, education, justice, employment and also culture.

Inbursa foundation is one an ext link in activities that advantage society much more than two decades we have arisen with the Fundación Carlos Slim.

I would emphasize that us are really honored to have this occasion with the visibility of His Highness the Infanta Doña Cristina, who works v Fundación La Caixa, leading prominently the International participation area who work has benefited plenty of countries.

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In Inbursa us clear our duty with Mexico, with society and v our customers, and so from currently Inbursa structure begins operations v a solid commitment to proceed contributing to an ext and much more people live longer and better.