Next you’re in the only Area, be certain to say hi to mark Zuckerberg. Or at least, say hello to this new, rather realistic wax statue of him.

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Soon, the number will be on display screen in mountain Francisco at the new branch that the well known Madame Tussauds wax museum opened June 26, NBC only Area reports. The replica functions the on facebook creator sit barefoot and also cross-legged in his trademark casual attire, peering off right into the distance v a Macbook well balanced in his lap.

Zuck made his debut Wednesday together Leonardo DiCaprio and also Rihanna as component of a sneak preview because that the new attraction. Inspect out this handsome trio:

The Zuck replica took three to 4 months come create and also is apparently specific down to every freckle, Mashable reports. So plainly that renders it also creepier. Anyway, hope everybody that goes to watch it this summer will article long, overwrought on facebook statuses about it. Can’t wait!



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