“‘Member me?”

Eight years after she starred in the most controversial episode of 16 and Pregnant ever,Markai Durham is having another baby.

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The former16 and also Pregnant Season 2 star announced that she is currently pregnant v her second child.

After posting a photograph of her daughter hugging her baby bump, she tweeted come a friend the she to be surprised as soon as she found out she was pregnant.

“It to be a shocker come me ns told the RN to inspect my blood again due to the fact that me having another baby can not be right,” Markai wrote. “Waited 8 years later and now I view why.”

“My human body doesn’t belong come me anymore,” she tweeted earlier this month. The tweet was met with congrats from she friends ~ above Twitter.

My life changed when I had my an initial daughter pic.twitter.com/BMV0yOqtn6

— Markai Gweniece ? (
MarkaiOfficial) January 23, 2018

We an initial met Markai in 2010, as soon as she and her baby-daddy,James, welcomed their daughter Za’Karia. She is ideal remembered, however, for showing up ina “Very distinct Episode” the the display later the year, in i beg your pardon she revealed she had acquired pregnant again shortly after she “16 and also Pregnant” illustration aired and decided to have an abortion. (The “16 and Pregnant: No basic Decision” special, which followed Markai v the abortion process, was understood so controversial the MTV just aired that one time!)

In 2013, she confessed the she deep regretted her decision to obtain an abortion. That same year, she hinted that she was pregnant through her second child. However, the doesn’t appear that she ever had an additional baby.

These days, Markai is 26 years old, stays in Florida and works together a dental assistant. She is no longer with James, however he remains part of his daughter’s life.

Watch this news clip that discusses Markai’s controversial “No basic Decision” episode of “16 and also Pregnant”:

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The Ashley


Em, I know we were having actually a tiny tiff but I in reality semi-agree through you here. Even though ns don’t agree through abortion, i don’t think invoice O’Reily should’ve been speaking around it if that didn’t clock the episode. Ns watched the episode and I have actually done mine research about abortion and also pregnancy so i feel prefer I can speak around it however he sounds prefer he doesn’t really recognize nothing around it other than that that disagrees through it (which he has the ideal to feel). Yet when it concerns debating, you have to have facts to earlier up your argument and he didn’t sound like he had actually those.

Gimp mine ride

I will certainly be honest and also say that I always vote pro-choice. I feel prefer it is an issue between the parents and also the government doesn’t have the right to make medical decisions for someone. I have a rare genetic disorder and also as a result I have actually been a wheelchair user for number of years. I ended up being pregnant unexpectedly and also everyone urged me to terminate since of the hazard to mine life. Mine husband and I determined that we would have actually the baby anyway due to the fact that I couldn’t go v with an abortion. The crazy thing is that so many of mine strictly pro-life “friends” dubbed me selfish and also evil for having her because there is a 50/50 opportunity of passing my disease on come her. It’s crazy, in mine opinion, to vilify a scared young girl who has actually an abortion due to the fact that she can’t treatment for the child, but say that a potentially disabled boy is much better off never being born.

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Jesus God Leah

The hate and also judgement in this comment section is specifically why ns glad that special aired. Abortion requirements to be discussed and also should no be for this reason taboo. Ns don’t know why civilization get for this reason triggered and up in arms about other people’s life decisions. The is what being pro selection is around – ns respect people’s appropriate to pick in their very own LIVES, it’s no a assistance of one choice over the other. Being pro an option is speak “since i don’t have to resolve the aftermath of the choice that you finish up making, I’m no going to force my opinion into a situation that has nothing to do with me”. Imagine having actually an abortion which is an extremely traumatic for many women (yes, speak from experience) and then having actually to go online and also read shit favor this.

None of you room perfect. Unless you’re walking to adopt all the the unwanted children in the world, stop judging. Having an abortion is a parental decision, similar to giving up a son for adoption, just like choosing to parent a boy you can not take care of fully. No matter what, over there is part hardship ahead because that anyone who has an undesirable or unexpected pregnancy. Particularly for someone who was a young parent already. Get off of her high horses prior to the wind blows friend over?