Molly Duff and also Jonathan Francetic seemed favor a an excellent match in ~ first, at the very least on paper, top top Lifetime’s Married at first Sight Season 6. The Boston couple shared typical interests and values and also seemed come hit it off.

But Molly admitted the something about Jon’s personalityturned she off. She wasn’t ever before intimate, or even affectionate, through herhusband. The couple’s communication damaged down until they discovered it difficult tobe around each various other at all without bickering. Ultimately, they chose to geta divorce, and Jon even hinted that Molly’s therapy of him to be “emotionallyabusive.”

But after the season ended, Jon’s involvement through the Married at first Sight franchise wasn’t over. Come everyone’s surprise, he got into a relationship with Dr. Jessica Griffin, a previous Married at first Sight skilled who had actually had a hand in corresponding him v Molly. Jon and Jessica are currently engaged and run a relationship coaching organization together.

Molly has actually never talked about the strange situation publicly. The all changed on Apr. 29, when she spoke with organize Kevin Frazier throughout the Married at first Sight: Where are They Now? upgrade special.

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Molly Duff | Molly Duff via Instagram

Molly said she to be upset at first about Jon’s relationship with Dr. Jessica

When Molly appeared on video cam come speak with Frazier, she admitted she to be “nervous” to ultimately speak about the sensitive topic after ~ so lot time holding her tongue. “I’ve make a allude of being an extremely silent on social media and keeping mine opinion to myself,” the Married at an initial Sight star said, “so i guess this is my opportunity to share my thoughts.”

When Frazier asked Molly what she wished she’d done differently ago when she showed up on Married at an initial Sight, she had a surprising answer. “I wish I had advocated more for myself from the beginning,” Molly revealed.

Because she didn’t regularly stand up because that herself or defendherself, she explained, she shed her temper and treated Jon poorly once theirmarriage began to loss apart. “I ended up losing my cool in the direction of the end, andit no look great on me,” Molly admitted.

As for exactly how Molly felt around Jon’s partnership with Jessica, she confessed that it was strange to find out in ~ first—especially since of Jessica’s onscreen function as your counselor. Back the Married at first Sight specialists don’t technically act as participants’ therapists, she did provide the couple advice throughout your time on the show.

“It kind of sucked, due to the fact that I was like, ‘Ok, this is someone the I had actually been confiding in the whole time,’” Molly said Frazier.

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was supposed to be fighting because that our marriage together. And then, kind of out of the blue, seemingly, they’re all of sudden together.”