-Art together exclusive, elevated, and collection apart ( pieces of art were do by an elite and were evaluate by them. Arts reflected advanced tastes that belonged to the effects of the commercial Revolution. Reason and formal expressions to be important.)


-Rejection the seriousness ( This literary movement is against the formal and also rational qualities of contemporary art.)

-Cynical and pessimistic outlook ( This motion reacts against the result science had actually in the past. Science and reason were used to setup wars - the human being Wars-).

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-Fragmentation the the self ( The "I" , resource of reason, is fragmented. The unconscious emerges. The "I" is disrupted through emotions it cannot control).

-Emphasis on a psychological construction of definition ( definition is not constructed only v reason yet through emotions)

-Blending of literature genres, blurring that the lines between fact and fiction, expedition of "high culture" and also "low culture" ( There are not clear borders bewteen narratives and society because the artist is different. The artist is disrupted by his / her unconscious and his / her socio-cultural context affects his / her view of the world. Renowned culure emerges).



-Rejection that seriousness

-Art as exclusive, elevated, and set apart

-Emphasis ~ above a psychological building and construction of meaning


-Cynical and downhearted outlook

-Fragmentation the the self

-Blending of literature genres, blurring the the lines in between fact and fiction, expedition of "high culture" and "low culture"


Modernism is the age or literary activity that starts during the finish of the 19th century till at an early stage 20th century. This phase pertains to the brand-new acceptance the the much more recent methods in the arts instead of the usual interest in the classics. That rejects the serious timeless and religious approaches the the society, instead emphasizing on the psychological building and construction of meaning. It additionally laid emphasis on the importance of art together exclusive, elevated from any type of other kind and was set apart.

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Post-modernism, top top the various other hand, begins in the late 20th century only. This age departs indigenous the concepts of modernism and also was an ext interested in the thinking side of humans. It philosophies a downhearted and cynical outlook that the human life, fragmentation that the self and blends the literature genres. This subsequently led to the blurred lines in in between "fact" and also "fiction", expedition of what is high culture and what constitutes low culture.