Update: you re welcome Visit the following Simplified version of This inquiry http://www.princetoneclub.org/matlabcentral/answers/85211-different-results-between-2013a-32bit-and-64bit-in-single-precision
Hi, I"m calculating the amount of squares in C and MATLAB in solitary precision and listed some differences. Ns wondered if anyone have the right to fill me in ~ above the action below. Suspect floating allude associative problem, however still appears a tiny odd...

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Numbers in my array a are "reasonably" fine scaled, from a obelisk in a single precision matrix produced by MATLAB. Distinctions being seen right here are common and also leading to substantial differences in between same algorithm in C and also MATLAB.
a = single(<-0.112033270,0.153425455,-0.751111090,-0.129932076,0.206365064,-0.871111095,0.000000000,...


Single precision floating point numbers have only 24 bits in their significands (mantissas), for this reason you have to expect errors that the stimulate of 1 component in 2^24 or 2^23, or around seven decimal place accuracy. That"s around what I check out in your results. Why does that surprised you?



Those results can be various if in the an initial case the computer system does the squaring and including all in dual precision before rounding back to solitary precision, when in the 2nd case together a rounding can occur both after ~ the squaring operation and also after the addition.
These single precision outcomes differ only in their` least bit. The takes only one rounding difference among the fifty-one measures to produce that.


OK I have actually simplified the difficulty to 2 elements. New simplified inquiry posed: http://www.princetoneclub.org/matlabcentral/answers/85211-different-results-between-2013a-32bit-and-64bit-in-single-precision


Hi - yep just checked on another PC, I get the exactly answer on Matlab 2013a 64bit, but the incorrect answer on 2013a 32bit (Win64)... Deserve to anyone rather repeat this result?

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