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Select the Max-Air nose Cones because that milder nasal airway troubles that just trouble you throughout sleep.

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(If you have success with the nasal strips however have a trouble with the adhesive, this is the recommended selection.)

Newer design, actual Max-Air sleep Cones. Made with our softest, transparent, medical product for relieving sleep deviated septum, nasal collapse during sleep, blocked sleep at night, frequent snoring, and also to stop mild to moderate sleep obstruction issues. | Adhesive-free | Drug-free | Latex-free | 90 uses (each set 45 days) | make in the USA | Shipping from the USA | Price is in us Dollars.

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Max-Air nose Cones, nasal cones, space made from ours softest material, and are recommended for relief of mild to moderate nighttime sleep airway obstructions:

nasal stuffiness the is only current during sleep

mild deviated septum that only troubles breathing throughout sleep

mild and also occasional nasal allergy congestion

mild to moderate nasal valve collapse

habitual light or sometimes snoring

nighttime dry mouth

Clinically proven to provide 200% more breathing relief than nasal strips.


Stenting the sleep airway because that maximizing inspiratory airflow: inner Max-Air sleep Cones versus external Breathe best strip.

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Several nasal dilator tools designed come stent the anterior nasal airway to boost peak nasal inspiratory circulation (PNIF) currently exist; however, compare of such gadgets are limited. This examine was design to compare the efficacy that two different nasal dilator devices, one internal device (Max-Air sleep Cones; Sanostec Corp., Beverly Farms, MA) and also an external an equipment (Breathe appropriate nasal strip; GlaxoSmithKline, Brentford, Middlesex, U.K.) on stenting that the anterior nasal airway come maximize PNIF.


Repeated dimensions of PNIF were obtained in 30 individuals noting complaints the sleep-disordered breathing as result of nasal breathing discomfort and also nasal airway obstruction, both with and also without the two various nasal dilator devices.

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A one-within analysis of variance (ANOVA) to be performed amongst the three conditions (control, Max-Air sleep Cones, and also Breathe right nasal strip), and a statistically significant effect was uncovered (F<2,58> = 298.13; p


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