Professional Billing & management Services, Inc. Is located in Modesto, California and also specializes in clinical Billing Services. We right now serve multi-specialty clinical practices nationwide. We provide expert medical Billing, Coding, Provider Credentialing and Consultation solutions to maximize customer reimbursement. Our experienced medical Billing specialists are all set to serve you. Call us now for a cost-free Medical Billing evaluation.

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Who we Are

You came to be a physician to law patients, not to navigate the ever-changing landscape of clinical billing. These complexities, coupled v ensuring your medical billing staff stays ahead of coding changes, payer updates and also annual regulatory demands has end up being overwhelming because that providers. The is more important than ever to have actually a team that experts come to be an extension of your office to insurance quality, consistency and concierge level service. By providing your exercise with tools and experience, our professionals at experienced Billing & monitoring Services will ensure the all medical bills are paid correctly. PBMS Inc. Provides you the liberty to focus on what’s important, while leaving your billing and reimbursement concerns to us.

Our History

Since 1987, ours goal has actually been to regulate physician clinical Billing in a smooth, effective manner so friend can focus on what matters most – helping world get healthy. We understand that medical Billing no a one-size fits every solution. Every medical office has different sets that complexities, consisting of yours. We’ll work to understand how your medical office functions and also cater come your distinctive Medical Billing needs. Our lengthy history, consisting of over three years of suffer in medical Billing, has actually led come the implementation of procedural and also technical advancements that shorten the reimbursement cycle. These enhancements are increasing revenue while minimizing costs and also excessive paperwork.

How we Can aid - putting Your Money right into YOUR Pocket!

We understand the urgency the collecting your income and administer Full Revenue cycle Management, including: Medical Billing, Accounts Receivable and Expert Coding. Our highly trained, skilled, and specialized team of experts work together to obtain your insurance claims paid in the shortest duration of time possible…every time.

Your Time Is Valuable. So Is your Money. Permit Us resolve The insurance allowance Companies.

Medical Billing can be a an obstacle when insurance allowance companies try to organize onto her money. Our knowledgeable team of account Receivable Specialists work-related your denials in full, and stay the course v the most difficult claims. Let us resolve the insurance carriers so you can keep practicing medicine.

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Since 1987, expert Billing & monitoring Services has actually been giving outstanding quality medical billing and practice management.