On a display like How To gain Away v Murder, outsiders space not to it is in trusted. The main team of characters have gone with so lot together and become so isolated the anyone external the bubble immediately raises suspicions. This consists of Wes" brand brand-new girlfriend, a med college student improbably named Meggy whose bubbly presence is at odds v the rest of the show. She may be cute, but she"s additionally super suspicious. Wherein did she come from? how did she get so close to Wes for this reason fast? Is Meggy up to something?

It makes sense that Wes would look for connections external of the team considering the hard time he had actually last year and also the frequent betrayals he"s experienced at the hand of those closest come him. Meggy is definitely the the contrary of anyone else the knows: she"s upbeat, she hugs, she"s (seemingly) upfront around her feelings. But is she whatever she seems? The many unsettling thing around Meggy is the under any kind of other scenarios she"d be pretty normal however when contrasted to the rest of the Keating Five, she seriously stands out. The biggest hint the she may be up to something nefarious is that there haven"t been any type of hints in ~ all.

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There space a lot of good things around Meggy. She appears happy and also responsible. She"s automatically welcoming that Wes" friends, and also apparently a background check didn"t rotate up a dark past. She has actually some curiosity about Annalise, however that"s no out the the ordinary; Annalise often tends to draw a most attention and also she"s a big part of Wes" life, therefore it renders sense for Meggy to it is in interested in her. Meggy might be guilty of some snooping once she looked with Wes" wallet to find out his birthday, but that"s not even on Oliver levels of digging for information and also everyone tho trusts him. If she is that she seems, climate she could be an excellent for Wes. He"s in need of some normalcy after the life he"s had.

Actress Karla Souza claimed as lot to Us Weekly when talking about the brand-new season. "I think just in need of emotion comfort and also someone that"s not involved in every one of this and likewise feeling common again," she said. "With any kind of of us, the murder and also everything we"ve done is in his head, vice versa, if he"s with someone who has never know around any of that, he"s all of sudden normal."

But then why walk Meggy feeling so the end of place? The story should be building towards something, and Meggy might be a component of that. Audience don"t know much around her so over there is constantly the possibility that she"s not actually that she states she is. In that case, the potential of she betraying Wes" trust is a lot much more drama-generating than if she was simply a well-meaning med student who doesn"t favor ice cream.

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In a show where nobody is who they say they are, then there"s a good chance Meggy is hiding something too.