Presidential candidate calls in come speak come Matt Lauer around the Univision journalist and the Fox News anchor

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Don't mean an apology indigenous Donald Trump. In fact, he ssaid Wednesday that Univision's Jorge Ramos to be "totally the end of line" at Tuesday's push conference in Iowa, and also that's why he had actually the anchor temporarily gotten rid of from the event.

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"Sit down! you weren't called. Go ago to Univision," Trump said as the Mexican-American journalist tried come ask a concern that the Republican presidential candidate considered out of turn. Together a result, security escorted Ramos out of the pressroom. The Spanish-speaking newsman later on returned to ask 2 questions.

"He was entirely out of heat last night. I was asking and also being request a question from an additional reporter. I would have acquired to him an extremely quickly," Trump told NBC Today's Matt Lauer via phone Wednesday. "He stood up and also started ranting and also raving favor a madman, and frankly, that was out of line. Most people—in fact most newspaper reports—said I taken on it really well. He to be totally, absolutely the end of line."

Lauer then asked trump card why, 19 work after Megyn Kelly co-moderated the an initial GOP debate, he determined to strike her ~ above Twitter Monday. Kelly, that did not respond come Trump's insults, had actually returned to The Kelly File ~ a 10-day family members trip.

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Trump stated Kelly to be "off she game" and also that her present would be better off without her. He retweeted comments criticizing she appearance and also calling her a "bimbo."

In a statement to E! News Tuesday, Fox News chairman CEO Roger Ailes referred to as Trump's comments around Kelly "unacceptable and also disturbing." Ailes likewise said the company magnate should additionally "apologize," adding, "We have actually never been deterred by political leaders or anyone else attacking united state for doing our job, lot less allowed ourselves to it is in bullied by anyone and also we're certainly not walking to begin now."

Lauer request Trump why the let Kelly obtain under his skin.

"I haven't," trump protested. "You tweet a few tweets, or retweets in this case; that's not acquiring under her skin. Ns personally am no a fan. Ns don't think she does a an excellent job. I don't think she's a very great professional. I think frankly the show's much better without her, however that's approximately them and they deserve to do every little thing they want. I respect i get it Ailes; he have the right to do whatever he wants. I don't care." In regard come Ailes' statement, Lauer asked, "Do you adopt the hatchet bullied, Donald, once it concerns your dealings v the press?" trump card disagreed through that assessment, informing the NBC newsman, "I'm not a bully. In fact, i think it's simply the the contrary way. I'm no a bully. You saw last night. This man simply gets up and starts ranting and also raving and also screaming. It was honestly really disrespectful to all the other reporters. We had a packed house...And he gets up and just starts ranting and also raving. Very disrespectful to every the various other reporters that had questions also."