MEININGER Hotel Berlin airplane

Alexander-Meißner-Straße 1, 12526Berlin, Germany Phone: +49 (0) 30 3187 8911 berlin-airport





Situated straight next to Brandenburg Airport, the MEININGER Hotel Berlin airport is appropriate for all those who would choose to plan a quick stopover in Berlin. It’s only a few minutes indigenous the hotel come BER through public transport.Adventurous human being can easily get to the finest places in Berlin. Whether it’s a stroll with trendy Neukölln, a visit to the Warschauer leg or a watercraft trip in Plänterwald: The an excellent public transfer connections and the nearby motorway method you deserve to comfortably reach every edge of Berlin.

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We provide for you at this MEININGER Berlin airplane hotel at an affordable price. Free Wi-Fi for business travellers, so late check-out in exclusive rooms and also parking spaces because that those with their own cars.

Long remain in Berlin

Enjoy a room friend can contact your own. Special prices for stays of 30 days and longer!

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Breakfast times

6.30-10.30 a.m. Mon-Sun and also public holidays

Arrival & departure

Arrival native 3 p.m.Departure by 11 a.m.Late leave by 2 p.m.
Rooms v shower/WC & hair dryer Bedding and towels included Heating pan Coil cooling system Toiletries Non-Smoking cost-free Wi-Fi level screen-TV Telephone access to rooms with vital card device
Rooms v shower/WC & hair dryer Bedding and also towels consisted of Heating fan Coil cooling device Toiletries Non-Smoking cost-free Wi-Fi flat screen-TV Telephone accessibility to rooms with crucial card system
Rooms through shower/WC & hair dryer Bedding and towels included Heating fan Coil cooling device Toiletries Non-Smoking complimentary Wi-Fi level screen-TV Telephone access to rooms with an essential card mechanism
Max. 4 beds Minimum Age: 18 years Rooms through shower/WC & hair dryer Bedding consisted of Towels 1€ (deposit needed) Heating fan Coil cooling device Toiletries Lockers (padlock required) Non-Smoking free Wi-Fi Telephone flat screen-TV access to rooms with an essential card device

The room was clean and functional and also had every little thing needed for the one night stay. The proximity come the S-Bahn to the airport was ideal. A supermaket was next door and the kitchen area (though no

Land and also enjoy - even if it is Tiergarten, Treptower Park or Tempelhofer Feld: Berlin is among the greenest fundings in the world and also it’s not only noticeable from the air. Worn down travelers deserve to relax after an exhausting flight in the contemporary well-equipped rooms at the MEININGER Hotel Berlin Airport.

Those travelers who desire to suffer something directly away have the right to take among the three MEININGER city tourism which quickly and also comfortably take it you right into the excited of the metropolis.The great public move connections median that it’s additionally really straightforward to explore Berlin on her own.


we are best base for backpackers trying to find hostels near Berlin Brandenburg airport. Modern and useful amenities are available to you here including washing device and dryer and a fitness room here at MEININGER Hotel Berlin airport Brandenburg.


experts will discover a hotel close to Berlin Brandenburg Airport the is ideally suited to their needs with contemporary accommodation. The shuttle business from the hotel guarantee a stress-free trip. The airliner lounge and bar are great places come relax.

more and an ext tourists visit Berlin. No issue whether you room a backpacker ~ above a city break, household on a short trip, institution students ~ above a course trip or company traveler ~ above a business trip: over there is so lot for anyone to suffer in the resources city that Germany. And the MEININGER Hotel Berlin airplane Brandenburg is the ideal residence for everyone. With contemporary facilities and also special business on offer, MEININGER renders ensures every guest has a complete sense that well-being.


our hotel close to Berlin airplane Brandenburg is design for households to reap their continue to be here. You can quickly get to peaceful Köpenick or come Müggelsee for a swimming or a walk. Watch no additional when in search of a family hotel.


What college student doesn"t dream that a class trip to Berlin? This hotel in Berlin Brandenburg provides all varieties of groups comfortable, contemporary accommodation in a valuable location. Girlfriend are trying to find a youth hostel, think MEININGER hotels instead.

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Places the interest

Berlin Brandenburg airport (BER) : 2.3 km

Berlin main Station (Hbf): 25 km

Central Bus terminal Berlin (ZOB): 26 km


Taxi Information

Cooperation: MyTaxi + TaxiFunk Berlin

Preorder (at reception): yes

credit transaction card payment: Yes, please indicate in breakthrough when ordering.

Berlin Brandenburg airplane (BER) : ca. 00:05:00 / 10.00 EUR

Berlin main Station (Hbf): ca. 00:35:00 / 43.00 EUR

Central Bus station Berlin (ZOB): ca. 00:35:00 / 45.00 EUR

Unfortunately the selected course does not administer any results. Please use Google Maps to find the best route come our hotel.

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Is MEININGER Hotel Berlin Airport located near the city center?

The MEININGER Hotel Berlin plane (BER Airport) is situated in the south-east that Berlin, and more specifically in the Treptow-Köpenick district. The hotel is located just a five minute automobile ride (or MEININGER shuttle ride) far from Brandenburg Airport.

The cost-free shuttle business offers one extra level the comfort. It provides a transportation business to and from the hotel every 30 minutes. The general public transportation choices to and from the hotel are additionally convenient, the S-train station Grünbergallee can be reached within a few minutes by foot. (Trains: S9, S45)

If you desire to suffer the hustle and bustle the the urban city, MEININGER Hotel Berlin Airport has a selection of city tours to offer. You have the right to jump ~ above a train through a direct link to the city center, and also let your adventures begin.

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Our Berlin airplane hotel is equipped v a marvellous roof-top terrace. This is a lovely location to cool under after a long journey and also just clock the clouds and also planes go by. You can kick-back and relax while absorbing some sun rays. There room also an excellent possibilities surrounding to big those exhausted traveller"s legs.

Just 15 minute away, you can uncover the Landschaftspark Rudow-Altglienicke, which has a playground because that kids, or Coloniapark. The Berliner Mauerweg, or in English: the Berlin wall surface Trail, traces the border the the previous GDR. It is a good place to catch a glimpse of Germany"s history, while enjoy it a hike or a bike-ride with Berlin"s nature.In the warmer job of the year, friend can even watch the water buffalo grazing in the sunshine. Alternatively, the Großer Müggelsee, or huge Mueggel Lake is a an excellent destination because that a day-trip! Berliners cherish their lakes. Friend can uncover Mueggelsee, i beg your pardon is about 15km street from the hotel. You have the right to rent a watercraft from one of the stations along the coast line: even if it is canoe or motorboat, the selection is yours. Girlfriend can likewise relax ~ above the shore, or take it a swim in the new water, every little thing you pick you will surely find the beauty, beauty of this area.