Meryl Streep has actually been attending the golden Globes because 1978, when she was first nominated for playing the demure Linda in The Deer Hunter. With practically 40 years, 30 nominations, and eight wins under her solid-gold awards-show belt, the actress has logged hundreds of hrs at the annual show. Streep is being honored with the Cecil B. DeMille award for she lifetime success of occupational at the 74th golden Globes Awards this year. Return this will certainly be the ninth world that Streep carries home, that surely won’t be anything favor her first, because that Kramer vs. Kramer in 1979. In a 2015 interview through Graham Norton, the actress called the talk-show host that on the fated work 38 year ago, she wore her wedding dress in lieu of one extravagantly high-quality awards gown. And, like countless weddings, points did no go off without a hitch.

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As she told Norton, the gold Globes in the 1970s was “a tiny afternoon event” that was held at lunchtime and also only broadcast to Los Angeles County. Streep, that attended the Globes that year a few months after giving birth to her very first child, boy Henry Gummer (now 37), mental the long, casual afternoon, whereby Jack Nicholson turned increase “really drunk at 1:15 in the afternoon.”

“In those days, they didn’t loan you dresses, therefore you had to buy something,” Streep recalled. “I no have any kind of money, so i wore my wedding dress, together you would. It was a perfect nice white silk dress.”

Yes, a perfect nice dress. However things go not rotate out for this reason well for the frock: Streep to be breastfeeding, and, as she called Norton, the luncheon continued long into the day, without breaks. She do an exploding sound to show what happened next, i m sorry left her dress stained through breastmilk.

Streep didn’t have time to clean up before she won the best-supporting-actress gold Globe because that her function as Joanna in Kramer, and also she had actually to walk approximately the stage, eight crossed over her chest, to get the award. But, luckily, together Streep perfect recounting the story to uproarious laughter, “it was so embarrassing”—but just in former of L.A. County.

That wardrobe snafu was just the an initial that Streep has actually been able to incorporate into her awards-show humor. As soon as she welcomed the golden Globe for Angels in America in 2004, the actress realized the audience might “see completely through dress.” by now, the Globes were being broadcast to millions of people on a major network. Never ever fear; the agree turned her outfit gaffe right into a chuckle for the champagne-swilling crowd before her, bringing her legs come a side-by-side, soldier-stiff position.

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“Now i’m going come stand through them together,” she said, rolling she eyes before delivering her gracious speech. And also that is how Meryl Streep walk the gold Globes. Be as necessary awed.