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With a video-recording an equipment focused top top him, Jason Baptiste Hamilton threatened to murder a college student at Delgado neighborhood College and also boasted around having killed YouTube celebrity messy Mya three job earlier, brand-new Orleans police allege.

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Messy Mya, a comedian and also YouTube sensation, goes turn off on one of his videos.

Hamilton to be booked over the weekend v the Nov. 14 slaying that Anthony M. Barre, 22, who came to be an web celebrity as the acid-tongued comedian confusing Mya. Barre was gunned under while obtaining into his vehicle near the edge of St. Anthony and North Rocheblave roadways in the 7th Ward together he left a baby shower because that the child he and his girlfriend to be expecting.

News that Barre"s death developed an intense reaction from society media users, who clamored for justice in the case. Barre"s nickname became a optimal trending object on Twitter, and also tribute blog posts and videos sprouted across the Web.

But it was a linguistic clash at Delgado the led brand-new Orleans police to the suspect.

Three days after Barre"s death, Hamilton visited Delgado"s campus in ~ 615 City Park Ave. And also approached a woman enrolled in classes. He allegedly threatened to shoot and kill her since she refuse to shower his hand. He then allegedly told her the he had just killed Messy Mya.

Both campus police and also city homicide detectives were called to investigate. A campus police officer stopped Hamilton and also performed a routine check for exceptional arrest warrants. When the campus officer uncovered none, she escorted Hamilton off campus.

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Meanwhile, homicide detective Kevin Burns met the college student whose life was threatened. The student told Burns there was video of she encounter v Hamilton. Burns perceived the footage and listed that Hamilton"s appearance was comparable to a description of the gunman in Barre"s slaying that was detailed to investigators by eyewitnesses.

Court filings carry out not specify the type of an equipment that caught the video. NOPD officials could not automatically be got to for comment Tuesday.

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The NOPD jailed Hamilton top top one count of extortion later that night. They likewise confiscated a black-and-white jacket from him, follow to court filings. Soon, he to be released top top $1,000 bond, court records show.

Before booking Hamilton with murder, Burns ~ above Nov. 18 met with a human being who was at the step of the deadly shooting and claimed to have actually seen a male holding a handgun threaten Barre"s life. The witness described that male as having actually shoulder-length dreadlocks and also wearing a black-and-white jacket.

Burns presented the witness with a photographic line-up of feasible suspects, and also the witness established Hamilton together the person who threatened Barre, follow to police documents. Burns additionally showed the black-and-white jacket to the witness, who said it was the very same jacket worn by the male who intimidated Barre.

A work later, a 3rd person come forward and also told Burns that Hamilton had actually admitted to shooting Barre, police allege. Burns obtained an arrest warrant, and the NOPD publicly called Hamilton as a suspect. Jefferson Parish Sheriff"s Office deputies arrested Hamilton top top Saturday when he went to West Jefferson Medical center in Marrero.

His mother, Amy Hamilton, stated her son was there receiving therapy for bipolar disorder and also that he has actually previously bring away the anti-psychotic prescription medicine Risperdal.

Authorities moved Hamilton from Jefferson to olions Parish beforehand Sunday morning. He to be booked through second-degree murder, i beg your pardon is punishable by life in prison. Court records show he remains jailed in lieu that $300,000 bond.

Police have actually not stated what they believe the motive because that Barre"s slaying was.

Barre, the nephew of imprisoned businessman and also political powerbroker Stan "Pampy" Barre, lobbed mean-spirited crack at acquaintances, shook his backside and also wore his flowing hair in fluorescent colors in his well-known videos. World packed St. Peter Claver Church to volume for his funeral, and much more than 100 mourners spilled the end to the street.

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Messy Mya"s funeral

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